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Fernando immerses himself in the world of @IndyCar at #HIGPA ahead of his #Indy500 debut next month. https://t.co/7ZnbQ4R4Mm
23 Apr, 04:24 PM UTC
IndyCar Series
Checkered Flag! @JosefNewgarden wins! #INDYCAR #HIGPA https://t.co/1I2XeiVHry
23 Apr, 09:35 PM UTC
IndyCar Series
"Gentleman start your engines!" - @ASIMO @HondaRacing_HPD #HIGPA #INDYCAR
23 Apr, 07:35 PM UTC
Meeting Indy's lightning-quick machines. Fernando pays the #HIGPA grid a visit. #McLarenIndy https://t.co/dvymD5Y5vI
23 Apr, 07:55 PM UTC
Team Penske
Jumping for that win like. 🏆🏁 #HIGPA #INDYCAR
23 Apr, 10:41 PM UTC
Team Chevy
Congratulations to @Team_Penske's, @josefnewgarden on capturing his first win of the @IndyCar season at today's… https://t.co/ZERZRNz7zm
23 Apr, 10:30 PM UTC
IndyCar Series
Congrats once again to @josefnewgarden, @Team_Penske, and @TeamChevy for winning the 2017 #HIGPA! #INDYCAR
24 Apr, 12:00 AM UTC
Firestone Racing
Congrats to the 2017 #HIGPA champion @josefnewgarden
23 Apr, 09:54 PM UTC
IndyCar Series
Let the celebration begin for the the Top 3 of @josefnewgarden, @scottdixon9, and @simonpagenaud at… https://t.co/byEg6Y5Kkd
23 Apr, 10:03 PM UTC
Tony DiZinno
Per @IndyCar and @BarberMotorPark: 3-day attendance of 82,745, ticket revenue increase more than 10% over '16. #HIGPA
24 Apr, 12:56 AM UTC
Marca Motor
📸Así fue el primer día de Fernando Alonso en la IndyCar https://t.co/AlwNFK39GQ #IndyCar #Indy500 #HIGPA
24 Apr, 08:46 AM UTC
Team Penske
Anticipation in the @josefnewgarden pit with 5 to go. Leads Dixon and @simonpagenaud #HIGPA #IndyCar
23 Apr, 09:30 PM UTC
Charlie Kimball
Heading home after #HIGPA w/ @WheelsUp. Not the result we were hoping for today, but we will be ready next weekend! https://t.co/LYDAFUueql
24 Apr, 12:48 AM UTC
.@TownsendBell gets ready to talk to @alo_oficial! #IndyCar #HIGPA https://t.co/E48Ww9Yy3B
23 Apr, 07:09 PM UTC
NTT DATA Services
RT @IndyCar REPLAY: @TonyKanaan gets around @MikhailAleshin for P7. #INDYCAR #HIGPA https://t.co/bIhiMFp6hG
23 Apr, 07:56 PM UTC
Paddock Insider
Engines are 🔥!!! @maxchilton and @TonyKanaan roll off pit road! Let's have a great #HIGPA! #IndyCar
23 Apr, 07:40 PM UTC
IndyCar—The Apex
"It's fantastic for IndyCar. I think it's fantastic for motor racing worldwide." — @scottdixon9 on @alo_oficial. #HIGPA #IndyCar #TheApex
23 Apr, 10:16 PM UTC
Greene Laurel
#HIGPA This Sunday #ShoutOut is for the women blazing trails in technology. #TechAtTHD #WomenInTech
24 Apr, 10:18 AM UTC
Nichols Brittney
#HIGPA “Not all those who wander are lost.”—J.R.R. Tolkien #Quotes #Inspirational #DelphianSchool
24 Apr, 10:58 AM UTC
Владимирова Вера
#HIGPA A new commission in Notting Hill and looking forward to seeing the transformation of this property! #nottinghill
24 Apr, 10:54 AM UTC
Wright Chloe
#HIGPA RT if your home could use some maintenance this spring.....
24 Apr, 10:42 AM UTC
French Indy 500
RT @simonpagenaud Podium aujourd'hui à @BarberMotorPark! Félicitations à @josefnewgarden, excellent aujourd'hui !… https://t.co/WdtzQCE8to
24 Apr, 09:48 AM UTC
Kelley Olivia
#HIGPA Make stocking your cart a family activity! Have everyone pick a section, then include their favorite items. #DIHWorkshop
24 Apr, 11:00 AM UTC
Richards Julietу
#HIGPA Happy Veterans Day to everyone who has served and is currently serving our country. Thank you for your service ❤️
24 Apr, 10:59 AM UTC
Atkinson Rebecca
#HIGPA Remembering the lives lost 11 years ago in #911... We'll never forget.
24 Apr, 10:56 AM UTC
Armstrong Harriet
#HIGPA Happy Valentine's Day, H&D readers! Wishing you all a LOVE-ly day!
24 Apr, 10:55 AM UTC
McDonald Veronica
#HIGPA Hey guys! Stay tuned, the 2.6.2 #update will be released in few days. #homedesign3d
24 Apr, 10:52 AM UTC
Merritt Darlene
#HIGPA RT if you're attending #AIA2013 today!
24 Apr, 10:51 AM UTC
Ellis Angelica
#HIGPA Perfect summer Monday invite a few friends for prosecco on the porch. Even better with glider and pillows.
24 Apr, 10:49 AM UTC
Atkinson Rebecca
#HIGPA Are you more of a beach or a city person?
24 Apr, 10:47 AM UTC
Morrison Patricia
#HIGPA Q1: In as few words as possible, what does "modernism" mean to you? #ModernMonday
24 Apr, 10:44 AM UTC
Stevens Robyn
#HIGPA #ThursdayThoughts After a dramatic #GoTFinale we would like to know which house you would feel right at home in?
24 Apr, 10:38 AM UTC
Ryan Patricia
#HIGPA It's #TravelTuesday so we would like to know, where is your Ideal place to travel?
24 Apr, 10:36 AM UTC
Freeman Blanche
#HIGPA Foolishly going to attempt a Missoni Target run this afternoon. Takers? It's a risk!
24 Apr, 10:34 AM UTC
Casey Gwendoline
#HIGPA Hi everyone, quick hello! #intdesignerchat
24 Apr, 10:32 AM UTC
Marsh Elizabeth
#HIGPA Q4. Region matters. In places with a very high cost of living like NYC, luxury is defined differently #DesignLUX
24 Apr, 10:30 AM UTC
Bruce Meagan
#HIGPA Don't miss the Jonathan Friedman Lecture tomorrow, March 16th at 6:30 pm in Education Hall.
24 Apr, 10:28 AM UTC
Garrett Lynn
#HIGPA #ModernMonday is going digital this week!
24 Apr, 10:27 AM UTC
Harrison Griselda
#HIGPA Project paragon
24 Apr, 10:25 AM UTC
Dean Susan
#HIGPA Have you voted for your favorite Before and After at https://t.co/MXJDJGCtbR. Many cool makeovers have been uploaded.
24 Apr, 10:23 AM UTC
Jackson Mae
#HIGPA Tell us: Would you buy a colorful door for your home?
24 Apr, 10:22 AM UTC
Benson Mary
#HIGPA Reminder: You do not have to do anything that doesn't feel right down to your bones. ✨
24 Apr, 10:17 AM UTC
Carter Shanon
#HIGPA no 🏊🏻 no pool time ☀️ today ... back to site meeting and specifying 👍 love my #adesignerslife
24 Apr, 10:15 AM UTC
Smith Coral
#HIGPA Global is the new "eclectic". Mix it up!
24 Apr, 10:13 AM UTC
Chandler Christiana
#HIGPA Spring 2015 Bath Remodeling Trend: Shades of grey or White. #bath
24 Apr, 10:11 AM UTC
Campbell Hillary
#HIGPA Which door would you be more adventurous with the design of...patio or pantry?
24 Apr, 10:09 AM UTC
Lyons Grace
#HIGPA That's us finished for tonight. Have a great #weekend
24 Apr, 10:08 AM UTC
Chambers Marion
#HIGPA 52% of pet owners say pet monitoring is an important #SmartHome feature. Put your pet first at 866-946-6075.
24 Apr, 10:04 AM UTC
Cross Shanon
#HIGPA Yes we are still here taking you calls until 8:00pm Call now 0800 955 0898
24 Apr, 10:02 AM UTC
ˮBill Nyeˮ ˮJefferson Davisˮ ˮJoe Inglesˮ ˮMark Linn-Bakerˮ #C2E2 #HAILROMA #hIGPA #JonghyunLonelyMV #kswx #ShakespeareSunday #ShortyAwards
24 Apr, 10:01 AM UTC
Daniel Sandoval
RT marcamotor: 📸Así fue el primer día de Fernando Alonso en la IndyCar https://t.co/aFpj5sGTpY #HIGPA #Indy500 https://t.co/cK5jB…
24 Apr, 10:00 AM UTC
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📸Así fue el primer día de Fernando Alonso en la IndyCar https://t.co/JjBHKlaNPw #IndyCar #Indy500 #HIGPA
24 Apr, 10:00 AM UTC
Japan Art & Design
#SundayFunday , #FeudFX , Paul George , #WeirdRobotFeatures , Game 4 , Donald Trump Is Unintelligible , #HIGPA
24 Apr, 09:57 AM UTC
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