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Bridget Regan
Back on #JaneTheVirgin tonight like
24 Apr, 07:45 PM UTC
When you realize there's finally another new episode of #JaneTheVirgin tonight! Tune in at 9/8c on @TheCW! #ohemgee
24 Apr, 06:55 PM UTC
Jennie Urman
And... we are back! Tonight -- all new #JaneTheVirgin! Finally!
24 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
Agent Daynnah Scully
That moment when you remember that JANE THE VIRGIN IS FINALLY BACK TONIGHT #JaneTheVirgin @CWJaneTheVirgin
24 Apr, 09:58 PM UTC
Bridget Regan
Double the trouble TONIGHT on @CWJaneTheVirgin with the incredible @ElisabethRohm #JaneTheVirgin 💁🏼💁🏼
24 Apr, 07:46 PM UTC
Jane The Virgin
Inhala, exhala... #JaneTheVirgin returns NOW!
25 Apr, 01:00 AM UTC
Jaime Camil
Hey guys! We're back TONIGHT! #JaneTheVirgin 9pm|8c on @TheCW https://t.co/GQ5bGjxpUB
24 Apr, 06:45 PM UTC
Jane The Virgin
Who should Petra choose?? RT for Rafael, heart for Chuck! #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 01:30 AM UTC
Jane The Virgin
Fabian has Jane feeling some type of way... #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 01:15 AM UTC
Jane The Virgin
Thanks for watching #JaneTheVirgin tonight!
25 Apr, 01:59 AM UTC
Jane The Virgin
Go for it, Jane! 😜 #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 01:04 AM UTC
Andrea Navedo
Have a good night everyone! Thanks for watching ! 😘 #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 05:29 AM UTC
Thanks for tweeting with us East coast! You’re up next West coast. 🙌🙌  #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 01:59 AM UTC
Watch The Latest Episode Of #JanetheVirgin:S3,E16-'Chapter Sixty' On Amazon 30-Day Free --> https://t.co/GU9krdBWvBhttps://t.co/PoU6hKNS6w
25 Apr, 03:02 AM UTC
Thanks for tweeting with us! See you again next week! #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 04:59 AM UTC
25 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
Agent Daynnah Scully
Raise your hand if you would totally watch Rogelio's telanovela #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 01:08 AM UTC
Joseph Sanders
& more waterworks watching #janethevirgin @AndreaNavedo & @jaimecamil scene about Michael. Nice balance of touching & funny J & F scenes 😂👏🏻
25 Apr, 06:18 AM UTC
Joseph Sanders
Wow! Had some waterworks 2nite watching #janethevirgin @HereIsGina & @ivonne_coll scene reminded me of good ❤️ to ❤️ talks with my Grandma 😍
25 Apr, 06:13 AM UTC
Rae Kelsch
Am I the only one who likes Chuck? #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 01:30 AM UTC
Fabian is Rogelio 2.0,and just as sweet. #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 01:34 AM UTC
val 🥀
everytime michael is mentioned i start bawling he desereved better #janethevirgin
25 Apr, 07:08 AM UTC
J Fashion & Cosplay
#JaneTheVirgin , #PitinoGame , Matt Davidson , Justin Turner , #ConspiracySongs , #GSWvsPOR , Jose Calderon
25 Apr, 06:24 AM UTC
Honestly... Was rooting for rafael. Season 3 better look up #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 07:23 AM UTC
Rubén Darío Macías N
#TelemundoAndChill HAHAHAHAHA !!!! LMAO ! #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 07:14 AM UTC
[UPDATED] #JaneTheVirgin Season 3, Episode 17 Spoilers, Promo Revealed: Jane’s Date Surprises Her https://t.co/xTCuk5K27q
25 Apr, 07:10 AM UTC
Lolol that's ironic , Fabian tryna wait 😂 #JanetheVirgin
25 Apr, 05:04 AM UTC
Don't mind me just bawling my eyes out after the mention of Michael&Rogelio's #bromance 😭 #janethevirgin @Brettdier @HereIsGina @jaimecamil
25 Apr, 06:57 AM UTC
Edrie Ablola †
Next week on #JaneTheVirgin, the shoe's on the other foot. 😂😂😂 @HereIsGina @justinbaldoni
25 Apr, 06:44 AM UTC
내 심장!!
rogelio talking about how michael was his best friend and that he loves him and still thinks about him every day… https://t.co/3ZA9FnJsiy
25 Apr, 08:02 AM UTC
Lidia Hristova
Luisa is not gonna be happy about Rafael's plan tho #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 08:00 AM UTC
Lidia Hristova
Why is Luisa coming back? Is Rose gonna come too? #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 07:59 AM UTC
When u kinda know what happens on #JaneTheVirgin but u cant watch S3 becos u live in frighin Europe snd got to wait 1Year for S3 😩😩
25 Apr, 07:59 AM UTC
Lidia Hristova
Jane's getting published 😊#JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 07:58 AM UTC
Lidia Hristova
Or someone not so new 😉#JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 07:57 AM UTC
Lidia Hristova
I'm kinda excited to see Jane with someone new #JaneTheVirgin
25 Apr, 07:56 AM UTC
Lidia Hristova
#JaneTheVirgin is back onnnnnn
25 Apr, 07:56 AM UTC
#JaneTheVirgin 3x17: promo e trama dall'episodio "Chapter Sixty-One" https://t.co/HYsU4eG2Z5 https://t.co/0gKDLLx8vD
25 Apr, 07:55 AM UTC
I need Jane's "abuela" to learn how to speak English. Enough already! #janethevirgin
25 Apr, 07:49 AM UTC
Rubén Darío Macías N
Oh my god ... Mondays are the best ! when #JaneTheVirgin is on the air !!! !!! #blessed
25 Apr, 07:45 AM UTC
Bay Alden
Luisa you are boffing the murderer of your nephew's grandpa and step dad. No sad puppy eyes over limited contact.… https://t.co/WAZvy4hF5N
25 Apr, 07:39 AM UTC
Michael would do anything to make Raphael uncomfortable #janethevirgin
25 Apr, 07:19 AM UTC
Georgia 🎆
Are you shipping Jane and Fabian? 😻😻@HereIsGina @AndreaNavedo #JaneTheVirgin #Fane #Jabian
25 Apr, 07:15 AM UTC
Rubén Darío Macías N
Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken !!! #JaneTheVirgin https://t.co/blm5z1rsIz
25 Apr, 07:15 AM UTC
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