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Ed Miliband
This election is a fight about future of country.Just met my CLP. Looking forward to playing my part as Labour candidate in Doncaster North.
20 Apr, 05:57 PM UTC
Eoin Clarke
I've waited all my life to hear a Labour Leader say something like this. Today, it finally came to pass. Thank you…
20 Apr, 09:11 PM UTC
The Labour Party
Yesterday @jeremycorbyn was in Croydon to kickstart the campaign, sharing our message on what a Labour government w…
20 Apr, 07:40 AM UTC
Jeremy Corbyn MP
Instead of the country’s wealth being hidden in tax havens, Labour will put it in the hands of the people of Britai…
20 Apr, 03:45 PM UTC
The Labour Party
Only Labour will build a new economy worthy of the 21st century. We will build a country for the many, not the few.…
20 Apr, 10:06 AM UTC
Eoin Clarke
Here you go folks. A fresh new video detailing all of Labour's new policies. Please share far & wide.
20 Apr, 11:51 AM UTC
Eoin Clarke
Media "You're 12-1 with the book makers. That's very long odds". Corbyn "In 2015, I was 200-1 to be Labour leader".
20 Apr, 11:20 AM UTC
Jeremy Corbyn MP
It’s the Tories, the party of privilege, versus Labour. We are the party that is standing up to improve the lives o…
20 Apr, 03:15 PM UTC
Jeremy Corbyn MP
Labour will end the rigged economy and build a new economy, worthy of the 21st century and we will build a country…
21 Apr, 05:30 AM UTC
Jeremy Corbyn MP
Only Labour will focus on what kind of country we want after Brexit. We'll unlock opportunities for everyone in thi…
20 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
Eoin Clarke
No wonder tis only Labour who'll renationalise our railways. Theresa May doesnt need trains. Here she is yesterday…
20 Apr, 07:18 AM UTC
Faisal Islam
Corbyn says it was the Conservatives "wealthy friends in the City" who crashed the economy. (NB this was under a decade old Labour Govt"
20 Apr, 09:51 AM UTC
Greg Hemphill
Look how far Labour have fallen. Utterly lost.
20 Apr, 05:44 PM UTC
Ben Powell
Proud to have convincingly won a Council election in Labour's most marginal constituency. Note to Tories: This General Election isn't over!
20 Apr, 11:03 PM UTC
Kevin Schofield
Labour source on Unite: "Suspending your election rival while the votes are being counted is like something out of a banana republic."
20 Apr, 03:14 PM UTC
Corbyn: Tory government has got us more into debt than ALL of the other Labour governments COMBINED in history…
20 Apr, 02:00 PM UTC
After watching this, I think I have slightly changed my mind.. might vote Labour..
20 Apr, 10:41 PM UTC
steve hawkes
Labour this am vowed to end the 'rigged' system .. trade union Unite this pm suspends Gerard Coyne, presumably for attacking Len McCluskey
20 Apr, 02:16 PM UTC
Andrew Parnall❄
If you vote @labour you vote for Brexit. It's that simple.
20 Apr, 10:29 PM UTC
Catriona Matheson
.@theSNP's MPs have continued to be more active in Parliament than Labour & Tories #GE17 #VoteSNP
20 Apr, 10:36 PM UTC
#Brexit Bin
Corbyn's strategy was to support Brexit in the hope that its aftermath would turn people to Labour. A stupid idea that's scuppered by #GE17
20 Apr, 08:17 AM UTC
David Vance
Packed classrooms are the consequence of unlimited immigration. Labour support this. Corbyn = hypocrite
21 Apr, 06:29 AM UTC
Daddy CHO
God bless our parents and keep them alive to reap the fruits of their labour 🙏❤
20 Apr, 10:44 PM UTC
I'd rather not fight with Labour voters, since until the Brexit bill I was one. But it is hard when they keep calling me a privileged Tory.
20 Apr, 03:08 PM UTC
Labour destroyed our border controls then with the help of the BBC denounced anybody who voiced concerns about mass immigration as racists.
20 Apr, 04:07 PM UTC
Jeremy Corbyn for PM
From Jan, but important to remember: Labour will fully fund the NHS -the Tories will sell off to new bezzie Trump...
21 Apr, 06:12 AM UTC
BBC Newsnight
"You will see investment in public services in our manifesto commitment" says @GwynneMP when asked if #Labour will…
20 Apr, 10:03 PM UTC
Tom Harris
Do tell us how important loyalty to Labour is, Polly. You still got your old SDP membership card?
20 Apr, 10:43 PM UTC
Prof Brian Spurtice
Exclusive Labour's rolling manifesto.
20 Apr, 10:55 PM UTC
Laura Hughes
Sources have confirmed Michael Dugher is standing down as #Labour MP
20 Apr, 06:07 PM UTC
Jonny Will Chambers
Labour's campaign so far fronted by Corbyn, Thornberry, McDonnell, Butler, Abbott and Gardiner. All from seats in the north...... of London.
20 Apr, 09:12 PM UTC
ruth wishart
Can't believe Ruth Davidson's support for rape clause. Scots Tories, like Scots Labour, need to detach themselves from Westminster parties.
21 Apr, 06:11 AM UTC
Mark Wallace
The Mirror reports a Labour "senior campaign source" says they'd "cut a deal" with other parties in a hung parly
20 Apr, 10:26 PM UTC
The Tories have been the biggest borrowers over the last 70 years, and Labour actually pay off debt quicker.…
21 Apr, 07:09 AM UTC
Matthew Hexter
Great to see #Labour red all across my home Town. #Cardiff2017 #labourdoorstep
20 Apr, 05:20 PM UTC
Nice of Newsnight to do a romantic piece about May, with family and friends as talking heads, just after attacking the Labour Party. #bias
20 Apr, 09:59 PM UTC
Progressive Alliance
Well done #Surrey @UKLabour as they may defy national party over #progressivealliance
20 Apr, 08:06 PM UTC
John Rentoul
Who needs 140 characters? My assessment of the entire Labour election campaign in 3 letters: #WTF Worse Than Foot
21 Apr, 07:12 AM UTC
Man in Black
The intellectual quality of our MPs is woefully poor as demonstrated by Labour's Dawn Butler in her car-crash inter…
21 Apr, 06:55 AM UTC
Guardian politics
Surrey Labour could defy national party over progressive alliance
20 Apr, 09:37 PM UTC
The Courier
Dunfermline Labour candidate investigated for “disgusting” Facebook posts
20 Apr, 08:09 AM UTC
Joe Pajak 🇪🇺❄️
Election fundamentally about Brexit, Labour may not like it, Conservatives now have no choice - the outcome will de…
20 Apr, 06:20 PM UTC
⚡️Morrighan 👋🏻 #EU
#BBCAskThis How can we vote #Labour when Diane Abbott Promotes Hatered against the White Citizens???
20 Apr, 09:26 AM UTC
Pauline Lane
It can be done! Labour MPs do not have to let the media walk all over them! @BarryGardiner shows the way 👏👏👏👏👏
21 Apr, 06:47 AM UTC
Hand of GOD
#Corbyn & @UKLabour Anti-establishment? NO Anti-British? Anti-Brexit? Pro-EU? Pro-Mega Migration? YES NEVER vote…
21 Apr, 06:05 AM UTC
why the fudge are your top two target seats held by labour?
20 Apr, 10:02 PM UTC
Mike Cowan
Labour @DawnButlerBrent doing 'Roar'🐯w @presenterwayne. Shes part of a v cool @VictoriaLIVE piece next week #GE2017
21 Apr, 07:07 AM UTC
Labour blame overcrowded schools on underfunding. Try equating with allowing immigration by Blair/Brown! @UKLabour
21 Apr, 06:59 AM UTC
Molly Scott Cato MEP
Greens push Labour/LibDems to cooperate to defeat Tories: FT reports our challenge to cooperate #progressivealliance
21 Apr, 07:10 AM UTC
Repairs,rent & rates = #HeartofGlasgowCrisis @glasgow_labour landlord #CityPropertyLLP must act 2 save #smallbiz
20 Apr, 11:02 AM UTC
35% Campaign
Next time you're canvassed by Southwark Labour ask them why they're selling off our homes at yacht parties in Canne…
21 Apr, 07:14 AM UTC
Richard Negus
I'm deffo voting labour now... said no one ever.
21 Apr, 06:29 AM UTC
Richard Woolley
"Immigration may go up, it may go down. #Labour will control it on basis of economic needs, not set false #Tory tar…
21 Apr, 07:15 AM UTC
James Bowen
@jeremycorbyn What is more important to you? 1. Labour majority 2. Tories out The UK desperately needs (2). Please consider an alliance.
21 Apr, 07:16 AM UTC
Dan Crawford
Top @guardian letter by London Labour council leaders on how Tory schools funding formula will hurt poorest pupils:
21 Apr, 07:14 AM UTC
Whigged out Dems
@chelleryn99 Labour's JC Corbyn has been 'Crucified' by uk media. And he is risin' to the top #labour #cuzeaster
21 Apr, 03:27 AM UTC
Huw Irranca-DaviesAM
Proud but unsurprised that Ystradgynlais, having welcomed those fleeing Franco & Hitler now supports Syrian refugees
21 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
Yvonne Redmond
@DubFireBrigade and @AmbulanceNAS helped to deliver a baby boy in Dublin yesterday evening, after Mum went into labour in car in Whitehall.
21 Apr, 07:08 AM UTC
Andy Edwards
@luliibell @caitlinmoran is part of the constituency and I would imaging that does well for Labour (students, estat…
21 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
Nick Speed
Does Labour even have a candidate in Cardiff North?! #GE17 General election: Jeremy Corbyn to visit Cardiff
21 Apr, 06:46 AM UTC
Cllr.Brian Silvester
Retweeted Kevin Schofield (@PolhomeEditor): Labour source on Unite: "Suspending your election rival while the...
21 Apr, 07:16 AM UTC
Man in Black
@grahamrwg @Bobbstterr I agree. It was embarrassing. Is this the best the Labour Party can do.
21 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
Mr Hatch
@cpnStarkiller @TheKingsFund tories have been in power for much of that timeline...and new labour funding came prim…
21 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
StAlbans LabourParty
Here are your Labour candidates for the County Council elections on the 4th of May. Fighting for your local services
21 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
GMBNWI Region fully support Afzal ! Vote Labour ! Vote Khan ! @PaulMaccaGMB@unionpeople@GMBYoungNWI @gmbmcr115
21 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
@Delo_Taylor is that more entertaining than the shambles of the Labour Party in the last 2 years?
21 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
Les Bonner
RT @JackieP4MP: .@TimFarron on why lifelong Labour voters are now backing the Lib Dems In Manchester Gorton
21 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
Boris Dighe
@Scousebird He will be re-elected. Can't see Labour picking up Warrington South. 👍🏽
21 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
Paul smith
@PeterStefanovi2 Exactly. Crosby & #NastyParty want to make it abt leadership #Labour need to push on #May lies eve…
21 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
Yvette Cooper for Labour leader? Bets pour in as MP becomes joint favourite
21 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
Vlad Rothstein
#Hitachi creates Robot that May Replace Warehouse Workers
21 Apr, 07:16 AM UTC
The trouble is if there is no UKIP person in the area who the hell do you vote for not labour or lib dems
21 Apr, 07:16 AM UTC
GB Driver
@MayorofLondon your silence is deafening!labour mayor ignoring Tory corruption involving TfL and uber,have they got to you to?
21 Apr, 07:16 AM UTC
Beautiful Red
Sask Federation of Labour - SK Govt kills bus service Mar.22/17 Global ... #cdnpoli
21 Apr, 07:16 AM UTC
Steven Gray
@lottiemay @HJMKent Why would the game be up for the media if Labour wins?
21 Apr, 07:16 AM UTC
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