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Wil Wheaton
The same people who pay for your stupid weekend golf trips while you cut funding for schools and hungry kids, you j… https://t.co/MSeH98BwrK
16 Apr, 06:56 PM UTC
hi i’m jesus christ and this is jackass *gets crucified*
16 Apr, 04:32 PM UTC
Thomas Q. Jones
@JackPosobiec Because BLM was created to speak out against police brutality you jackass. Did All Lives Matter speak out against Dylan Roof?🤔
16 Apr, 09:57 PM UTC
Emily of the State
Every time an alt-right jackass uses the term "SJW" it's a reminder that this all started from boys being mad about video games.
17 Apr, 01:33 AM UTC
Jim Hanson
100k+ killed by #ISIS beg to differ jackass https://t.co/BisaeSLs0G
17 Apr, 05:00 AM UTC
Janie, I Dont Miss🚩
Clinton assist. said Obama "Looked kind of like a jackass" #tcot #tlot #IdiotDems #P2 #Hillary #Obama44 #ObamaFail https://t.co/DEcvL8ne3d
17 Apr, 04:03 AM UTC
IkkI Racing始めたいと思います
招待する人が居れば招待してください友達が多くてめんどくさいです(^_^;) 材料の調達も有りますんで早めに参加表明してください
17 Apr, 02:49 AM UTC
Alejandra ❤
quien está viendo jackass 3 en film zone?
17 Apr, 06:02 AM UTC
Conservative News
Clinton communications director gets blunt … about that time Obama ‘looked kind of like a jackass’… https://t.co/Y0EulzdhS0
17 Apr, 05:36 AM UTC
Ilanna Sharon Mandel
@olgaNYC1211 As Kieth Olbermann says - he is President Jackass and Kushner is another liar and crook in this sham o… https://t.co/qGs8e0yMDa
16 Apr, 10:07 PM UTC
Green Fraud 🌎
Clinton assist. said Obama "Looked kind of like a jackass" #tcot #tlot #IdiotDems #P2 #Hillary #Obama44 #ObamaFail https://t.co/Yykwc0pqv3
17 Apr, 06:03 AM UTC
austin hanlon
Hi, I'm Austin and welcome to Jackass https://t.co/4fssWxR1SI
17 Apr, 06:13 AM UTC
Paul Rainwater
@CBSNews what a jackass we have running our country now
17 Apr, 05:46 AM UTC
Matthew Caverhill 🍴
@Brasspistol Yes. ALL DAY LONG. (I only have Peggy Carter punching that jackass jock in the First Avenger, so I h… https://t.co/0hP7DL3vDJ
17 Apr, 05:34 AM UTC
@DeplorableTNT @ForQ2 @realDonaldTrump @WarmNewt @lonepatrick Grownups can actually say Jackass, fool! But I suppos… https://t.co/QGHjKVjguo
17 Apr, 06:12 AM UTC
David S
@sltrib @DevolutionMan Oh yea, drop that jackass
17 Apr, 06:09 AM UTC
Tableofferings ™
nonchalance is the ability to look like an owl when you have acted like a jackass.
17 Apr, 06:00 AM UTC
No sé, no entiendo por qué me gusta tanto Jackass.
17 Apr, 05:59 AM UTC
@DrewMcGrathArt @latimes Canadians are strange entities! You R Canadian or am I a jackass?
17 Apr, 05:50 AM UTC
Edeline Brooks
#mature porn magazines jackass boys nude
17 Apr, 06:16 AM UTC
charles smith
@BIZPACReview Why not? He is a jackass!
17 Apr, 06:15 AM UTC
Milivoje Milivojevic
Supreme Jackass leader of Iran using bogus news peddled by Major Media outlets to foster Anti-American sentiment https://t.co/K8JArSMoTg
17 Apr, 06:15 AM UTC
@seiji_jackass え?首?w
17 Apr, 06:14 AM UTC
Ssvanti Scaleblood
and another jackass loses retweet privilege to my timeline, bye bye.
17 Apr, 06:14 AM UTC
@Rambobiggs welcome to the club...i figured i was blocked because of you anyway haha.. never interacted with the jackass
17 Apr, 06:11 AM UTC
Luna 🇺🇸
😏@wranglerforlife says a 9follower troll to a hero who fought for your right to be a dumb jackass to him Thank you @Johnny_Joey for serving
17 Apr, 06:10 AM UTC
XOXO, Lindsey 💖
@benshapiro is a bully and a jackass 🙄
17 Apr, 06:10 AM UTC
@Di_719 Yeah, don't try to explain to stupid ppl... you're not the jackass whisperer.
17 Apr, 06:08 AM UTC
to : the people driving at night i know u see my ass coming, so don't be a jackass & turn off ur GOD DAMN HIGHLIGHTS U DICK
17 Apr, 06:06 AM UTC
@Skrillexgaga an actual text I received from you. Jackass. https://t.co/QBL70MJeLt
17 Apr, 06:04 AM UTC
Jenny Bell
@GreenFraud 'he IS a Jackass ...what's new ?
17 Apr, 06:03 AM UTC
I'm laughing at him jackass shouldn't of leaned back lmao https://t.co/Up24w4QJK2
17 Apr, 06:03 AM UTC
学生セットの料金が新しくなりました。 一人1000円で何時間でも打ち放題!! https://t.co/TtYLM7bAtJ
17 Apr, 06:01 AM UTC
@SreenivasanJain When we last checked, you were also still a jackass. @TVMohandasPai
17 Apr, 05:59 AM UTC
@FIirtationship Stupid Jackass he needs arrested and killed in texas
17 Apr, 05:59 AM UTC
Rohman 💛
Acá estoy meada de la risa viendo Jackass 3😹😹😹😹😹
17 Apr, 05:58 AM UTC
Marcia Geotsalitis
#NotMyPresident is as Keith O video points out is a JACKASS💩 I agree it's always the 💰 To #donthecon a slithering… https://t.co/4FqT3X571l
17 Apr, 05:56 AM UTC
Anastasia Coleman
#french pornstar jackass naked
17 Apr, 05:56 AM UTC
Maggot Magnet
@JohnNada_ Most reasonable Trump supporters realize that he and Melania have an understanding. Why don't U just qu… https://t.co/U0eYDFsAQA
17 Apr, 05:55 AM UTC
ValeV 🐚🌸
Quiero unos amigos como los de jackass ✅
17 Apr, 05:55 AM UTC
Top lane feed
@iMarcLoL he also is a jackass that smell like shit that plays with his cock while playing his lvl 32 druid
17 Apr, 05:54 AM UTC
#Broken Alejo Vega
Yo bien pude participar en Jackass, mi vida universitaria ha sido una constante de golpes en las bolas (?).
17 Apr, 05:51 AM UTC
@CollinRugg what a jackass we live in an ass backward time
17 Apr, 05:50 AM UTC
Juan Galarza
@ItsAnguiano13 Hahaha you're a jackass 😂
17 Apr, 05:49 AM UTC
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