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Ever wonder how Jared Kushner sounds? Wonder no more WARNING: NO drinking while watching. #LastWeekTonighthttps://t.co/FhoPZGnGgz
24 Apr, 04:38 AM UTC
Rolling Stone
Happy birthday John Oliver! Here’s 20 things we learned from hanging out with #LastWeekTonight host… https://t.co/dA9QlSISaN
23 Apr, 04:30 PM UTC
Preferring Kushner over Bannon, is like preferring shingles over rabies. #LastWeekTonight https://t.co/PnXizIPcxm
24 Apr, 03:56 AM UTC
May Brian
Right now, John Oliver exposing Ivanka Trump as the lying, grifter POS that she is. #LastWeekTonight
24 Apr, 03:22 AM UTC
Matt Manzella
John Oliver taking down the so-called moderates @IvankaTrump and @JaredKushner. Fantastic. #LastWeekTonight
24 Apr, 03:22 AM UTC
Gabe Iglesia
A narcissistic, unstable man who might kill us all. Trump? Kim Jong-un? Putin? Assad? All of the above? #LastWeekTonight
24 Apr, 03:04 AM UTC
O’Connor’ Norma
#LastWeekTonight Do you apply for multiple jobs at one company or just one job at each potential employer? #Poll #jobsearch
24 Apr, 10:37 AM UTC
Barton Meghan
#LastWeekTonight Alhamdulillah finish. Trima ksh bp anton dan ibu ayu di cimone 󾍛󾍛
24 Apr, 11:02 AM UTC
When it comes to lying about easily observable facts, the apple doesn't fall far from the orange #LastWeekTonight https://t.co/FsCLaUX4Wa
24 Apr, 11:01 AM UTC
Harrison Griselda
#LastWeekTonight Everyone's favourite designer is back- BRAND NEW Sarah's House starts SUNDAY 7.30pm
24 Apr, 11:00 AM UTC
Dan Short
I just watched Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 4x10 "Episode 99" https://t.co/nmmYGWGkN3 #LastWeekTonight #trakt
24 Apr, 10:59 AM UTC
Mosley Chrystal
#LastWeekTonight Friday night plans? Let us know if you're looking for a new door? We can help at a great price 0800 9550898
24 Apr, 10:58 AM UTC
Townsend Amberlynn
#LastWeekTonight A1: Cross ventilation is smart but not stylish as you can't see it! #IntDesignerChat
24 Apr, 10:57 AM UTC
Brown Amy
#LastWeekTonight Two hours left to get into the Roundhouse or Union Station for Doors Open Toronto. #DOT12
24 Apr, 10:56 AM UTC
Tessa Marks
We live in strange times when comedy shows do more incisive news coverage than news shows. Kudos once again John Ol… https://t.co/Ag8PB4tQtB
24 Apr, 10:55 AM UTC
Morrison Patricia
#LastWeekTonight Does your family have an emergency plan in the event of a fire or natural disaster? #protectyourhome
24 Apr, 10:54 AM UTC
Lambert Amy
#LastWeekTonight Happy safe thoughts go out to those in the path of #Sandy today--#StaySafe!
24 Apr, 10:52 AM UTC
Bridges Caitlin
#LastWeekTonight Visitor Registration in now open! Visit our website and register online for FREE!
24 Apr, 10:51 AM UTC
Copeland Olivia
#LastWeekTonight A3 I could never stick w/ just one style so I'd love a mix of modern and traditional #chatwithstyle
24 Apr, 10:50 AM UTC
Bennett Dorothy
#LastWeekTonight Aluminium And Interior Decorating
24 Apr, 10:48 AM UTC
Williamson Abigail
#LastWeekTonight We'd love you to join us on Facebook. Our page Value Doors UK is waiting for your LIKE!
24 Apr, 10:46 AM UTC
Briggs Jemimah
#LastWeekTonight Do you apply for multiple jobs at one company or just one job at each potential employer? #Poll #jobsearch
24 Apr, 10:44 AM UTC
Anseric 🌐
#lastweektonight #lastweektrump Pls talk about other stuff, it's every week trump, trump, trump....
24 Apr, 10:44 AM UTC
Randall Madeline
#LastWeekTonight We'd love you to join us on Facebook. Our page Value Doors UK is waiting for your LIKE!
24 Apr, 10:41 AM UTC
Wade Rosemary
#LastWeekTonight Hey guys! Stay tuned, the 2.6.2 #update will be released in few days. #homedesign3d
24 Apr, 10:39 AM UTC
Fowler Elizabeth
#LastWeekTonight #KBIS2017 attendees - Connect with us at KBIS by using the hashtag #DCWfun
24 Apr, 10:34 AM UTC
Wilson Grace
#LastWeekTonight To succeed in the world is not enough to be stupid - one must also be well-mannered. - Voltaire
24 Apr, 10:31 AM UTC
Long Joanna
#LastWeekTonight Working in our new Penthouse project...
24 Apr, 10:29 AM UTC
Chapman Bertha
#LastWeekTonight Resume/Cover Letter Seminar at Ed Hall room 102/103 at 12:30pm - 2pm (Free Hour). pizza and soda!
24 Apr, 10:28 AM UTC
Harrington Eleanor
#LastWeekTonight We're here waiting to take your call until 8pm this evening!
24 Apr, 10:26 AM UTC
Gilbert Robyn
#LastWeekTonight Q2: Grill season is upon us. What are your tips for outdoor cooking and dining? #ModernMonday
24 Apr, 10:24 AM UTC
Sutton Geraldine
#LastWeekTonight In London see The Bronzes at Royal Academy. Fantastic.
24 Apr, 10:23 AM UTC
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