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tara strong
“See Mr. Trump, this is why we can’t have nice things” -Surrogate taking away Trump’s phone b4 he hate tweets #COMEY & the #Intelligence
20 Mar, 03:35 PM UTC
Maria Bartiromo
All imp questions @seanspicer is asking right now. #whitehouse briefing #intelligence leaks. @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness
20 Mar, 06:09 PM UTC
Rep. Will Hurd
Tune into the @11thHour w/ @BWilliams in half an hour to catch me talking about today's #Intelligence Hearing
21 Mar, 02:29 AM UTC
Real Marsha Wright
Personally I judge #intelligence, not by someones ability to spend his way out of trouble, but to think his way out with unorthodox strategy
21 Mar, 11:22 AM UTC
Artificial #intelligence and Internet of Things excite, but it's still a big #data world https://t.co/bJ6kInkVvs
21 Mar, 08:42 AM UTC
Osservatori Digital
Perche’ il #Mit premia la disobbedienza? Il commento di @AleLuksch Direttore Osservatorio #Startup #Intelligence →… https://t.co/AsT5lL9szx
21 Mar, 10:35 AM UTC
Perche’ il #Mit premia la disobbedienza? Il commento di AleLuksch Direttore Osservatorio #Startup #Intelligence →… https://t.co/TIHDKm3vOg
21 Mar, 10:41 AM UTC
Perche’ il #Mit premia la disobbedienza? Il commento di AleLuksch Direttore Osservatorio #Startup #Intelligence →… https://t.co/7JBKC04J61
21 Mar, 10:37 AM UTC
Cint Kortmann
A lot of the #assistant out there over-promise and under-deliver. #intelligence #AI #Bixby #technology https://t.co/FrSzm31oe4
21 Mar, 10:29 AM UTC
Yves Mulkers
How artificial #intelligence will transform Wall Street https://t.co/fGIzKDhDZd
21 Mar, 10:14 AM UTC
Andriy Zhmaylo
Andrew Napolitano reportedly pulled from Fox News over debunked https://t.co/5IEwRTOWUr #allegations #british #intelligence #judge #news
21 Mar, 10:38 AM UTC
Joe Hancock
I'm worried about #technology induced #intelligence failures, or simpler ones human ones like this. https://t.co/kVk0XwdXNR
21 Mar, 09:15 AM UTC
Brig Barker
Glazov Gang: Can I Criticize Islam Without Fearing For My Life?: https://t.co/0KZuxPR2vD #CounterTerrorism #intelligence
21 Mar, 11:22 AM UTC
John Vajra
https://t.co/APpcWCAKU6 GERMANY — BND: “Gulen not behind Turkey coup attempt” #intelligence #security #war #international
21 Mar, 11:12 AM UTC
Egmont Institute
'workload of the various #CT services (judiciary, police, #intelligence) continued to increase in 2016' https://t.co/JDgkthk4I2
21 Mar, 11:11 AM UTC
Prospect #intelligence + #Custom plan + #Pattern recognition + Positive attitude = #Sales results https://t.co/uvuWAkIWUE
21 Mar, 11:10 AM UTC
#Artificial #intelligence to go mainstream in the #workplace by 2020, claims report - Workplace Insight… https://t.co/XCA5vcp5Yh
21 Mar, 11:10 AM UTC
Ascertus Limited
Organised #Crime Gangs great scope in monetising #data from #lawfirms by selling #intelligence to rogue traders https://t.co/6LSDzcqj1X
21 Mar, 11:01 AM UTC
Quel est l'impact de l'#intelligence artificielle sur le secteur bancaire https://t.co/D6svDVPIoL
21 Mar, 11:00 AM UTC
The Health Site
Are you more intelligent than others? Check out and re-tweet! #intelligence #Science https://t.co/p6J97kuYUB
21 Mar, 10:57 AM UTC
trump needs to trust the #FBI #CIA & #intelligence (since he lacks that) regarding #wiretapping having not been ordered by #Obama
21 Mar, 10:57 AM UTC
Zesty Things
Health Tips - are you aware of the health benefits of reading? #read #smart #health #cardio #intelligence https://t.co/cRM3foIUz0
21 Mar, 10:52 AM UTC
Jeffrey G. Karam
RT: Interview with #German #BND #Intelligence Chief: '#Coup in #Turkey Was Just a Welcome Pretext' - SPIEGEL ONLINE https://t.co/misK96p1s8
21 Mar, 10:50 AM UTC
Moiz Borker
@Pankaj11Rana Definitely they will be very smart & help us in our daily life #intelligence
21 Mar, 10:45 AM UTC
Ambridge C.S.
The latest curated information from Ambridge C.S. https://t.co/tNUPtg7uiF Thanks to @alistaircoleman @zackwhittaker #intelligence
21 Mar, 10:29 AM UTC
sha b
Doesn't @realDonaldTrump have access to world's best #intelligence ? Yet he and his cronies are quoting the "news" as #wiretapping source.
21 Mar, 10:21 AM UTC
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