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Jerry Crasnick @jcrasnick
Jerry Dipoto isn't done yet. He's working on another deal that could include Mallex Smith, the OF he just acquired from the #Braves.
Adam Fugate @Mafoogley
RT @CespedesBBQ: Being in the same fantasy football league as Jerry Dipoto is exhausting:
Evan Epstein @evanepstein14
RT @Mariners: #Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto on the acquisition of starter @SmylyD.
Zonino @joshyto
RT @jaysonst: Jerry DiPoto's deal for Drew Smyly is his 11th trade of this offseason. He's been personally responsible for 32 players chang…
Kevin Sullivan @lastraw1
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Another @Mariners trade! Jerry Dipoto has now made 36 trades since taking over as GM, including…
Sean Kernick @djradar
RT @RyanDivish: Jerry Dipoto on if the roster is set: "You might not hear from us again." Yeah, right.
Sean Kernick @djradar
RT @BNightengale: And that is 11 trades in two months for #Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto
Taylor Fahrenkrug @TayFahrenkrug
RT @Mariners: #Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto on the acquisition of Shae Simmons and Mallex Smith.
Brandon Garcia @Brand0_
RT @MLBONFOX: 11. Eleven trades for the #Mariners this offseason! GM Jerry Dipoto = @djkhaled
Pastor Ryan @rjwood75
RT @CespedesBBQ: next offseason Jerry Dipoto will star in a one-man show in Las Vegas in which he makes trades while riding a unicycle and…
Kellan Keesler @KillianKeeblah
RT @jareddiamond: Life goal: Find someone who looks at you the way Jerry Dipoto looks at trade offers in his Gmail account.
Jordon Crewse @JordonCrewse29
RT @TNT_Mariners: After today's trades, #Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto says this is the team. Any further moves will be for minor-leaguers or ba…
12th Dan @SeahawksForever
RT @ProspectInsider: Jerry Dipoto and crew handled this offseason about as well as one could expect. Could not agree with the approach more.
Chris @SeaHawkin36
RT @JimBowden_ESPN: Mariners GM Jerry DiPoto makes his 10th and 11th trades of this off-season, with the last one his best one when... http…
Charles @chasmcelroy
RT @bigleaguestew: For his next trick, @mariners GM Jerry Dipoto will start with a Ken Griffey Jr. bobblehead and after six deals will have…
Louie Raya @louieraya
RT @TaylorBlakeWard: Jerry Dipoto has made 11 trades since Nov. 1, 37 total in his 472 days as #Mariners GM, swapping a total of 89 differe…
David Edwards @dedwards016
RT @NathanHBishop: Jerry Dipoto needs and deserves 3-5 years to build this org how he wants. But this fanbase is crying for miracles. I wor…
Coughouse @Coughouse
RT @alexSSN: It kind of seems like Jerry Dipoto is making trades just to make trades now. Someone get him a hobby.
Bonus Baseball @BBaseballCast
RT @AndersJorstad: So my theory is that Jerry Dipoto got Pokemon Sun & Moon in December and couldn't put it down until he beat it and that'…
Joe @JosephVrabec
RT @LouDiPietroYES: Anyone who is wondering why Cashman won't deplete the farm for Quintana et al, Jerry DiPoto has a seminar for you.
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