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Keith Olbermann @KeithOlbermann
Two hours ago you said they were the recipients of classified leaks. Pick ONE lie to cover-up your treason, Jackass… https://t.co/ZbbByTyQAV
Raymond @ComradeKawaii
RT @SteveStfler: I miss the jackass crew 😂 https://t.co/WZwJR0K1OF
Кристина Щербакова @pavelcohvi
RT @GuyCodes: I miss the jackass crew 😂 https://t.co/3eAjMhD3o1
caroles @candyistrendy
RT @Clepz_: My name is João Dória and this is JACKASS https://t.co/UmPLrbcxIz
Yvonne Omoruyi @zena9804
RT @mmpadellan: The insane jackass in the WH notorious for NEVER apologizing must stop seeking apologies for all the BS he's caused. #Thurs…
hstrey1 @hstrey1
RT @b_brauer97: Jeffrey Lord you ignorant bastard. White caucus? They already have one it's called the U.S. Congress, 87 percent white you…
Abhilash Tanna @Abhi_Tanna
RT @GabbbarSingh: 1. What a JackAss 2. But he is throwing himself to the press, can any Indian PM do that? https://t.co/xTTjpXnKzq
Patrick Jean Starck @starck_jean
RT @LivingBlueinRed: I was going to get on Twitter and point out that Trump is a jackass but I see he already did that earlier today. As yo…
Francisco @Fran__B_
RT @Messifilia: Hola soy Luis Enrique, y esto es Jackass. https://t.co/P67RVyCNrg
romance thirsty hoe @lunmione
RT @mercy_txt: hi i'm mercy and this is jackass *defends the point by myself*
Sharon Fritche @Amatonterias1
RT @YvetteNipar: @MMFlint I haven't really slept since this #jackass was "elected" :/
•Damian Aguila 👽 @DamianAguila12
RT @fedecourvoisier: Amor eterno a los malditos locos de jackass
gbroussard @Boss42Gb
RT @mkirkwmj: @jackschofield @extremecompute @realDonaldTrump popular vote don't count jackass! Our forefathers were smart by making the el…
Tommy Brown @JackSyit
RT @Woo_Debunker: #KenHam , ditch the 'just', you arrogant jackass. Humans are obviously animal. Also, haven't seen your hidey-seeky god. Y…
🕷🇯️🇲️_6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣🕷 @J_M_666
RT @Woo_Debunker: We STILL look like apes because we ARE apes, #KenHam And what's with your big "bring kids" push? Jackass. https://t.co/…
Neemaa ♨ A-ha ! @SanskariSwagger
RT @lissafair: Awww!!! That's so cute, sneaking onto my TL!!.. *Has Dwarves escort you back to your mommy & mutters "jackass!"...*
Red Devil @RedDevil1Ape
RT @Woo_Debunker: So you assert, #KenHam , but evidence points to the contrary. Jackass. https://t.co/MgxNUN1FgI
RT @ExecMoonbeam: I'm still shocked that people I would otherwise consider reasonable support this jackass and his entire parade of … https…
GreenRecyclingGurus @GreenTopDog
RT @moerwin: @MattBinder @JustinTrudeau took down jackass handshake #LikeABoss. He doesn't eat as directed like @ChrisChristie does, & rock…
ジャッカス @jackass_gt
RT @sourai93: @sys60424 これとか? https://t.co/VD7zdfh2mY
Enano @MatiiSchiavina
RT @sebapedersoli: Aguante jackass jajaj
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