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Maria Fernanda @Mari_Kepner
RT @whosblair: ''como explicar pro meu filho 2 mulheres se beijando?'' filho sao duas mulheres se beijando
Greys Anatomy @GreysABC
Oh, Kepner. 😂 #GreysAnatomy
honey hails @Haileeyredzz
RT @jakemiller467: When Kepner says she is better than Grey🙄 #GreysAnatomy
DannyDaily @Pnky_
RT @jasjanae: Kepner forgot to check an airway. Kepner failed her boards. Kepner will fail at being Chief of General Surgery. #GreysAnatom…
Darlene ♥ @darleneblue
RT @heathbar2: All these mind games are getting patients killed. Minnick and Kepner need to go. So serious. #greysanatomy #TGIT
🥀Queen Wiℓℓe🥀 @_StepYaPrettyUp
RT @michaela_rose17: I literally just need Mer to come back. I can not stand Minnick and Kepner. I need Mer to put the GREY back in this sh…
i❤TV Tweets @iHeartTvTweets
RT @caramelkaihart: Kepner: "I'm dr grey now" #GreysAnatomy
callie @aprilkkepner
RT @calliepwtorres: april kepner eu te venero SE ALGUÉM TE ATACAR EU VOU DAR UMA VOADORA
#comehomeAmelia💘 @omelia_is_life_
josiah gooch 😛 @josiahgooch2
RT @_annuhhh: April Kepner and Dr. Minick can go on somewhere else.🙄 #GreysAnatomy
josiah gooch 😛 @josiahgooch2
RT @jess_hepner: Derek Shepherd, Lexie Grey, Mark Sloan, and George O'Malley are dead but April Kepner isn't
josiah gooch 😛 @josiahgooch2
RT @AnatomyMer93: April Kepner is not nicer than Meredith Grey. Meredith Grey is the heart of Grey Sloan. Who's name is on the hospital? #G…
❁stoned down south❁ @Stonedwifeyy
RT @LipstickLust_: I'm so tired of Kepner and Minnick #GreysAnatomy
Jacqui @L0VERGiRL_
RT @ssteffieeee: I hope Kepner quits and never comes back on the show again
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