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Gizmodo @Gizmodo
The Star Wars canon has officially revealed the sad fate of Jar Jar Binks https://t.co/I3lXM5w0f0 https://t.co/hkD16M36Ag
Tyler™ @MisterNucka
RT @ManyATrueNerd: So Tony Blair, Jar Jar Binks and UKIP are all trending. I've decided not to read the news today.
Stanton Troupe @Stat_Troupe
RT @looper: #StarWars​ finally reveals Jar Jar Binks’ fate https://t.co/hr8uAF8nIC
Sean Arc @sean_doc16
RT @vulture: Jar Jar Binks lived out the rest of his life as a sad clown haunted by guilt, according to a new #StarWars novel https://t.co/…
kamina @Adriel_86
RT @Collider: TIL the fate of Jar Jar Binks as revealed in an upcoming canon #StarWars novel. No happy ending here https://t.co/0rdqkkGNOU
River @forestgabe
RT @TheAVClub: Jar Jar Binks to get the tragic, pathetic ending he deserves https://t.co/VOZFfYpidM https://t.co/Kr6ow5ejyt
Jose Carlos @josecarlosmtzJR
RT @screencrushnews: The new ‘Star Wars: Aftermath’ novel will resolve Jar Jar Binks’ fate: https://t.co/Lhkoek48Wr https://t.co/3LTRQIa8iG
Wil Ben Solo @BotanicGnome
RT @jovemnerdnews: Livro revela o destino de Jar Jar Binks em Star Wars https://t.co/ZMl8qMvInm https://t.co/9UhKXvnzAY
Pippa Roberts @HM2Xt9tjVGAeIDH
RT @TopStarWarsNews: Star Wars news: The SHOCKING fate of Jar Jar Binks is finally ... https://t.co/pTfKSW3VAR
Chase Chancellor @chase_116
RT @GeekTyrant: Jar Jar Binks' Depressing Fate Revealed in the New STAR WARS Canon https://t.co/LSOXQcWel8 https://t.co/cPe5LQlGnb
March on Washington @MarchonDC74
RT @movietvtechgeek: Latest: ‘Star Wars’ Novel Reveals Official Fate of Jar Jar Binks https://t.co/sqYnjxJsNr #Movie #MovieTVTechGeeks htt…
Andrés Paredes @fabber
RT @SoyAlPacine: El nuevo libro canónico de #StarWars revela que JAR JAR BINKS acabó como un payaso callejero odiado por la gente. ¡Lo just…
carlos_f_s_p @carlos_f_s_p
RT @futurofm: Nuevo libro de "Star Wars" revela qué fue lo que pasó con Jar Jar Binks. Detalles en Futuro.cl https://t.co/9W5XL7G02B https:…
shadow of universe @littletinywolf
RT @IGNFRA: Jar Jar Binks de retour dans l'univers Star Wars https://t.co/RbsJ9uoNPx https://t.co/6KJxAaByEK
fernando @reykameha
RT @Gamedots: Por fin se revelan qué le pasó a Jar Jar Binks oficialmente https://t.co/GszTSlBBA7 https://t.co/1pid8q13v6
Mariano Cortes @cortesvideo
RT @movieweb: Jar Jar Binks' Ultimate Fate Revealed in New Star Wars Book https://t.co/Zx8bIAO2JD #StarWars https://t.co/2097QdbVuA
Milla Q @Twittterina
RT @primeralluvia: OMG... Too much >Revelan que Jar Jar Binks lo pasó mal tras las precuelas https://t.co/aG1ydsl5Tp vía @Mouse_cl
Chris Allen @chrisallenshow
RT @YOdotTV: The fate of Jar Jar Binks has finally been revealed. https://t.co/CSpRvICmNz
The Jet Press @TheJetPress
RT @FanSided: Whatever happened to Jar Jar Binks? New Star Wars novel reveals all! https://t.co/Rd4HheQpoo
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