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Last Week Tonight
Feel more joy by editing a this zebra into any footage you want! Use the hashtag #JustAddZebras, please!… https://t.co/FZ1gSSCvFs
20 Mar, 03:30 AM UTC
Time for the ConMander-In-Chief to be demoted to just CON. Also, a zebra. #LastWeekTonight #JustAddZebrashttps://t.co/QB5q9T42TH
20 Mar, 05:10 AM UTC
Fatih Yanik
You know what Uranium is right? #justaddzebras
20 Mar, 04:47 AM UTC
Caption: Zebra mocks douchebag, awkwardly-posed in the woods. #LastWeekTonight #JustAddZebras #mondaymotivation
20 Mar, 05:19 AM UTC
Eduardo De Grado
#justaddzebras I just learnt to use green screen. I think I made a cool video
20 Mar, 07:11 AM UTC
Maysa-Maria Peterson
#TrafficZebra got me thru the inauguration. @LastWeekTonight #justaddzebras - it's like valium... Or Zen breathi… https://t.co/P72G3uzwaS
20 Mar, 03:34 AM UTC
Don Allen III
Zebra makes Trump appears to ignore requests for a handshake with Angela Merkel #JustAddZebras
20 Mar, 07:06 AM UTC
Kara Leavitt
Every week I am more grateful for John Oliver and his bizarre methods of making us all feel better. #justaddzebras is BRILLIANT and it works
20 Mar, 05:17 AM UTC
@realDonaldTrump Please stop, just like the zebra behind you told everybody when you where sworn in #justaddzebras
20 Mar, 11:33 AM UTC
Juncia Avilés
John Oliver, el genio, ataca de nuevo. #JustAddZebras https://t.co/VHyLBngEtl
20 Mar, 05:26 AM UTC
Amy Cotton
#JustAddZebras to the entire week that Congress has in store for us. #StopGorsuch #ACARepeal #RussiaHearings
20 Mar, 03:56 AM UTC
Las zebras de John Oliver. Genialidad absoluta y muchas risas. #justaddzebras https://t.co/LCcJdzFiic
20 Mar, 10:57 AM UTC
Caroline H
If anyone needs a pick me up today, just search #justaddzebras because John Oliver makes everything better.
20 Mar, 11:53 AM UTC
Sara Spector
If we incarcerate black and white animals together who needs state department? #JustAddZebras
20 Mar, 09:00 AM UTC
#Trump #justaddzebras - Much, much better!
20 Mar, 11:46 AM UTC
The Cake is a Lie! 
@LastWeekTonight #JustAddZebras I can't wait to see what ppl come up with. next weeks show is gonna be so funny 😏
20 Mar, 11:57 AM UTC
The Monocled Kitty
How about brightening it up with #justaddzebras 🤣 https://t.co/eUkpENO95V
20 Mar, 11:57 AM UTC
If anyone needs a pick me up today, just search #justaddzebras because John Oliver makes everything better.
20 Mar, 11:53 AM UTC
Malcolm Flynn
John Oliver's Weird Trump-Crashing Zebra Is The New Meme You'll See Everywhere - The Huffington Post #justaddzebras https://t.co/GO7OgXZcwS
20 Mar, 11:52 AM UTC
The Monocled Kitty
So much better now! #justaddzebras Thanks John Oliver https://t.co/kvy0BbUEKb
20 Mar, 11:52 AM UTC
Zack Smith
When you can't go outside for recess due to sandstorm...#JustAddZebras https://t.co/TWkH7fqYMA music by @swimful
20 Mar, 11:50 AM UTC
Wee Ming
We all need more zebras in our life #justaddzebras
20 Mar, 11:48 AM UTC
Benjamin Slyngstad
Love the #justaddzebras segment @LastWeekTonight @iamjohnoliver @HBO Zebras make my cartoon infinitely better. Am… https://t.co/ilNTNvPc9G
20 Mar, 11:47 AM UTC
I vote @PressSec wears a zebra head to the next press briefing!! #JustAddZebras (21:28) https://t.co/EiKK8Lkids
20 Mar, 11:45 AM UTC
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