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Okayplayer @okayplayer
BREAKING: Ohio Players founder, Junie Morrison, dead at 62. https://t.co/6anXgwh7Sh https://t.co/nh2dR6MCS6
Da2G @Datsuji
RT @stonesthrow: We lost one of our funk heroes Walter "Junie" Morrison. Some words from @DaMFunK https://t.co/c9nqiMxTD9 https://t.co/Gw3E…
Eddie Conard @jazsolmusic
RT @ChakaKhan: Rest in power @JunieMorrison, my pioneering brother in Funk. https://t.co/eJooZGZ7aZ
Polly Irungu @pollyirungu
RT @thefader: Junie Morrison on what it meant to inspire a song on @solangeknowles's A Seat At The Table. https://t.co/O0BGafHKX3 https://t…
Elaine Barber @Lainey_Classy
RT @Passionweiss: RIP Junie Morrison. A funk visionary on par with James Brown, Sly, George Clinton, Prince or the bass and drums itself.
☭ nemo ☭ @BettysRoom
RT @pitchfork: Ohio Players member and funk musician Walter “Junie” Morrison has died https://t.co/s0QyOFTlmb
Cartoons and Cereal @BlckBolex
RT @coslive: Walter “Junie” Morrison, member of The Ohio Players and musical director for Parliament-Funkadelic, has died: https://t.co/xMQ…
Elaine Barber @Lainey_Classy
RT @DaMFunK: We spoke often. Walter "Junie" Morrison's daughter Akasha called me with the news of his passing. His passing was private, jus…
Splicer 313 @lmurry1970
RT @Passionweiss: Prince, Junie Morrison and Bernie Worrell in a one year span. Wow. Protect George Clinton at all costs.
O @Oluwaht
RT @SaintHeron: Join us today as we remember the life of Funk King Walter "Junie" Morrison: https://t.co/ykSLcRzy5I https://t.co/Mm3KCeBBeC
. @Herrr_tho
RT @JamilTheFirst: RIP junie morrison aka the man responsible for a little thing called the greatest song of all time https://t.co/RcvyURpu…
⚡️TBlair2112⚡️ @Tlmkblair
RT @IAMTONYNEAL: https://t.co/smN8FZ1x0M <--- RIP Mr Junie Morrison
Bee•Jon @Bfranklins
RT @stereogum: R.I.P. Walter "Junie” Morrison, the legendary funk musician known for his work with the Ohio Players and P-Funk https://t.co…
TheSistah @TheSistah
RT @billboardbiz: Ohio Players Keyboardist and Producer Walter 'Junie' Morrison Dies https://t.co/RMGHCfwO0n
Vesper @VesperArnett
RT @thisisjohnbook: Junie Morrison was the Ohio Players' granny and responsible for one of the most sampled songs in hip-hop. https://t.co/…
Minoru Zappa @Minoru_Zappa
RT @UltClassicRock: R.I.P. Junie Morrison. Details here: https://t.co/tiSEGLRvDO https://t.co/8FttMMWvwX
Amerigo Gazaway @amerigo615
RT @okayplayer: As we mourn the loss of Junie Morrison, we also celebrate the influence he had on Hip-Hop and beyond https://t.co/vYKQfbTBB…
Eugene W @eugene_warmoth
RT @StCyrlyMe2: #OhioPlayers ⚡️ “Funk legend Walter 'Junie' Morrison has died” https://t.co/G1myQn08Ql
Brian Daniel @BrianWithCheese
RT @KyleJBaker: ⚡️ “Funk legend Walter 'Junie' Morrison has died” https://t.co/L5JQdmU3b7
But Her Emails 🙄 @PeanutbuttaLegz
RT @eccentrixbreeze: Ohio Players Founder, Walter 'Junie' Morrison, Dead At 62 https://t.co/VrNkY9Ssed
LiNCOLN PARK @linc0lnpark
RT @jones410: ⚡️ “Funk legend Walter 'Junie' Morrison has died” https://t.co/B2RdUuVtt0
Richard Deal @RichardDeal7
RT @rockstarhats: Junie Morrison, Parliament-Funkadelic and Ohio Players Member, Dead at 62 #music https://t.co/QNaO6lnC6e
TONY MORANO @antonypisa
RT @Bangoura1: ⚡️ “Funk legend Walter 'Junie' Morrison has died” https://t.co/MOCdGrjX5x
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