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Inherent Resolve
Read the story about Captain Isabelle Cowley a #Coalition member training #Iraqi soldiers. #Australia #OpOkrahttps://t.co/kaviTIYTgB
20 Apr, 10:04 AM UTC
Iraqi Day 🇮🇶
Thank you for preventing a bloody night in #Baghdad. #Iraqi forces & intelligence control detonation of a #ISIS ca… https://t.co/jadqnCBsVo
19 Apr, 07:54 PM UTC
Iraqi Day 🇮🇶
#BREAKING Control detonation of a #ISIS car bomb west #Baghdad by #Iraqi forces, the target were Shia pilgrims. man… https://t.co/8KQd9tr8ze
19 Apr, 07:09 PM UTC
#News #Iran #Iraqi forces working to neutralize ISIS booby traps inside old #Mosul https://t.co/OoqdEyNrbA
20 Apr, 10:00 AM UTC
#Iraqi unit with U.S.and Australian advisers hit by #ISIS mustard agent https://t.co/TOQij7EVl8 #IslamicState #Iraq
20 Apr, 06:34 AM UTC
Danger 6
#Iraqi victories against #ISIS allow children to attend school in E #Mosul. Soon the West will be free to do the sa… https://t.co/fuWntHX2oK
20 Apr, 07:03 AM UTC
Inherent Resolve
The #Iraqi government is working to restore services to liberated parts of #Mosul. Freed areas are beginning to fin… https://t.co/MOTboAwDO4
20 Apr, 08:25 AM UTC
Запрещенные уничтожили сегодня более чем 50 #Iraqi солдат и более чем 15 транспортных средств шиитской армии в райо… https://t.co/p9tPcn07W7
19 Apr, 09:44 PM UTC
Global News
#Iraqi forces & intelligence control detonation of a #ISIS car bomb in west #Baghdad. @iraqi_day
19 Apr, 07:59 PM UTC
MEI Arts and Culture
Interview with #Iraqi artist Walid Siti about themes of repression and human resilience in his work @Ibraazhttps://t.co/8O0wHZZGrL
20 Apr, 02:00 PM UTC
Arab News
“We want to be happy” — #Iraqi violinist plays in #Mosul as troops battle #Daesh https://t.co/7qKmKU4Drr #AmeenMukdad #Music
20 Apr, 04:15 PM UTC
Human Appeal
Over 70,000 #Iraqi children have received psychological support due to the devastating trauma they've witnessed & been subjected to
20 Apr, 06:00 PM UTC
Ghada Alnour.
We want to be happy #Iraqi violinist plays in #Mosul as troops battle Islamic State. https://t.co/UDpanrRtkn
19 Apr, 07:16 PM UTC
World Learning
This common #Iraqi greeting asks: What is everything and nothing? https://t.co/6BWOHdzXD0
20 Apr, 04:15 PM UTC
.@democracynow 100's of #Iraqi CIVILIANS Killed in US Airstrikes After Being Told NOT TO FLEE #MOSUL!… https://t.co/AAw5HOjj7t
20 Apr, 06:03 PM UTC
Human Appeal
Violent conflict has affected every part of their lives & sadly 1 in 4 #Iraqi children suffer from stunted growth due to severe malnutrition
20 Apr, 05:40 PM UTC
Tactical Investor
#Iraqi interpreter blasts protesters of #Trump’s travel Ban and actually supports his ban https://t.co/SPsWusToVr
20 Apr, 06:00 PM UTC
Reclaiming #Baghdad for #Peace: Young residents host #Book fair, change narrative #Iraq #Iraqi @QaisQasim @mondalawy https://t.co/HbJkObL9jo
20 Apr, 03:48 PM UTC
#ThursdayThoughts when a picture speaks a thousand words #iraq_builders was there emigrant's camp #iraqi _emig… https://t.co/NmeoYpcorF
20 Apr, 03:46 PM UTC
Integrity UK
Senior #Daesh commander and close aide to al-Baghdadi, Abdullah al-Husseini has been killed by #Iraqi troops in #Mosul's Old City
20 Apr, 01:21 PM UTC
"Trump has learned a lot from Iraqis" #Iraqi MP Hanan al-Fatlawi praises #US presidents nepotistic tendencies
20 Apr, 02:58 PM UTC
#IS Chemical Weapons Chief Killed by #Iraqi Artillery Fire #Daesh #ISIS #Iraq https://t.co/tWNEjO0rAI
20 Apr, 05:53 PM UTC
Iraqi violinist returns to Mosul to play concert at shrine #iraq #mosul #iraqi https://t.co/1NwXJAmXtl
20 Apr, 05:22 PM UTC
Iraq Solidarity News
#Iraqi teen's take on violence in the Middle East https://t.co/FVHAdtQ0Wy
20 Apr, 05:12 PM UTC
Iraq Solidarity News
B-Boys Display Their Moves In The #Iraqi Streets https://t.co/jAABuBtCKA
20 Apr, 05:11 PM UTC
Iraq Solidarity News
LETTERS FROM BAGHDAD (+ Dir. Q&A, Fri 21 Apr) https://t.co/o6XUZtXDE7 #UK #London #Iraqi
20 Apr, 05:05 PM UTC
Tufairi. B. Kawawa
BREAKING NEWS 📰: #Iraqi unit with US and Australian advisers hit by #ISIS chemical weapon. https://t.co/xTfq6jHgLh
20 Apr, 04:59 PM UTC
this is the spirit to tackle ISIS bad effects on the #iraqi collective mind https://t.co/MKTw8DsR7d
20 Apr, 04:45 PM UTC
matt o'donoghue
Corrine Boyd Russell, the mother of one of Fitzsimon's victims, Paul McGuigan, says he should "rot in an #Iraqi jail for what he has done."
20 Apr, 04:43 PM UTC
"..a burden to leave the problem for #Iraqi courts to deal wz all prosecutions alone." (6/6) #Yezidis #Yazidis #StopYazidiGenocide #minority
20 Apr, 04:38 PM UTC
"The int'l coalition hasn't indicated how it'll bring Daesh perpetrators to justice." "The #Iraqi Govnt hasn't made any decision yet." (2/ )
20 Apr, 04:36 PM UTC
State OKs Humvees, howitzers for #Iraqi peshmerga in #ISIS fight https://t.co/cFa0Z7RZtY via @DEFCONNewswire
20 Apr, 04:27 PM UTC
Алёна Смирнова
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20 Apr, 03:59 PM UTC
#Iraqi forces working to neutralize #ISIS booby traps inside old #Mosul #Daesh #Iraq https://t.co/rhY84snQUc
20 Apr, 03:56 PM UTC
Trending Iraq News
'We want to be happy': #Iraqi #violinist plays in #Mosul as troops battle IS... https://t.co/vS0F2Hz7yj
20 Apr, 03:47 PM UTC
Yousif Kalian
#Iraqi youth from #Karbala, #Najaf and #Baghdad visit Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Baghdad to celebrate Easter https://t.co/OmEjYW0kdo
20 Apr, 03:44 PM UTC
Denise Hill
#iraqi teen pussy pics wwe divas naked pictures
20 Apr, 02:58 PM UTC
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