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Ленка Пономарёва @dal6FWKOpXBOS2l
RT @KIIARA: lil kii kii x @linkinpark 🖤 #HeavyLP https://t.co/qsXqDtZ8Na
Chris McAndrew @Chrisjm89
RT @KIIARA: can't wait for u all to hear what @linkinpark and i have been working on ! 🖤😁 #HeavyLP @chesterbe https://t.co/oN2K6XDCX2
Lpforevs @Imcloerys
RT @mikeshinoda: I'm going LIVE now on @linkinpark 'a instagram. Tune in #HeavyLP #LP2017
LINKIN PARK FANS @linkinpark027
RT @WarnerBrosPromo: If you're a @linkinpark fan & you're excited for what tomorrow brings fav and RT!! #HeavyLP 🚨🎤🔥 https://t.co/78PMw4WyP…
Lpforevs @Imcloerys
RT @linkinpark: Our special live event on Facebook is just one hour away: https://t.co/gl9T5VVBtJ #HeavyLP
Vanessa 🙈 @VaniiKoneko
RT @LPLive: The world debut of Linkin Park's brand new single #HeavyLP! https://t.co/NxL0NrDkUt Let's go!! #OneMoreLight https://t.co/pGDs…
JoshuaH. @kwangjosh1230
RT @LPLive: The new music video for #HeavyLP will be released soon and will be a collaboration with Mercedes. https://t.co/po1nStb7Ug
Leopoldo Teixeira @Leopoldo2207
RT @LPLive: #HeavyLP has over a million views and climbing quickly. Share the song! Let's get @linkinpark on top. #LP2017 https://t.co/NxL0…
Lpforevs @Imcloerys
RT @LPLive: #HeavyLP's lyric video has almost 1,000,000 views in under 12 hours. This one has potential to be huge. #LP2017
Angélica Prevideli M @angelica_terra7
RT @LPLive: Do we need to use #goLPgo? #HeavyLP is about to take over. #LinkinPark #LP2017 @WarnerBrosPromo https://t.co/ShhI2OhrKW
I SAW JUSTIN😭💕 @awwmyjamie
Ellie @MarkTheGraves
RT @nMttlbch: LINKIN PARK TA MUITO VIVO SIM #HeavyLP #LP2017 #OneMoreLight
ARMY ALERT @707phantomhive
RT @yamii__LP: Ya esta disponible en Spotify #HeavyLP #LinkinPark... https://t.co/sMhZIUwxle
LINKIN PARK FANS @linkinpark027
RT @LP__BELARUS: Официальная обложка седьмого студийного альбома #LinkinPark #LP2017 #HeavyLP https://t.co/J3uuu5i3eL
LINKIN PARK FANS @linkinpark027
RT @Easy_Ganja: Когда кто-то хуесосит новую песню Linkin Park #HeavyLP #LinkinPark https://t.co/BILQYzLqzw
LINKIN PARK FANS @linkinpark027
RT @SoldierEchelon_: КРИКАЮ ХД но песня шикарна! #HeavyLP https://t.co/Cqsp48AYy3
LINKIN PARK FANS @linkinpark027
RT @veemer: Великолепные поздравления в приложении https://t.co/QL5Mi0dbaI #HeavyLP #android https://t.co/sZnhK4QApY
LINKIN PARK FANS @linkinpark027
RT @Easy_Ganja: Хоть в душе я и отбитый металлист, но новая песня Linkin Park - Heavy, мне зашла... #LinkinPark #LP #HeavyLP https://t.co/x…
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