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Fox News
Le Pen calls for France to restore border controls after ISIS-claimed attack
21 Apr, 10:15 AM UTC
Louis Barfe
ISIS have just claimed responsibility for Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran.
20 Apr, 10:18 PM UTC
Philip Schuyler
ISIS-claimed France, you can end all this crap by electing Marine Le Pen. Take your nation back.
21 Apr, 11:16 AM UTC
Fox News
.@POTUS tweets message condemning Paris attack; meanwhile, police investigate a home they believe is linked to it.…
21 Apr, 11:39 AM UTC
Fox News
Police in Paris search home believed linked to ISIS-claimed attack
21 Apr, 06:13 AM UTC
Sean Spicier
ISIS claimed responsibility for today's attack in Paris. Guess we just haven't lived them enough. Let's try harder, folks!
20 Apr, 09:43 PM UTC
The New York Times
ISIS claimed responsibility for the shootout on the Champs-Élysées in Paris which left one police officer dead
21 Apr, 11:47 AM UTC
Jack Bailey 🇺🇸
Yesterday: ISIS-claimed terror Today: Liberals only worry about Islamophobia, enabling terrorists. Cycle repeats…
21 Apr, 11:42 AM UTC
Millennial Girl
ISIS claimed yet another attack in Paris. Vote Le Pen to save your country 🇫🇷
21 Apr, 07:12 AM UTC
New York Post
BREAKING: ISIS has claimed responsibility for the shooting in Paris, where a gunman open fire on a police van
20 Apr, 09:54 PM UTC
Jim Robinson III ⚖️
#LePen calls France to secure borders after ISIS attack 🇫🇷 #frontnationalfrançais #Frexit #MAGA #TrumpTrain #POTUS
21 Apr, 11:14 AM UTC
Scott Presler
Is anyone actually surprised that the Champs-Elysees cop killing is an ISIS-claimed attack? Wake up, France.…
21 Apr, 12:47 PM UTC
ISIS-claimed Political correctness Not a pretty picture. #tcot #ccot #wakeupAmerica #Paris
21 Apr, 09:37 AM UTC
FOX & friends
HUNT FOR INFORMATION... French authorities search home believed linked to ISIS-claimed attack
21 Apr, 06:59 AM UTC
Jack Murphy
Nationalism has a real shot at claiming another victory in France. First round of voting this weekend. #LePen
21 Apr, 01:25 PM UTC
Emmanuel & Friends
#ParisAttack & ISIS claimed responsibility! It's easy to destroy & it takes a "skilled Master" to build! Let's be a…
21 Apr, 03:58 AM UTC
Time to hold these politicians who let this evil into our country Accountable. ISIS-claimed
21 Apr, 12:29 PM UTC
Mrs.Kimberly Garrett
How many more ppl have to die in isis-claimed attacks before they realize La Pen is the right choice??
21 Apr, 01:17 PM UTC
Where's your update? #iSIS claimed it, police have deemed it a terrorist attack. Stop Trump bashing and report TRUT…
21 Apr, 12:58 PM UTC
ISIS-claimed paris attack and female Islamic MD gets arrested for mutilating girls. Get rid of liberal politicians…
21 Apr, 11:38 AM UTC
Nancy ن
The #French have to STOP the insanity ISIS-claimed VICTORY #champselysees #LePen #Frexit #AuNomDuPeuple ⚜️ #MFGA
21 Apr, 01:24 PM UTC
@AP As usual #TrumpWasRight Isis claimed responsibility for terrotist attack.
21 Apr, 01:11 PM UTC
Deplorable Ren🇺🇸🍀
ISIS-claimed France. Europe has fallen to ISIS. That'll be a coming headline if France doesn't elect Le Pen & get out of the EU.
21 Apr, 01:04 PM UTC
BooBoo NyC
End the "ISIS Claimed" in France,do your country & its ppl a favor 👉Vote #LePen.The libs will be pissed but you wi…
21 Apr, 01:10 PM UTC
Rain Man
@faznet Der Täter war ein "Franzose" namens Abu Yousef al-Belgiki (Abu Yousef der Belgier)... 😎
21 Apr, 11:55 AM UTC
Standing Up 4 Trump
Trump is right. Trump is always right and @AP is always wrong. @ap is #fakenews Isis-claimed Paris attack
21 Apr, 01:30 PM UTC
BooBoo NyC
Germany is trying to say this was not a Islamic terrorist attack even thought there was a note ISIS claimed it.Ok, got it🙄Borussia Dortmund
21 Apr, 01:26 PM UTC
France needs a strong leader. A Le Pen win could alter the political landscape in EU & the fight against terrorism
21 Apr, 01:23 PM UTC
Deplorable 4D ♚♛♝♞♜♟
@KORANISBURNING ISIS-claimed #Paris "The Crisis of Western Civ" #ArrestObama #ArrestMerkel
21 Apr, 01:25 PM UTC
Jason Buttrill
#ISIS claimed responsibility for the #ParisAttack immediately. That's unusual for them. Suggests the order came directly from ISIS territory
21 Apr, 01:26 PM UTC
ISIS-claimed When will Europe wake up? Islam & #ShariaLaw are taking over. Watch @AmiHorowitz @prageru video👇🏻
21 Apr, 01:33 PM UTC
still waiting on the good muslims to fix this problem anytime now you can stop being cowards ISIS-claimed
21 Apr, 01:31 PM UTC
Bill Draheim
When you want to spread your hate filled rhetoric you blame ISIS-claimed responsibility and watch the cowardly sheep piss themselves.
21 Apr, 01:29 PM UTC
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