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Claire Lewis
Manchester's changemakers exploring the possibility of #ImpactHubMCR tonight @FederationMCR https://t.co/1w84hBPPcD
20 Apr, 05:34 PM UTC
Clare Devaney
Sold out #impacthubMCR event tonight. So many in Mcr & GM committing time & energy to social impact #zeitgeist @manchester4_uk @MCRSocEnt
20 Apr, 10:15 AM UTC
George Konsta
Doing the last bits of work for our sold-out event tomorrow for #ImpactHubMCR while enjoying one of the best #pizzahttps://t.co/0GgN8fdS0y
19 Apr, 08:46 PM UTC
Manchester SocEnt
Our event is sold out & we're operating a wait-list. If you have a ticket & can't make it anymore please update your status #ImpactHubMCR
19 Apr, 07:44 PM UTC
Nicola Waterworth
#ImpactHubMCR event kicking off with "why am I here?" @ClareDevaney @manchester4_uk Missing @evefrancisholt
20 Apr, 05:25 PM UTC
Objectives First
What is our vision for #impacthubmcr? How does this support our vision for local renewal? Lovely synchronicity with #ULab. @manchester4_uk
20 Apr, 05:34 PM UTC
Rachel Barker
Are there opportunities to respond to GM's key challenges? Exciting ideas brewing for #impacthubMCR "people make ch… https://t.co/l58bezzwQY
20 Apr, 06:10 PM UTC
Daniel Halenko
Wow. What a venue for #ImpactHubMcr at the @coopuk #DigitalTeam offices in #Manchester. Very impressed and words of… https://t.co/Y6ich8f1Bi
20 Apr, 05:59 PM UTC
Zoe Ross
Already some very interesting discussions #ImpactHubMCR https://t.co/BArVD8tFbP
20 Apr, 05:42 PM UTC
Rosie Clayton
@MCRSocEnt @ClareDevaney @konstant_g gutted I can't make it thiseve, hope it's a great event & looking fwd to hearing all #ImpactHubMCR #M4
20 Apr, 07:47 AM UTC
#EVENT: Explore the opportunity to co-create an #ImpactHub for #Manchester, tomorrow, 5pm --> https://t.co/RaYCzuRqPY #ImpactHubMCR
19 Apr, 08:56 PM UTC
#ImpactHubMCR: An exploration starting in 15 mins at M4 2AH, Manchester M4 2AH, UK. https://t.co/jTAsjL8u2R
20 Apr, 04:15 PM UTC
Objectives First
What is missing from co-working and collaboration in Manchester? Spaces to bring our whole selves - heart aswell as mind. #impacthubmcr
20 Apr, 06:38 PM UTC
Zoe Ross
Really interesting discussion around what works in a #coworking space & the kind of space #ImpactHubMCR could be
20 Apr, 06:23 PM UTC
RSA North
We're at #ImpactHubMCR, great discussion exploring social impact, values across GM, oppprtunities & challenges faci… https://t.co/EteuPwxnSv
20 Apr, 06:00 PM UTC
Objectives First
What kind of Mcr do we want? That's the heart of it. Social enterprise or not, how can ALL enterprises be for social impact? #impacthubmcr
20 Apr, 05:56 PM UTC
Do people 'get' #socialenterprise? What about using "changemakers' & ' profit4purpose'? #impactHubMCR
20 Apr, 05:47 PM UTC
TechEvents NorthWest
#ImpactHubMCR: An exploration starting in 15 mins at M4 2AH, Manchester M4 2AH, UK: https://t.co/Pakqwy1vLL
20 Apr, 04:15 PM UTC
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