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cabrona chingona. @j_luna98
RT @ajplus: This young black man says he was raped by French police in the street. #JusticePourTheo https://t.co/BQgt83RTOu
gon @Quentinrhd
RT @lesdeguns_off: J'suis de la street donc arrete de m'apeller Fraté !!! https://t.co/RDJzIMupxw
JdotRowbo @J_R_Rowbo
RT @LifeAsStoner: Cops be like "estimated street value is $25,000" https://t.co/lt36ope9jz
Remigio Galicia of Passaic, N.J., walks down a street where several businesses are closed: https://t.co/7UJ7nEt2EOhttps://t.co/Z11hi6JKs6
J🔫🎮 J-Gatt Gaming @J_Gatt74
RT @HolaniRahul: @pewdiepie @YouTube Most accurate reply to the wall street journal, yet. We atamd with you poods! 🙌 https://t.co/e77vbMiy1T
bklynExpress @Feng_Shui_J
RT @justwharton: got a awesome commission to paint M A K O T O from street fighter!!! https://t.co/vks8ta6GkL
Lili Horne @lilihorne
RT @jstreetdotorg: We are deeply concerned that President Trump & PM Netanyahu studiously avoided endorsing a two-state solution today. htt…
J Street U at FSU @JStreetUatFSU
RT @JeremyBenAmi: J Street supporters still waiting for Friedman apology.
M.D. @Meghatron24
RT @AASchapiro: Rubio attacks J Street—an org trying to help negotiate an end to the Israel/Pal issue—for inviting a Palestinian negotiator…
ProTrader Alan @ProTraderAlan
RT @mawilner: "Unreal" Friedman is being forced to atone for insulting J Street as "kapos," Rubio says, characterizing the group as one of…
木漏れ日 '17 @Milkiky_
RT @pinkumei: 133. À Osaka y'a plein de pti restos take-out de food street (okonomiyaki, yakisoba, takoyaki...). Voici celui où j'allais ds…
Ben Hartman @Benhartman
RT @nathanguttman: Did Lindsey Graham join J Street? says Israelis are not beyond criticism. "You can be pro-Israel and criticize its polic…
buki. @BukiWilliams
RT @HayesBrown: Cardin now listing all of the slams that Friedman has said about Obama, the Senate, J Street, etc in written form.
buki. @BukiWilliams
RT @HayesBrown: Murphy: different to me to apologize for what you said and changing your underlying opinion. Do you still think J Street ar…
J.J.Burke @mobileburke_j
RT @SpongebobKnackp: @Doctor_Derp1 but lowers your street cred by 50%
J🔫🎮 J-Gatt Gaming @J_Gatt74
RT @AltDelete13: Pewdiepie apologizes for 'Death To All Jews’ joke, slams Wall Street Journal: https://t.co/g1GGeboIKP https://t.co/u7dpb57…
(((JimAndrews518))) @JimAndrews518
RT @anonymiss8: J Street to Trump: One state is the problem, not a solution👥😡👉🏽👊🏽🤡 https://t.co/Fcs30tov1F
Nachshon Roth @nachshon_roth
RT @Abc11Ab: @nathanguttman If J Street are pro-Israel, how come they never say anything positive about Israel?
Angie Novotny @angie_novotny
RT @KCRATeSelle: Overturned big rig trailer slowing NB I-5 traffic approaching J street. @kcrajdunn @kcranews https://t.co/zBeMAt90kA
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