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Justin Bieber
Despacito #1 in the world. Thank you
24 Apr, 08:25 PM UTC
Kim Kardashian West
Kendrick Lamar #humble on repeat right now 😜😆🤷🏻‍♀️
24 Apr, 04:29 PM UTC
Dj Khaled "I'm The One" FT @justinbieber @QuavoStuntin @chancetherapper @LilTunechi will be available everywhere Fr… https://t.co/aa3kPTO7zh
24 Apr, 06:15 PM UTC
Frank Luntz
Why is it that when the Left loses an election, they riot? https://t.co/UIk4QuX9aT
24 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
me about harry styles
24 Apr, 08:19 PM UTC
Juego de Tronos™
Kit Harington se disfraza de Jon Snow, y así llega a la fiesta de cumpleaños de Rose Leslie (Ygritte) Ojo a la mir… https://t.co/gOxwwOWerA
24 Apr, 06:42 PM UTC
Sony Music México
¡Hey, Coders! No olviden votar por @CD9 en los #PREMIOSMTVMIAW. Clic aquí: https://t.co/3KeLg6kIIq
24 Apr, 06:00 PM UTC
Funny Videos
Squad Halloween costume this year
24 Apr, 01:13 AM UTC
Howard Dean continues to explore new frontiers in not knowing what he's talking about or making any sense. https://t.co/MTNJoIMjkg
24 Apr, 02:39 PM UTC
松任谷由実「やさしさに包まれたなら」(part 1) 監督:LESLIE KEE 「⇒2020」NHK企画応援テーマソング 300出演者: AYABAMBI/黒木メイサ/斎藤工/槙野智章/藤原紀香/柚希礼音 /小池徹平/秋元梢 他 https://t.co/UnEIa27jjT
23 Apr, 11:04 PM UTC
Juego de Tronos
Kit Harington se disfrazó de Jon nive en la fiesta del 30º cumpleaños de Rose Leslie. 🐺❤️🏹
24 Apr, 01:58 PM UTC
第2弾はROLA が先頭!@RolaWorLD 松任谷由実「やさしさに包まれたなら」 監督:LESLIE KEE 2020年の東京オリンピック・パラリンピック企画  「⇒2020 レスリー・キーがつなぐポートレートメッセージ」 https://t.co/p5g6hnEqYc
24 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
Unite the union
Don’t let the 1% rule over the country again | Listen to @HarrysLastStand 'Episode 3’ by Harry Leslie Smith… https://t.co/4T7AIETySs
24 Apr, 05:23 PM UTC

jimin hasnt tried mangonadas he dont know what hes talking about
24 Apr, 04:05 AM UTC
RT Si estos chicos nos robaron el corazón con una sonrisa 😀❤ @CD9 -Anii #PREMIOSMTVMIAW #MTVCHALLENGECD9https://t.co/MGSCXyZK7a
24 Apr, 07:24 PM UTC
Ma man Leslie can play CB and ST 😂😂
24 Apr, 08:33 PM UTC
Derek Blasberg
Who else does a double-take when Jeff Sessions is on TV because they think it's Beverley Leslie from 'Will & Grace'?
24 Apr, 06:14 PM UTC
Ukraine 🇺🇦 ✔ Next Stop: France 🇫🇷 @BrodieLawson Blogs From our Trip to visit our @CanadianForces ➡… https://t.co/kA510YRU6y
24 Apr, 07:00 PM UTC
Typical Gamer
@leslie_marie97 Thank you so much Leslie! I try my best and I appreciate all of the support!
24 Apr, 05:11 PM UTC
Typical Gamer
@leslie_marie97 That's so good to hear! I'm doing awesome Leslie, thanks for asking!!
24 Apr, 04:56 PM UTC
daphna bassok
Celebrating Leslie! This year's recipient of @UVA Sandridge Outstanding Contribution Award, and @edpolicyworks mana… https://t.co/4ZkPcMBBFn
24 Apr, 07:13 PM UTC
Above the Law
The $500 Million Man Is Now A Name Partner At This Litigation Powerhouse https://t.co/r6pPRudQM7 (by @stacizaretsky)
24 Apr, 08:36 PM UTC
Chuck Nellis
@Kangs_Toil @robertrobq @BBobwalker @Infidelzfun Last words you will EVER see from me! Gorsuch in SCOTUS! #BLOCKED
24 Apr, 08:41 PM UTC
John Leslie Mackie - Ethik
24 Apr, 03:04 PM UTC
Kitrise Torain
LHS enjoyed having Chapman 8th graders tour and learn about clubs and expectations! See you in August! @AnneJobehttps://t.co/N4tluZDf7F
24 Apr, 05:03 PM UTC
Joe Bastardi
90 now showing up at DC. Covered this late last week. Denver to DC inverse connection ( ha ha) snowstorm in Denve… https://t.co/tgACfqsCwm
24 Apr, 08:38 PM UTC
Kevin Dayton
Who’s set up to become the next CEO of California High-Speed Rail? Special board meeting 5/1/17 in San Francisco.… https://t.co/3U77zdTq2b
24 Apr, 08:40 PM UTC
.@ICF's Leslie Taylor hearing industry strategies on the battles against cyber attacks #GeorgetownCyber
24 Apr, 06:53 PM UTC
shouldn't have to change, just to satisfy others
24 Apr, 08:38 PM UTC
Leslie arrive quand je finis mon épisode, si c'est pas beau
24 Apr, 08:42 PM UTC
Leslie Feist ya es el siguiente Domingo. Ya estoy súper entrado en el mood @xrpc. The Bad In Each Other =3 https://t.co/gucowJKDLy
24 Apr, 08:42 PM UTC
danny 🚬
@LeaCdl J'ai bien vu, c'était une grosse surprise ça m'a fait beaucoup plaisir ❤
24 Apr, 08:42 PM UTC
sean ferguson
@KyleFraser98 I'm more like Leslie chow no Jackie chan
24 Apr, 08:41 PM UTC
Avenue Plus Size
@LeslieAnn_James Hi Leslie, most of our shoes are still Wide Width! we just introduced some M width shoes to our collection :)
24 Apr, 08:28 PM UTC
Commonweal Magazine
Join us: The Catholic Response to Trump, featuring @sullydish, @gehringdc, Leslie Tentler, & @MatthewSitman: https://t.co/c462TH2rba
24 Apr, 08:40 PM UTC
danny 🚬
Franchement les messages mignons de mes potes ça réchauffe mon coeur 💛
24 Apr, 08:38 PM UTC
Randi Chenkin
Shout out 2 my good friends & *Talent agents* Diane & Leslie from @SundayNightLR #Broadcast #Radio #NYC #Manhatten https://t.co/30fxnzMVBl 🎧
24 Apr, 08:37 PM UTC
Serge Richard
Happening now! Leslie Excellent intervenant dans le cadre du cours… https://t.co/vzRVxTzGN2
24 Apr, 08:46 PM UTC
Leslie Moorhead
@IvankaTrump We love you, Ivanka. You are doing good work.
24 Apr, 08:46 PM UTC
So cute how me ana and Leslie are getting so close..
24 Apr, 08:45 PM UTC
@GLgeisterbahn uteruses before duderuses! ovaries before brovaries! (-leslie knope)
24 Apr, 08:45 PM UTC
Mayra Rodriguez
#EnBlancoYNegro ofrece un recital Liszt, con el pianista australiano Leslie Howard. Escucha @Opus102_Mty, 4:00 pm.… https://t.co/MftHRkryqI
24 Apr, 08:45 PM UTC
Canal 28 Nuevo León
#EnBlancoYNegro ofrece un recital Liszt, con el pianista australiano Leslie Howard. Escucha @Opus102_Mty, 4:00 pm.… https://t.co/4MQg5o936i
24 Apr, 08:45 PM UTC
Isaiah Leslie
More risk for California taxpayers. https://t.co/0uGmawdn66
24 Apr, 08:44 PM UTC
Valeriee ❤️
So cute how me ana and Leslie are getting so close.. ❤
24 Apr, 08:44 PM UTC
leslie présidente
24 Apr, 08:43 PM UTC
Paul Yont
@stefyperego1974 They should move Nathaniel Barnes and Leslie Thompkins to the side of the villains. >=|
24 Apr, 08:42 PM UTC
Dread Pirate
@BigJoeBastardi @NoTricksZone What is wrong with people?! (rhetorical question)
24 Apr, 08:42 PM UTC
Manuel Carrillo
LESLIE CARRILLO DE LEÓN: Hagámonos merecedores de esta tierra bendita. https://t.co/nl6Glg4IX9 /via @Dossier33
24 Apr, 08:40 PM UTC
@leslie_grajales Ah ok cool, knew it was from from around there or something lol.
24 Apr, 08:40 PM UTC
Leslie said she goin suck ms yb dick got two extra points 😂😂😂😂😂
24 Apr, 08:40 PM UTC
👥🔑 by leslie kee for Yohji Yamamoto https://t.co/FGB08m25vy
24 Apr, 08:39 PM UTC
ضيف الله الروقي
الله يرزقكم الراحه و السعاده اللي م بعدها هم ولاحزن ويجعل لكم من الجنه
24 Apr, 08:39 PM UTC
Despicable Dee
@phillyMetsfan @ginisimov @HailJeffSeidel @Rexamimami Leslie already trying to reverse mush the rangers by pickin… https://t.co/h1k0V3RHiX
24 Apr, 08:39 PM UTC
imran khan
@downtowncondos | #121mcmahon | IKEA, Bessarion TTC, Leslie & Sheppard : Tango Condos 565 K for 2 Bed P+ L |… https://t.co/KIfd93DynN
24 Apr, 08:38 PM UTC
ضيف الله الروقي
صفحه واحِده مِن القرآن ؟ كافيه بأن تبعدنا عن مسمى هاجريّ القرآن ، عشان كذا إقرأوها وذكّروا غيركم الله يسعدكم
24 Apr, 08:38 PM UTC
For Real ✍🏾
Leslie rien a dire ❤
24 Apr, 08:38 PM UTC
ضيف الله الروقي
ۈﻓيء دنيتي ، شخص ﺎححبہ'ه ي جعل ﺎلسعادهہء م تفارقہ♡"
24 Apr, 08:37 PM UTC
Glamour Toad 🌈🐸🌈
watching the original Poseidon Adventure while I sail through commissions. That's some handsome quality Leslie Nielson.
24 Apr, 08:37 PM UTC
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