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(((James Urbaniak))) @JamesUrbaniak
If Kid Rock runs as Republican Senator from Michigan Eminem should run against him as a Democrat and the debates should be freestyle.
rico 🤙🏼 @FVCKRlCO
RT @dubstep4dads: oh, u like kid rock? name 3 times you've fought your step dad, poser
Dark Lyricist @TheDarkLyricist
RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: Kid Rock Eyed as Potential Senate Candidate...
cphily4u @cphily4u
RT @KidRock2018: Kid Rock for Senate? You Bet Your Ass! Follow us @KidRock2018 & #RETWEET & Join us @ to help us ge… @kaltkrieger
RT @michaelkeyes: Michigan GOP: Kid Rock 'would be awesome' as a Senate candidate
Karlton D. Kinley @KarltonDKinley
RT @TheAVClub: Kid Rock could run for Senator because why not, nothing matters anymore
Eric Horning @EricHorning2
RT @DailyCaller: Kid Rock For US Senate In 2018?
Lex @Lexrae_
RT @BRANDONWARDELL: kid rock will run for senate kid rock will win in a landslide ur gonna joke about it until it really happens n then be…
Some Schmuck @scabbyscribe56
RT @ByYourLogic: Eminem would win a senate race against Kid Rock insanely easily and I'm not kidding
Cathrin Ⓥ @cathrin446
RT @cmclymer: 19/ These white men love the idea of Kid Rock running for office because they see themselves in him: uneducated, disengaged,…
William Buchanan @willbuchanan197
RT @Bikers4Liberty: Kid Rock for Senate? You Bet Your Ass! Follow @KidRock2018 & #RETWEET Join us @ to help us get…
W̶E̶ @rkmylifexo
RT @SpeedleDum: Kid Rock hat gesagt, dass er es sich vorstellen kann Senator zu werden. Er hat aber auch Bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy di…
McDude @MarkCox79050557
RT @MarkCox79050557: Maybe with a little luck we can talk Kid Rock into running for governor of California! I would vote for him in a heart…
Ben @The_Most_Swood
RT @MetalHammer: Kid Rock is being considered as Republican candidate for US senate:
Easily Distracted @Manny_Barajazz
RT @IamEveryDayPpl: I don't hate Kid Rock... I just prefer him in my playlist rather than the senate. WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?
Niki Kelley @AJDGNK17
RT @true_pundit: Kid Rock For US Senate In 2018? #TruePundit
Lori Williams @dogs16lw
RT @KidKidrock3110: Tune in tonight to catch Kid Rock’s sit down with Dan Rather for ‘The Big Interview' on AXS TV.
Shelby @Shelbyyylain
RT @EmpireATX: If you represent the dirty south you gotta be here on 3/3 with @bodyrockatx, @TheRealKRino & @KidSlyce! TIX:…
Unbridled Spirit @slh2813
RT @w4djt: #dtmag Kid Rock For US Senate In 2018? #TruePundit
shashi @laajward
RT @j_bigboote: Cops are proletarians Trains are socialism Kid Rock is a worker Join the Jacobin revolution
Elena la cerci @Elena07617349
RT @pattymooney: ⚡️ “Imagine this: Senator Kid Rock” - PLEASE, spare us.
Aaron @aaronggoodman
RT @_JoeyGoodman: This a dream come true I love kid rock I wish he was president
Cherie @shezola1
RT @Non_MSM_News: Do It Kid Rock... Do It... The Democrats will go insane...
whiff @jimwhiffen1
RT @DickFurari: Kid Rock would make a great president one day.
Chef Mort @I_am_Taz_
RT @badgenetix: Ok but im kid rock
Ashlyn Rugh @kanga_rugh
RT @HawaiiNewsNow: Kid Rock considered for Senate run
Diamond Barbarian @NoMoreElitists
RT @NoMoreElitists: Kid Rock Eyed as Potential Senate Candidate😜President Rock?
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