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Joe Fortunato
Henrik Lundqvist might be the greatest thing to ever happen to this organization. What an effort from him tonight.
23 Apr, 02:48 AM UTC
Dan Rosen
NYR are 7-2 in games when they can close out an opponent at MSG since 2007. Lundqvist has been in net for all of them. 1.56 GAA, .942 SV%
22 Apr, 05:17 PM UTC
NHL Public Relations
Henrik Lundqvist earned his 11th career series-clinching win, tops in @NYRangers history (Mike Richter: 9).…
23 Apr, 03:18 AM UTC
Viktor Fagerström
Emil Forsberg on his 'dream-team': "In my childhood it was #LFC because my father was a big fan. I used to sleep in…
23 Apr, 03:09 PM UTC
50% off Papa John's
23 Apr, 03:06 AM UTC
Greg Wyshynski
Radulov snow shower on Lundqvist! Paciorietty fight against Vesey! Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria! #StanleyCup
23 Apr, 12:23 AM UTC
Brian Monzo
Lundqvist came into this series as the 'other goalie.' He showed once again: he's not a good guy. He's not a bad guy. He's THE guy. #LGR
23 Apr, 03:01 AM UTC
Brett Babinchak
Ladies and Gentlemen, Henrik Lundqvist. 😂 #Blueshirts #NYR #LGR #StanleyCup
23 Apr, 02:02 AM UTC
#Habs did run into hot Lundqvist, but the offence has been a problem going back further & many top contributors fel…
23 Apr, 04:36 AM UTC
Knicks Memes
23 Apr, 03:50 AM UTC
InGoal Magazine
This Weber blast is so hard it actually forces Lundqvist's glove to close. Excellent save.
23 Apr, 01:58 AM UTC
NYR Stats & Info
Henrik Lundqvist's .947 SV% against MTL is tied for the best SV% he has posted in a playoff round in his NHL career (ECQF vs. WSH in 2013).
23 Apr, 03:01 PM UTC
Larry Brooks
Henrik Lundqvist and Rangers prove they still can win a big one via @nypostsports
23 Apr, 02:50 PM UTC
I like how every time Henrik Lundqvist steals a playoff series, fans of the team he beats think their team needs to be torn apart.
23 Apr, 02:29 PM UTC
Rob Zee
Habs fans a few years ago: "If we would've had Price, you would've lost!" Habs fans today: "Lundqvist is lucky."
23 Apr, 02:52 PM UTC
Josh Khalfin
The Lundqvist method. Be the reason why your team is good. Post over .930% in the playoffs. Team scores 8 goals in…
23 Apr, 02:27 PM UTC
Matthew Coller
Lundqvist in the playoffs
23 Apr, 02:44 AM UTC
Jimmy Z
Lundqvist > Price. Round 2 here we come baby.
23 Apr, 02:49 AM UTC
Henrik Lundqvist -The best goalie in the league over the last like 8 years -Get him a damn cup @NYRangers -Also d…
23 Apr, 03:16 PM UTC
Yahoo Sports NHL
Zuccarello gets last laugh, Lundqvist outduels Price as Rangers eliminate Canadiens
23 Apr, 02:42 PM UTC
HabsHappy: JeSuisCH
Seriously GREAT SERIES! Two of the finest Goalies to Grace @NHL's Ice! #NYRangers Henrik Lundqvist @HLundqvist30 &…
23 Apr, 03:08 PM UTC
Congrats, Carey. You've reached "Level: Lundqvist."
23 Apr, 03:46 PM UTC
Jon Lane
Henrik Lundqvist, supposedly past his prime, outdueled Carey Price with a 1.70 GAA and .947 SV% #NYR
23 Apr, 02:52 PM UTC
Whatever this - Lundqvist and Girardi have reverted to their primes. It's all you can ask for.
23 Apr, 10:10 AM UTC
Jon Lane
In addition to Lundqvist, colleague @BComptonNHL shares reasons #NYR advanced to 2nd round
23 Apr, 02:54 PM UTC
Pat Pickens
To be fair, I think Rangers fans went through this with Lundqvist when their season ended each of the past two years
23 Apr, 03:43 PM UTC
William R. Taylor
😂Lundqvist has played enough Ice Hockey on NES to know they don't pay him nearly enough to stay in the net for that.
23 Apr, 03:35 PM UTC
Regis McGuire
@NickInParkEx I blame Henrik Lundqvist. Scotty
23 Apr, 03:32 PM UTC
Wrote about the #NYR getting contributions throughout their lineup in series vs. #Habs & their reliance on their be…
23 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
David Olinger
@Habscentral Lundqvist was excellent but he didn't STEAL games. Not pressured enough #Habs have a poor power play a…
23 Apr, 03:28 PM UTC
The Henrik Lundqvist Blog: Watch Henrik Lundqvist Spray Brendan Gallagher With His Gatorade Bottle
23 Apr, 03:26 PM UTC
Jan Levine
ICYMI: My #NYR Game 6 and series clinching win recap:
23 Apr, 03:20 PM UTC
Torin West
Hey weren't you watching the games? Lundqvist was so flukey/lucky this series... pucks hitting him that he had no idea about, posts
23 Apr, 03:16 PM UTC
@danielmahler77 @EricEngels Don't get me wrong, I was saying the whole series that Lundqvist outplayed Price. But i…
23 Apr, 03:12 PM UTC
Sr: Sports
Don’t mess with Henrik Lundqvist right now #NHL Larry Brooks reports @NYP_Brooksie
23 Apr, 03:11 PM UTC
@BComptonNHL 1. Henrik Lundqvist 2. Henrik Lundqvist 3. Henrik Lundqvist 4. Henrik Lundqvist 5. Henrik Lundqvist
23 Apr, 03:10 PM UTC
Rangers Ride Henrik Lundqvist Into the Second Round - “I’m going to have a glass of wine tonight, maybe two,” C...
23 Apr, 03:45 PM UTC
Henrik Lundqvist and Rangers prove they still can win a big one @HLundqvist @NYRangers
23 Apr, 03:43 PM UTC
@ArponBasu To answer the article's question; if you're Price, how do you feel? Probably a lot like Lundqvist. So mu…
23 Apr, 03:42 PM UTC
Montreal Now
Montreal trends now: Rangers, Canada, Metro, Lundqvist, Sherbrooke.
23 Apr, 03:39 PM UTC
@TonyMarinaro difference in the series: Price didn't steal a game, Lundqvist stole 4
23 Apr, 03:39 PM UTC
David Olinger
@Habscentral There were goals Lundqvist would take back, too. Any time your goalie lets in 2 or less goals a game,…
23 Apr, 03:38 PM UTC
Dog Woof, Inc.
Rangers Ride Henrik Lundqvist Into the Second Round
23 Apr, 03:38 PM UTC
If I was in a room with the head of al qaeda, isis, and henrik lundqvist and had a gun with 2 bullets. I'd shoot that handsome Swede twice.
23 Apr, 03:37 PM UTC
Paris Hatzievagelou
Rangers Ride Henrik Lundqvist Into the Second Round
23 Apr, 03:35 PM UTC
Carey Price makes a few good saves; fans say he "STEALS THE GAME" Lundqvist does it ... "He wasnt that good" "we didnt pressure enoug" OKK
23 Apr, 03:32 PM UTC
@Laspreguntasrd Rangers Ride Henrik Lundqvist Into the Second Round
23 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
Hershel Sivik
"Rangers Ride Henrik Lundqvist Into the Second Round" by FILIP BONDY via NYT
23 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
Olympia ATC
Rangers Ride Henrik Lundqvist Into the Second Round #sports #athletics #athletic
23 Apr, 03:29 PM UTC
Mitchell Gallant
@_JordanDecker That happens in 50% of montreals wins. They get outplayed and win because of price. Lundqvist finall…
23 Apr, 03:28 PM UTC
Danny 🇨🇦
@Monctonscout Lundqvist was better yes but scored 4 goals after taking the series lead. That's why they lost, not Price.
23 Apr, 03:23 PM UTC
Sahil Shah
@ChartingHockey The Henrik Lundqvist yearly treatment
23 Apr, 03:21 PM UTC
Eli Roman
@NYRangers @HLundqvist30 YES! Lundqvist is the KING👑of NYC! Now for that CUP🏆AND A RING! LGR keep the 🔥burning! Pla…
23 Apr, 03:16 PM UTC
Patrick Pisacane
@bobbydollas1 The better team won there is no doubt about it Lundqvist is a playoff performer and mtl got out hit a…
23 Apr, 03:15 PM UTC
@The_KZB I mean he isn't wrong though he just failed to mention a lot of that "luck" is actually Henrik Lundqvist
23 Apr, 03:15 PM UTC
@NYCTheMiC Question: you bash Lundqvist for not having a cup... BUT... do you think he deserves a cup?
23 Apr, 03:12 PM UTC
mag lina
(Rangers Ride Henrik Lundqvist Into the Second Round) Mag-55 -
23 Apr, 03:12 PM UTC
Nathen McVittie
@callumlarr because lundqvist
23 Apr, 03:11 PM UTC
Rob Waters
Lundqvist bests Price as Rangers knock Canadiens out in Game 6 - NBC Sports #NYR #NHL
23 Apr, 03:10 PM UTC
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