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Dave Weigel @daveweigel
When Trump insists he inherited a mess (he didn’t) I remember Fox mocking Obama for blaming Bush for what he handed off in 2009.
Sandra @sandra__anne
RT @BBCWorld: "I inherited a mess" - #TrumpPressConference in 70 seconds https://t.co/gfnJxFIMCi 🇺🇸 https://t.co/7hubnMPUKT
weiss 1 @WeizzP
RT @ConstanceQueen8: To Be Honest I Inherited A Mess It's A Mess At Home & Abroad A Mess Love His Authenticity #TrumpPressConference https…
Andrew Resende-Gomes @Superluigie30
RT @FoxNews: President @realDonaldTrump: “I inherited a mess. It’s a mess.” https://t.co/g2wgwDXuPf https://t.co/fNrOPdAH8a
jazboul @jazurs
RT @CNN: President Trump: "To be honest, I inherited a mess -- at home and abroad." https://t.co/OBLCVoLF0C https://t.co/8kCvkOGPa1
Megan E. @MegzFLo
RT @thatgayhipster: "I just want to let you know, I inherited a mess." #TrumpPressConference https://t.co/p9TlB4kYrq
Think-Arts! @corrawith2rs
RT @DomenicoNPR: Trump: "I inherited a mess." Fact check: There's always problems, but this is nothing compared to 2009 via @titonka https:…
News UCanUse @zapher134
RT @seankent: TRUMP: I inherited a mess! ME: Actually you didn't. #TrumpPressConference https://t.co/Ejp19nKpEx
Janet Kay @tinyboo49
RT @TeaPainUSA: 2018: President Pence makes his famous "I inherited a mess" speech.
Jen Dudley-Nicholson @jendudley
RT @Hoopgreen: “To be honest, I inherited a mess. It's a mess. Jobs are pouring out of the country.” - #LiarInChief at #TrumpPresser https:…
News UCanUse @zapher134
RT @changemation: Trump: "I inherited a mess" Actually no... In three weeks you made a a horrible mess. #DayWithoutImmigrants https:…
NotYourGrandmother @HarmonicHulaHoe
RT @keithboykin: Trump says "I inherited a mess." No sir, President Obama inherited a mess. You inherited a country on the mend. https://t…
Joe @sagecutter
RT @ChristiChat: YES HE DID! Obama was a disaster! @POTUS-I inherited a mess at home and abroad. #MAGA https://t.co/0VBVyqzbYr
JackBloom @AuthorJackBloom
RT @ChrisCJackson: TRUMP: "I inherited a mess." OBAMA: Let me tell you about 2008 motherfucker
JackBloom @AuthorJackBloom
RT @speechboy71: Trump: "I inherited a mess" No. No you didn't
Staying with Obama @SPR00
RT @GlennKesslerWP: hmmm..."I inherited a mess" ......should we compare the economic numbers of 2009 vs. 2017?
Catherine borshuk @CBorshuk
RT @jkarsh: "I inherited a mess." - Donald Trump talking about a country with 4.5% unemployment, a stock market at record highs & gas at $2…
McConnellHowDoPuppet @ConnPuppet
RT @SarahWoodwriter: Trump: "I inherited a mess" No, that was Obama in 2009.
Zombieninja...420. @zombieninja420
RT @_monzon322: @POTUS: "I inherited a mess" The balls on this guy! #TrumpPressConference https://t.co/8Tlqgj9YlE
Kat 4 Obama @Kat4Obama
RT @edbott: "And then he says... 'To be honest, I inherited a mess.'" https://t.co/SIBhgGupLU
Carla#DTNotMyPrez @CarlaMoulton3
RT @anti_baka: I think Trump meant to say, "I am a mess", not " I inherited a Mess ." #TrumpPressConference Flynn In FBI
Perseus @AndromedaNGC
RT @mistyzuko: "I Inherited a Mess" Said every American on January 20, 2017
JackBloom @AuthorJackBloom
RT @Toure: O’Reilly plays Trump saying "I inherited a mess” then Bill says “Obama said the same,” equating that big recession with today.
JackBloom @AuthorJackBloom
RT @WakeUp2News: .@realDonaldTrump the so called @POTUS says "I inherited a mess"! WTF! Dude, you couldn't have survived what Obama inherit…
JackBloom @AuthorJackBloom
RT @ericgrant: "I inherited a mess" is something each of Trump's wives has said.
Paul Zimmerer @ZimmererPaul
RT @The_Trump_Fans: Trump: ‘I Inherited a Mess’ https://t.co/gkRSMlKAdR https://t.co/eLDn5dj2GP
Debbie / Doe @NinjaPosition_
RT @MikeMedavoy: ‘I Inherited a Mess,’ Trump Says, Defending His Performance https://t.co/lXDLatzaMQ you r creating a bigger mess ask 66 mi…
OldTowneTavern @Dhppy
RT @AnthonyDeVito: "I inherited a mess (of money!!) THANK YOU I'M HERE ALL WEEK BUT PROBABLY NOT MUCH LONGER THAN THAT!"
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