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Wolf Cocklin
Hey #lateline if I wanted to know how wonderful Trump is doing from a Trump supporter I would watch Fox News.
27 Apr, 12:42 PM UTC
Ian Gordicans
Morrison leaves out the bit about the govt being able to create (or destroy) currency out of thin air #lateline #auspol
27 Apr, 12:22 PM UTC
The Witness
Can't believe #Lateline are wasting time speaking to this dumb arse trump puppet
27 Apr, 12:36 PM UTC
Lorde de Voterati
#Lateline Morrison is scum! Low income Aussies are struggling to keep roof overhead & cover groceries, utilities, energy, health, transport!
27 Apr, 12:28 PM UTC
Tonight on #Lateline @JohnSafran talks about his time hanging out with Australian extremists - white nationalists & ISIS supporters
27 Apr, 09:16 AM UTC
It's so frustrating seeing delusion given a serious platform like its reasonable #lateline
27 Apr, 12:40 PM UTC
ABC journalists need to start asking themselves whether it’s worth their dignity to present this kind of crap. #lateline
27 Apr, 12:39 PM UTC
Shannon Molloy
This Trump surrogate on #Lateline just rejected Trump is being "the world's policeman" and a breath later "there's a new sheriff in town".
27 Apr, 12:35 PM UTC
Denise Shrivell
Make it stop 😱 #lateline #auspol
27 Apr, 12:39 PM UTC
Dave Saddler
Good Debt, Bad Debt? Screaming out for cartoonist to do Good Cop, Bad Cop #auspol #lateline
27 Apr, 12:53 PM UTC
Jamie Cummins
Tonight on #Lateline: The first 100 days of President Trump @JezNews speaks to @scottienhughes
27 Apr, 07:59 AM UTC
Maire Foyle
What is this CRAP on #Lateline- a Trump campaigner to 'analyse' Trump's first 100 days !!!
27 Apr, 11:45 AM UTC
'Crazy' Labor Person
hey #Lateline! what's the deal with having a pro-Trump woman interviewed sans any counter view? really lousy journalism..
27 Apr, 11:58 AM UTC
Mike Fitzsimon
Just saw @JohnSafran on #Lateline. Bought his book "Depends What You Mean By Extremist" online. 10 pages in. Brilliant! #auspol
27 Apr, 01:02 PM UTC
Chris Chaundy
OMG, is this person for real on #lateline?
27 Apr, 12:37 PM UTC
Abortion brownies....I ain't buying what you are selling girl #lateline
27 Apr, 11:43 AM UTC
The Awkward Leftie
#Lateline has become a mouthpiece for Trump what's going on? @Lateline
27 Apr, 11:46 AM UTC
Central Tablelands
Not sure who the old fart on #lateline was, but Australia's most productive government ever was @JuliaGillardGPE's minority government!
26 Apr, 03:05 PM UTC
Dave Saddler
So Bad Debt is keeping our most vulnerable Australians alive? Is this #AustralianValues ? #auspol #lateline
27 Apr, 12:57 PM UTC
Elle Cee
How are US conservative commentators able to speak without taking a breath? #lateline
27 Apr, 11:51 AM UTC
Not the worlds police but there's a new sheriff in town. Gezz, what an air head. #lateline #auspol
27 Apr, 12:35 PM UTC
jane power
#Lateline is breaking my brain
27 Apr, 12:32 PM UTC
Derek S. Macpherson
#lateline The banality of evil.
27 Apr, 12:42 PM UTC
Jeremy's face after the tr*mp "feminists" piece πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #lateline
27 Apr, 12:34 PM UTC
Kane Miller
#auspol Debt is ballooning #gooddebt Forget the last 4 years, the Libs are resetting again. Good Government start… https://t.co/3vVKoC9AH2
27 Apr, 12:58 PM UTC
Catching up
Is not bad debt, debt that one hasn't the means to service? #auspol #lateline
27 Apr, 01:06 PM UTC
Derek S. Macpherson
#lateline Dude! InfRastructure, geez!
27 Apr, 12:23 PM UTC
Jeremy's faces are seriously killing me πŸ˜‚ #lateline
27 Apr, 12:42 PM UTC
Peter Martin Garrett
We were just subjected to a classic Gish gallop by the Trump propagandist on #lateline Gush crap as fast as possible & hope no one notices
27 Apr, 01:07 PM UTC
Daily Terroir
Scott Morrison saying it OK to delete #gooddebt house repaymentsfrom your household budget He is doing it #Budget2017 #lateline #auspol
27 Apr, 01:11 PM UTC
No Jerry it was HILLARY who made it about gender. #LATELINE #THEWORLD But like Julia Gillard the people said CUT THAT GENDER CRAP. #AUSPOL
27 Apr, 11:36 AM UTC
mark kinnear
Corporations don't control the unemployment rate; the federal government does. - @elliswinningham #auspol #abc730 #lateline #ausecon
27 Apr, 01:02 PM UTC
Christine Phillips
@AnnaLiisaAU @daveyk317 Way past 'too late for that' ... #lateline
27 Apr, 12:47 PM UTC
Bill Kidd
#lateline it seems feminism is about Jobs
27 Apr, 01:09 PM UTC
@UNCLE80075178 @DanaScully2 YEAH Blah blah #Lateline j Until Shorten the knife wielding Catholic says I'll Start a… https://t.co/2agGxhg2FX
27 Apr, 01:04 PM UTC
Dave Saddler
In a language the LNP understand... Is human capital (bad debt) more important than Bridges and Coal Mines (good debt) #auspol #lateline
27 Apr, 01:02 PM UTC
😐 #lateline King Solomon's Table: A Culinary Exploration of Jewish Cooking from Around the World β™₯β™₯ https://t.co/SzoDhLCOLu
27 Apr, 12:49 PM UTC
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