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Sumer Sloan @SumerSloan
RT @PDChina: Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong was formally arrested Friday on charges of bribery in connection with the corruption scandal surroun…
NDTV @ndtv
Samsung Heir, Lee Jae-Yong, Arrested In Corruption Probe https://t.co/TdVTGcF3yu #NDTVNewsBeeps https://t.co/qBsYhVUIDy
Ian McLean @ianmclean4444
RT @FT: The arrest of Lee Jae-yong, arguably South Korea’s most powerful man, will set off alarm bells in other companies https://t.co/oQpW…
@iTOP @iTOP95
RT @Koreaboo: Samsung Heir Lee Jae-yong Arrested On Charges of Bribery ➜ Read more: https://t.co/ZiURzcg6ER https://t.co/58xJVcAGUN
Salim Mkoga @SalimMkoga
RT @swahilitimes: Mkuu wa Kampuni ya Samsung Lee Jae-yong amekamatwa nchini Korea Kusini kwa tuhuma za kutoa rushwa. https://t.co/qQJuHK09IL
x @axhaer
RT @fattoquotidiano: Samsung, arrestato il vicepresidente Lee Jae-yong per corruzione https://t.co/aac5PneKXK
ASTRO A-MAN @AstroAman
RT @AndroidPolice: Samsung Chairman Lee Jae-yong now actually arrested on bribery charges in South Korea https://t.co/lJ6AEyGdO8 https://t.…
Masato Morishima @MasatoMorishima
RT @business: The legal drama engulfing Samsung's Lee Jae-yong has the feel of a Greek tragedy https://t.co/kYyEywkYqz https://t.co/wtNLzS…
Sumer Sloan @SumerSloan
RT @hohocho: #Samsung's official comment on Lee Jae-yong arrest warrant - "We'll do our best to reveal truth on upcoming trial" https://t.c…
Levi Kay @LeapTheSheep
RT @hohocho: Weak start of #Samsung's KOSPI shares after court issues arrest warrant to the company's heir-apparent Lee Jae-yong. #Korea ht…
Broker @Robert6821
RT @elsoldepuebla1: #Samsung entra en crisis tras arresto de su líder Lee Jae-yong https://t.co/spnBL3t0Hq
Kashmir. @JeanRodriguez__
RT @Radio_Formula: #Samsung entra en crisis tras arresto de su líder Lee Jae-yong https://t.co/IL1IMTg3Lz https://t.co/AdnImLerFs
Leila Couceiro @leilatwtr
RT @RLivre: Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong arrested on charges of bribery https://t.co/PFAQLnsfAU
MaK @MaK__
RT @ClipperChip: ICYMI Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong arrested on charges of bribery https://t.co/HtlQ5YfuIs
TheM @zm
RT @ftasia: Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong arrested for bribery, embezzlement and perjury https://t.co/L1veRsykr3
Gen.Tannous Mouawad @tannous_mouawad
RT @tannous_mouawad: Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong arrested in South Korea #CorruptionVirusAttackingTheWorld https://t.co/bh6ZSTmTwl
Sinan õzkale @ozkale7826
RT @HukukiHaber: Samsung'un veliahtı Lee Jae-yong tutuklandı https://t.co/WmcHmsqTlg https://t.co/Ep91uH4lyR
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