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Andrew Coyne @acoyne
1. It’s a motion, not a bill. 2. I have. 3. The word “eliminate” does not appear in it.
nobody @stevewillcott
RT @northonsixty1: So Iqra Khalid can't handle criticism and demands higher status than all other Canadians, while denying our right to fre…
nobody @stevewillcott
RT @CarolHusband: Iqra Khalid has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and says she is scared of Canadians. Right.
lui @loupierri
RT @Franktmcveety: Iqra Khalid is a Political Islamic Terrorist And She Is Bringing Sharia Law To Canada via @youtu…
lui @loupierri
RT @KarenPtbo: Intent of MP Iqra Khalid's M103 is not to address issues of discrimination but to silence anyone who speaks out against Isla…
299,792,458 m/s @twismjv
RT @acoyne: But Islamophobia is so hard to define!
Shocked and Dismayed @DoogerNorth
RT @idar2dream: Iqra Khalid conveniently leaves out the fact that Christians are the most persecuted throughout the world right now #Cpac #…
Tamara Lee @micropainter
RT @CTVNews: Liberal MP Iqra Khalid reads threats she's received over Motion 103 (warning some content may offend)
KazamareenKurious @kazamareen
RT @RavenHUWolf: Over a year, #Trudeau destroyed #Canada. Liberals locked into #EU Globalism, #corruptUN & now supports #BlasphemyLaw https…
nobody @stevewillcott
RT @SemperVigilio: Member of Parliament Iqra Khalid is an Islamist Hypocrite | TSEC Network #M103…
SUNGMANITU 58 @Sungmanitu58
RT @HuffPostCanada: Liberals back motion condemning Islamophobia, despite Tory concerns #cdnpoli…
Greg Bisch @GregBisch
RT @IvisonJ: Iqra Khalid reads out some appalling insults sent to her in response to M103 by Canadian "patriots". Takes real guts to send a…
nobody @stevewillcott
RT @GSJays: If Iqra Khalid is so scared of Canadians, she should go back to the country she came from..No need to live in a country with fe…
lui @loupierri
RT @KarenPtbo: MP Iqra Khalid like MP Omar Alghabra is typical of Islamist extremists that are using political Entryism to infiltrate our p…
Becky Van Sant @littleshasta
RT @TheSunnyDhillon: Liberal MP Iqra Khalid reads threats she's received over Motion 103
Kathie Mitchell @thekatmit
RT @HeatherMallick: 'Blank you gently with a chainsaw': Liberal MP Iqra Khalid reads threats she's received
lui @loupierri
RT @northonsixty1: This bill, m103 put forward by Iqra Khalid is an ANTI-FREE SPEECH bill
lui @loupierri
RT @Dontvoteliberal: Iqra Khalid,Don`t come2my Canada+tell me what I can or can`t say a/b anything.Won`t go well in Canada.Don`t like R law…
lui @loupierri
RT @ahurtchristian: @Paola_Dec1231 @GlennMcmillan14 @monica_barona Iqra Khalid the one who proposed it? Holy cow you live in her ridding?
nobody @stevewillcott
RT @CitizenDexter: @mushujasmine @saskpride @rrmmmmm5 @danielhuculak @jamestporter #m103 Give Iqra Khalid a call. Maybe she'll return yours…
lui @loupierri
RT @brooks_mihaela: Aww little MP princess complaining in Parl that she received over 50.000 threats. She gets what she stirred. https://t.…
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