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Barbara W @chase0724
RT @DenbrotS: Jeffrey Lord is on CNN. Says The People have no interest in Trump's Tax Returns.RETWEET if U believe The People will say othe…
Raw Story @RawStory
WATCH: Robert Reich slams Jeffrey Lord for saying Trump’s potential ties to Russia are not ‘a big deal’…
Marion V Winall @mvwinall
RT @kurteichenwald: When Jeffrey Lord defends Trump's comment comparing America to Russia in its murderousness, time to recognize he will d…
Creature Of Habit @x_xLuckyHit
RT @girlsreallyrule: Dear @CNN, Jeffrey Lord on your network SERIOUSLY undermines your credibility. Thank you. #CNN
Daniel Martin @solmartpropert1
RT @bocavista2016: JIM ACOSTA Running back to #CNN after #Trump called him #VeryFakeNews be like... #TrumpNewsConference @realDonaldTrump
Rogue buddha @kaleidescopenow
RT @thescarlettkate: Trump could be caught on tape eating a live puppy and Jeffrey Lord would say it's his way of shining a light on animal…
Leslie @Ranthruredlight
RT @PoliticalEmilia: Dear Jeffrey Lord, The tax returns are a big deal. The connections with Russia are a big deal. Sincerely, America
Dre Day @jusdreday
RT @keithboykin: This is where Jeffrey Lord compares the Congressional Black Caucus to David Duke setting up a white caucus.…
Bonnie Oliver @BonnieKOliver
RT @peterdaou: Sincere question: What value does Jeffrey Lord bring to @CNN?
elle jay the law @liveloveLAW_
RT @AC360: Jeffrey Lord: "I don't think there should be any caucuses in the House of Representatives that are divided by race"…
Fabiola Ferguson @fabiollous
RT @eileendefreest: If "Jeffrey Lord" is on your side, everything is wrong with your side.
kim @kim77187056
RT @activist360: Dear Jeffrey Lord, Pls delete yourself. No, not from Twitter, but from your current incarnation as a glorified colorectal…
Lady4Yeshua @Lady4Yeshua
RT @LM50192266: #TrumpPressConference East Room of the White House Did Trump Chuck Todd Acosta Jeffrey Lord
#NotMyPresident @iRhysTay
RT @mmpadellan: .@CNN, despite @jaketapper rediscovering his balls, the mere risk of seeing/hearing Jeffrey Lord on ur network keeps us awa…
Mr Burlesk @mrburlesk
RT @yashar: Jeffrey Lord: There shouldn't be a Cong Black Caucus anymore, imagine if David Duke tried to start a white caucus.…
Dre Day @jusdreday
RT @yashar: Jeffrey Lord on CNN: There shouldn't be a Cong Black Caucus anymore. Imagine if David Duke came to Congress and setup a white c…
Rogue buddha @kaleidescopenow
RT @TrumanQuest: Jeffrey Lord said "No one cares" that Conway is shilling for Ivanka. Wrong. Millions Care. White House is NOT a Trump fami…
Bela❤️Canada @Ana_Bela1974
RT @vidalexperience: Jeffrey Lord is a racist. Donald Trump cannot govern himself. We The People DEMAND JUSTICE. #CNN…
Lori Anderson @lorianderson444
RT @NE1Cattywhompus: Ok now I am completely disgusted with Jeffrey Lord. @andersoncooper @CNN please stop bringing him on. He does not live…
Terry McCarty @TVMCCA
RT @RawStory: Stunned Anderson Cooper hammers Jeffrey Lord: Can Trump do anything ‘that you would ever criticize?’
yo @TheMSeries1
RT @scottEweinberg: The irony that Jeffrey Lord will never understand is that we need the Congressional Black Caucus precisely because of p…
Lori Anderson @lorianderson444
Mr Burlesk @mrburlesk
RT @NicoleKowalski5: Jeffrey Lord compares the KKK **pause, shakes head, pours a drink** the KKK (!) **sigh** to the Congressional Black Ca…
Lori Anderson @lorianderson444
RT @nemofeb: #TrumpPressConference Jeffrey Lord is dangerous for the nation. He downplays Trumps dangerousness and idiocy
Monica Coronado @1979monica
RT @ZaibatsuNews: Stunned Anderson Cooper hammers Jeffrey Lord: Can Trump do anything ‘that you would ever criticize?’…
Rogue buddha @kaleidescopenow
RT @R_Singer1: @cnn Jeffrey Lord lives in the Past. Can someone explain why he is on your show? Trump is no Ronald Reagan @ReaganWorld ht…
Lori Anderson @lorianderson444
RT @ForQ2: Fuck jeffrey lord why does @CNN give him airtime? It's an insult to our intelligence! @wolfblitzer @jaketapper
Lori Anderson @lorianderson444
RT @masg66: Why, Why,Why do you have crazy Jeffrey Lord? @wolfblitzer @CNN
Lori Anderson @lorianderson444
RT @SOShaughnessy7: #CNN Stop rolling out that disgusting POS Jeffrey Lord @CNN #jeffreylord #TrumpPressConference
Dre Day @jusdreday
RT @fivefifths: Jeffrey Lord has never trended or made news for saying a smart thing
Karen Fulton @KarenFu53174201
RT @LampersMichael: And now, for a uniquely fucked up and wrong look at this, let's go to Jeffrey Lord.
Cynthia Gail Hamilto @gail_hamilto
RT @rljart: @AC360 @CNN Jeffrey Lord is the literal worst. Why do you keep putting him on air????
Suzanne Hedderly @TweetyPAK
RT @ecook25: @andersoncooper Pls ask Jeffrey Lord if a well oiled machine loses 6 staffers b/c they failed background checks!…
Karen Fulton @KarenFu53174201
RT @P_Nixx: CNN: every time you put Jeffrey Lord on the air, an angel commits suicide.
Carol Goodwin @CarolGo18658081
RT @muehsam_marilyn: @JuddLegum Van Jones & Anna Navarro balance out the nonsense spewed by Jeffrey Lord and Kayleigh McAniny (sp). Hope CN…
Rogue buddha @kaleidescopenow
RT @maggiekoperniak: #cnn I CARE Jeffrey Lord ! Totally INAPPROPRIATE for a WH advisor to tout buying pres daughter's merchandise . It's a…
New Life Group @newlifeexecs
RT @crewislife: RT @rawstory: Stunned Anderson Cooper hammers Jeffrey Lord: Can Trump do anything ‘that you would ever criticize?’ https://…
🇺🇸 Don Mathews @dbmathews
RT @thejoshuablog: Via @RawStory: Stunned Anderson Cooper hammers Jeffrey Lord: Can Trump do anything ‘that you would ever……
Agent Snake Oiler @snakeoiler1977
RT @snakeoiler1977: @vdare these guys wouldn't know a shitlord from Jeffrey Lord.
Bleeding💙Liberal GA @Momof15
RT @verbal_gymnast: The only false news from CNN comes out of Jeffrey Lord's blaspheming tool of a mouth. #CNN #LordOfTheLies
eljon williams @eljon_williams
RT @jukeknox: @AC360 I get showing both sides, but Jeffrey Lord comparing the CBC to the KKK falls on your shoulders. He's an idiot that yo…
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