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Cloyd Rivers
Army Sergeant Rose gave up his ability to stand for the National Anthem for your freedom to protest it. Respect.
20 Mar, 02:55 AM UTC
relationship goals.
Date a girl who gets distracted by dogs, not other dudes
20 Mar, 01:00 AM UTC
relationship goals.
The best relationship is when you instantly miss each other right after being together
19 Mar, 07:00 PM UTC
relationship goals.
I'm not the best, but I promise to love you with my whole heart.
19 Mar, 05:01 PM UTC
Rory gets to -8 but Kisner and Hoffman push the lead to -12. This is getting fun. #QuickHits
19 Mar, 06:46 PM UTC
Canadiens Montréal
Hoffman est puni pour obstruction : A.N MTL // Hoffman heads to the box on an interference call 47 seconds in. #GoHabsGo
19 Mar, 11:42 PM UTC
art is everywhere
blaine fontana
20 Mar, 02:32 AM UTC
#LinkedIn integration continues with Hoffman named to #Microsoft board https://t.co/ahd4xf2dZL
19 Mar, 04:18 AM UTC
Hoffman has 10 pts in 10 games. Stone is out. Ryan is a turd. Team struggling. Why is Hoffman still on L3?
20 Mar, 02:30 AM UTC
People will turn on you in like .5 seconds I just don't understand.
19 Mar, 05:32 PM UTC
I get so frustrated with people just have everything in life handed to them
20 Mar, 02:26 AM UTC
Nolan Catholic Track
TDF 2017: Alison Bryant 1st in section 1 of the 5K, 13th overall with school record 18:56.84, PRs from Katie Kopf, Greg Hoffman, Ben Wiche!
19 Mar, 07:51 PM UTC
Sasha Margob
I wonder if ppl realize they're being shitty friends or if they just regularly take your kindness for granted - stay tuned ¿
20 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
Some people really need to understand this. https://t.co/SX2YqGN86g
20 Mar, 03:03 AM UTC
Black Profits Media
Boys track: Breakthrough efforts from Rustay, Hoffman Estates #DHpreps https://t.co/oCBgMfMpVz via @dailyherald
19 Mar, 11:38 PM UTC
Aaron Paul Kithcart
The ACC has made advocacy a core part of its mission. Other professional societies should take note: Grab a seat at… https://t.co/OxXnky5W8k
19 Mar, 11:54 PM UTC
Florida HS Football
The sound you just recently heard was the paper shredder eating up busted brackets around the country.
20 Mar, 03:30 AM UTC
@n_longerbeam @kassidy_hoffman yeah their def cheating for them , please tell me how a 7th seed gets a home game in the tournament.
20 Mar, 03:08 AM UTC
@_jaylenlindsey @n_longerbeam @kassidy_hoffman I swear if ya talk shit at school , I'm throwing hands
20 Mar, 03:27 AM UTC
Kassidy Hoffman
People I don't even know are snapping me and gettin me😒
20 Mar, 03:22 AM UTC
Kassidy Hoffman
9 people are already texting me about Duke losing😒😒 turning my phone off now
20 Mar, 03:13 AM UTC
Tão bom quando a pessoa supera nossas expectativas rs 😬
20 Mar, 03:39 AM UTC
Mighty Hoff 🎉🎓
Update..I still hate college basketball 🙄🙄
20 Mar, 03:29 AM UTC
brendon² hoffman⁶𓅓
@remingtyn they're amazing!!!!
20 Mar, 03:28 AM UTC
Jamie Hoffman Brooks
Gamecocks going to the #Sweet16  for the first time ever! And I finally have a reason to use this gif. #marchmadness
20 Mar, 03:28 AM UTC
@klilbrown24 @n_longerbeam @kassidy_hoffman Omg you said that last year and know look at y'all . And idc who you're recruiting ,still shit !
20 Mar, 03:24 AM UTC
@_jaylenlindsey @n_longerbeam @kassidy_hoffman nah , were def good . Your team is gonna be even more SHIT next season .
20 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
@klilbrown24 @n_longerbeam @kassidy_hoffman ok Khalil y'all lost , y'all some shit . Overated just go to bed
20 Mar, 03:22 AM UTC
@_jaylenlindsey @n_longerbeam @kassidy_hoffman that doesn't mean anything ?? ... we still have a better record if we lost 5 more games..
20 Mar, 03:21 AM UTC
@klilbrown24 @n_longerbeam @kassidy_hoffman you're not you lose to teams like South Carolina and Syracuse cmon
20 Mar, 03:20 AM UTC
People push away those who care the most for them
20 Mar, 03:19 AM UTC
Apparently the real reason why Microsoft/Nadella acquired LinkedIn was to 'acquire' Reid Hoffman: https://t.co/Hhbx54Bwml
20 Mar, 03:18 AM UTC
Mr. Hoffman
Duke lost. Today was a good day.
20 Mar, 03:17 AM UTC
Ry. 🌻
I must have fool written across my forehead.
20 Mar, 03:13 AM UTC
Luke Hamrick
@miller_hoffman refs are softening up basketball. Way too many fouls called all around, it's no fun to watch.
20 Mar, 02:33 AM UTC
Glenn Hoffman
When I see savage tweets that I'm sure it's real drama.. it just makes my day so much more happier. #evilbuttrue
20 Mar, 03:46 AM UTC
The lovely Paula Hoffman at the awards ceremony @VanWebFest @ChadCRiley @troymundle #vancouver
20 Mar, 03:45 AM UTC
20 Mar, 03:44 AM UTC
megs 🌈
No way, I want this so bad I'm almost crying this is the cutest thing I've ever watched 😩😩😍💘 https://t.co/XQk54IFUgV
20 Mar, 03:44 AM UTC
Esta ficando com alguém? — Não https://t.co/sNN3l4y5RC
20 Mar, 03:40 AM UTC
Charles Barber
@TSN1200 @AJonSports Who do you see being TOP 6 for #Senators isn't Hoffman ? We need him, Turris, Brassard, Stone, Ryan and ? What u think?
20 Mar, 03:39 AM UTC
Nathan Neumann
Angel Dustin Hoffman, Billy Crystal Meth, and Lucille 8 Ball. #BojackHorseman
20 Mar, 03:38 AM UTC
maximiliano herrera
Michael hoffman y Michael Fitt https://t.co/cQhOmCz5bb
20 Mar, 03:38 AM UTC
Reid Hoffman joining the Microsoft board is a great development that is in line with the bold new Microsoft that Satya is building!
20 Mar, 03:38 AM UTC
Chorar até tudo isso passar
20 Mar, 03:36 AM UTC
Ultimamente eu só sinto vontade de ficar na minha e chorar
20 Mar, 03:36 AM UTC
Albert Hoffman LSD Effect "Animated" by ManiakQQ: https://t.co/7tBHsdgMaR via @YouTube
20 Mar, 03:34 AM UTC
Nicolas Ayerbe B
Paula Hoffman speaking to 4th @VanWebFest closing ceremony #performanceworks #vwf2017 #vwfteam #vancouver #vancity
20 Mar, 03:31 AM UTC
Derek Johnson
@Mtlcomiccon Let's see SAW actors for a change ! Costas Mandylor ( Det Hoffman) Amanda( Shawnee Smith) Jigsaw ( Tobin Bell)
20 Mar, 03:24 AM UTC
Student Intern / Co-Op - Siemens - Hoffman Estates, IL https://t.co/bKhHMcXWFG
20 Mar, 03:21 AM UTC
Previous #ITVCE Blog Post: Dust Free! NVIDIA GRID and a GPU Deep Dive: Guest Blog Post by Richard Hoffman https://t.co/O7IVCaLgLY
20 Mar, 03:20 AM UTC
I honestly feel this team will trade hoffman this summer probably ryan too @SensInsider @6thSens
20 Mar, 03:14 AM UTC
alexander smith
just scrolled past a photo of jackie hoffman as mamacita and - for a moment - my whole body tingled w/ the sweet sensation of homosexuality
20 Mar, 03:13 AM UTC
daniela solis
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/3RFpp0iwsL The Supermen Lovers (feat. Mani Hoffman) - Starlight (Official Video)
20 Mar, 03:10 AM UTC
There is not a day when Philip Seymour Hoffman's character in Almost Famous's voice going "Iggy Pop!" doesn't bounce around in my head
20 Mar, 03:08 AM UTC
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