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Leon Lidigu
If @MikeSonko wins #JubileePrimaries ,he will become the next governor of Nairobi County .Mark this tweet .
21 Apr, 04:53 AM UTC
Phelix G-Cord
Rift Valley; Finally we get to see tyre burning & smoke similar to those of PEV courtesy of #JubileePrimarieshttps://t.co/FDmpYsljQH
21 Apr, 08:06 AM UTC
The Standard Digital
#JubileePrimaries Machetes (pangas), clubs (rungus) intercepted in Moses Kuria's constituency ahead of nominations… https://t.co/TLQoitV3e7
21 Apr, 11:10 AM UTC
Wanjikũ Revolution™
Is there nothing @IEBCKenya can do about this? 👇 #CitizensPower #JubileePrimaries #JubileeEliminations #UshenziKE!!!
21 Apr, 12:23 PM UTC
Captain Machuks™
One image, two different stories. Media is nowadays lacking truth. Half-baked journalists trying to tarnish… https://t.co/irS5wMiT2U
21 Apr, 01:27 PM UTC
Lord Abraham Mutai
Buzeki should never win in Eldoret. Ruto will use him, same way he is using Tunai of Narok to siphon funds out of Eldoret #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 06:11 AM UTC
Leon Lidigu
People invested so much money and energy harassing @HassanAliJoho and forgot to prepare for primaries #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 12:07 PM UTC
Lord Silvance ™
BREAKING! Riots in Eld over DP Ruto's plan to rig out Gov Mandago his long term friend& confidant #JubileePrimarieshttps://t.co/wNFOubMF3p
21 Apr, 09:46 AM UTC
Lord Silvance ™
How did these guys trust Raphael Tuju with #JubileePrimaries when he couldn't even satisfy his wife in bed awuoro… https://t.co/EaH8uoNTYa
21 Apr, 12:49 PM UTC
Charles Mark Dienya
JUBILEE conducting ELIMINATIONS, ABDUCTION & SELECTIONS instead of NOMINATIONS #JubileePrimaries #JubileeEliminations #ThankYouTuju
21 Apr, 09:56 AM UTC
Natembea Ngutuku
Jubilee party printed more t-shirts than ballot papers,this is ridiculous! #JubileePrimaries @MuthuiMkenya @Asamoh_
21 Apr, 09:17 AM UTC
Nairobi imekua tricky...ukisimama stage for long,unajipata umewekwa poster ya mike sonko kwa mgongo #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 10:27 AM UTC
Muthui Mkenya
Why can't Jubilee get ballot papers from the Portal? #JubileePrimaries #CitizensPower
21 Apr, 01:35 PM UTC
ben gitau
Jubilee gave us High expectations. But all comes down to Zero Zero Everywhere Uasin Gishu Governor Mandago #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 07:25 AM UTC
Daniel Ngetich
"Jubilee will conduct free, fair and credible nominations" ~ Chinese proverb #JubileePrimaries #JubileeNominations #JubileeEliminations
21 Apr, 01:41 PM UTC
Naitwa Kiky
Peaceful Jubilee Nominations going on Countrywide , #JubileePrimaries #Decision2017 https://t.co/iIcOG1dZsH
21 Apr, 01:37 PM UTC
36 bloggers are Mute over Jubilee chaos #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 06:05 AM UTC
Leon Lidigu
Anne-believable ! Madam Waiguru is struggling for a nomination slot and complaining like everyone else #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 01:59 PM UTC
Kudos KDF SOLDIERS for killing 52 Al-Shabaab in Somalia but don't distract us from #JubileePrimaries by using Badhaadhe
21 Apr, 01:14 PM UTC
Amakanji Thomas
#JubileePrimaries whether Uasin Gishu Mandago goes to the moon n back Buzeki is the next Governor
21 Apr, 07:29 AM UTC
#JubileePrimaries Now over sudden they hv realised Tuju is a luo n they r sayin he is a NASA mole #JubileeNominations #JubileeEliminations
21 Apr, 10:45 AM UTC
I take responsibility for the failure~ Raphael Tuju #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 01:29 PM UTC
Citizen TV Kenya
Tuju: I take a certain amount of responsibility since this has happened under my watch #JubileePrimarieshttps://t.co/ZWhNcm2n8W
21 Apr, 01:24 PM UTC
How is Anne Waiguru fairing on in the #JubileePrimaries in Kirinyaga County? Can Mutahi Ngunyi give us some updates!!!
21 Apr, 10:01 AM UTC
Anne Waiguru storms polling centre alleging rigging, ballot papers destroyed #JubileePrimaries -https://t.co/WArmBqRtjm
21 Apr, 01:58 PM UTC
"BREAKING NEWS"! Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto tells off Mandago, says "Now he is sweating" #JubileePrimaries Tuju kazi… https://t.co/Qv7WJHeFbS
21 Apr, 01:56 PM UTC
#JubileePrimaries too much rigging in Kiambu by Kabogo as all residents who applied Biashara fund have found they have voted for Kabogo
21 Apr, 02:08 PM UTC
Lord Abraham Mutai
Anne Waiguru, has stormed a poling center, alleging polls have been rigged against her #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 02:12 PM UTC
#JubileePrimaries i thought jubilee will be the great than NASA why i see now all is the same #falsestarthttps://t.co/AmcJzFvjLg
21 Apr, 01:49 PM UTC
Narok, Kajiado, Kericho, Bomet, Baringo, Elgeyo-Marakwet, Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Embu, Nakuru & Trans Nzoia… https://t.co/J7uXUVYkpO
21 Apr, 01:21 PM UTC
Youth burn ballot papers in Nakuru after Jubilee cancels primaries. #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 01:44 PM UTC
Jubilee primaries have gone so bad they had to cancel them. We are not ready for elections. #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 01:30 PM UTC
K24 TV
Raphael Tuju : Tunaomba radhi kwa niaba ya chama.Makosa hufanyika.#JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
Naitwa Kiky
South Rift says no to Jubilee . #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 09:14 AM UTC
Hon. @RaphaelTuju_ addressing leaders and wananchi from Kajiado county on #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 02:16 PM UTC
Crowds at Jubilee House hapo Pangani, is Tuju hiding in there? #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 02:12 PM UTC
It is not the best aspirants going to win, it is the best thief. #JubileePrimaries #Baringo
21 Apr, 02:05 PM UTC
Joyce Mmaitsi
While we're at it, have the "disappeared" been located? #JubileeParty #JubileePrimaries #ODMprimaries @ElaMMK
21 Apr, 01:50 PM UTC
Edwin Mutinda 🇰🇪
#JubileePrimaries ...at this rate there will be a shortage of exercise books when schools reopen for term two
21 Apr, 02:10 PM UTC
Citizen TV Kenya
Zambia court to rule on opposition leader’s treason case next week https://t.co/AZu6JqKF0I #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
Gazeti la Taifa Leo
#JubileePrimaries #MchujoJubilee 3.51PM Wapiga kura waandamana katika kituo cha Kaguru, Imenti Kusini. Upigaji kur… https://t.co/XT1cmNrhjy
21 Apr, 02:14 PM UTC
K24 TV
Raphael Tuju: Nawahakikishia hakutakuwa na mapendeleo yoyote katika chaguzi za kaunti ya Kajiado #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 02:14 PM UTC
Apöllö II Käbey
I'm afraid if @IEBCKenya will not conduct a free & fair election we might experience the same chaos that's happening now #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 02:17 PM UTC
At this rate #JubileePrimaries should have waited until Monday so all Muslims could participate
21 Apr, 02:17 PM UTC
Collins Java
2 die in Uasin Gishu #JubileePrimaries. Peaceful primaries indeed.
21 Apr, 02:16 PM UTC
Jeffrey Omolo
#JubileePrimaries The process of nominations is so infiltrated.Postponing by even a week won't solve these anomalies
21 Apr, 02:16 PM UTC
✘Julioh Julioh✘
All what we have seen Was expected No changing your party Lazima ungangane pale Fight to the end… https://t.co/lC2Cq3sp4G
21 Apr, 02:16 PM UTC
Gazeti la Taifa Leo
#JubileePrimaries #MchujoJubilee 4.02PM Maandamano yachacha katika kituo cha Kaguru, Imenti Kusini https://t.co/q7uKNHERNr
21 Apr, 02:16 PM UTC
Jimmy omasete
Titanic tussle asJubilee heavyweights Kabogo, Waititu meet at the ballot https://t.co/7atgH7CHXx #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 02:16 PM UTC
#JubileePrimaries Kiambu primaries also needs to be postponed there are nothing going on just rigging
21 Apr, 02:16 PM UTC
Did @JubileePartyK tell us how they were going to teach @TheODMparty how to conduct primaries? 11 Cancelled??? #Unmasked #JubileePrimaries
21 Apr, 02:16 PM UTC
Eric Gichane
#JubileePrimaries Chaos galore at #Kimuchu polling station Thika, No more Ballot papers and less than 1K has voted
21 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
24 months warranty on Samsung and 13 on Tecno and Infinix. Welcome All #JubileePrimaries https://t.co/MHbjCcl2kk
21 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
Ibrahim Africa Law
#JubileePrimaries With president STRONG warning, jubilee primaries is married a lot hiccups and frustrations more than ODm. @HonAdenDuale
21 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
Shots fired at youth burning ballot papers in Nanyuki https://t.co/XG1HlYNWBm #JubileePrimaries by #TheStarKenya vi… https://t.co/RoZZAXqg4l
21 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
Wycliffe Muia
I take responsibility for the #Jubileeprimaries failures. ~ Raphael Tuju
21 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
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