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Nine News Adelaide @9NewsAdel
WATCH: Murder of Lewis McPherson could and should have been prevented on nine separate occasions but police failed.… https://t.co/5s9jBBHmjD
Sandra Sully @Sandra_Sully
RT @PhoebeBowden: Coroner makes recommendations following shooting of 18y/o Lewis McPherson, by former classmate Liam Humbles. #TenNews htt…
Judith Black @judith_black
RT @CandiceProsser: Coroners Court finds Liam Humbles should have been arrested and investigated for selling drugs before he fatally shot L…
PollyD @chat2u2
RT @CandiceProsser: Coronial findings: "There were a number of opportunities to have prevented Lewis McPherson's death" https://t.co/vBNR3N…
Nine News Adelaide @9NewsAdel
RT @KimRobertson_9: BREAKING: Deputy State Coroner finds there were 9 missed opportunities to prevent Lewis McPherson's death @9NewsAdel ht…
Sandra Sully @Sandra_Sully
RT @PhoebeBowden: Coroner says gun used to kill Lewis McPherson could have been seized by police if they had acted on crime stoppers tip of…
Hayley Conole @haycon
RT @CourtsinSA: Coroner’s inquest findings delivered for Lewis Mike McPherson https://t.co/1lutKpAMTF
Judith Black @judith_black
RT @CandiceProsser: Lewis McPherson inquest: court recommends SAPOL give more priority to reports of gun possession & have senior officer o…
Judith Black @judith_black
RT @CandiceProsser: Coroner recommends drug diversion process for children be re-evaluated in wake of Lewis McPherson's death at hands of d…
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