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Boston Celtics @celtics
Marcus Smart has grabbed eight steals tonight. Yes, eight. 👀
Lil Trano From 76th @trancerivera
RT @taylorcsnow: Likelihood of this shot going in? Very slim. But Marcus Smart just wanted to be sure.
Muhammad Zahid Zahri @zahidzahri
RT @celtics: Marcus Smart on final play: "I played a hell of a great defens[ive possession] right there. I know I did."
Mitch ☘️ @mitchphillipsbc
RT @AdamHimmelsbach: Isaiah: "we won this game. We had it won. A great defensive play by Marcus Smart and the ref made a horrible call."
Jae Crowder @ClutchGodSlva
RT @CelticsDirect: Marcus Smart has been playing like a BEAST. Only 22 years of age. #Cobra
Young Product @Young_Product
RT @Steve_OS: Hey Jimmy Butler, did Marcus Smart foul you?
Virgil McBuckets @THEWildEagle38
RT @SportsCenter: Jimmy Butler gives Chicago the lead in the final second after Marcus Smart is called for a questionable foul. https://t.c…
Sam Austin Michael @Austin_Michael2
RT @CelticsJunkies: Here's a look at Marcus Smart's Flagrant 2 on Jimmy Butler with .9 left to hand the game to Chicago…
Young Product @Young_Product
RT @SBN_Ricky: The high-five in Marcus Smart's face is the new highlight of the season
Eric @ericjdemers1
RT @ForeverGreen_: Marcus Smart is the definition of a true Boston Celtic.
Kevin Montañez @kevvvmontanez
RT @NBA_Skits: The refs called a foul on Marcus Smart for this...
Josh @steezyjosh7
RT @SInow: The Bulls just beat the Celtics on an incredibly questionable foul call
Shap @shapdaddy614
RT @AdamHimmelsbach: Marcus Smart: "I’m one of the best defenders in this league. I played hell of a great defense right there. I know I di…
Allan Escalona @Allan9999999
RT @ByJayKing: Here's Marcus Smart saying he got punished for good D -- and that ref made call after Butler asked for it.…
stay woke @YaBoyErik
RT @andrewsharp: If the question is "Did Marcus Smart foul him?" then answer is always yes.
Stanislav Ivanov @StanIvanov
RT @TomGilesSports: Loved Marcus Smart's comments "I'm one of the best defenders in this league... I got punished for playing good D, I gue…
Dom @dompappa
RT @Max_Lederman: This may not be appropriate for viewers of all ages. Marcus Smart and the Celtics getting screwed twice (CHI & POR) #Cel…
🙏LifeDreamsDavid🔯 @obi_davidobi223
RT @H00PINATI: I don't think that was a foul by Marcus Smart but the refs were shitting on the Bulls all game long so ask me if I care lmfao
Butch McRae @ByrdieMcFly_
RT @Devin_Walker5: I need a girl who shoots down DM's like Marcus Smart blocks 3/4 court shots...
Le Psy TrashTalk @giovannim6
RT @TrashTalk_fr: Marcus Smart a-t-il fait faute sur Jimmy Butler ? Les arbitres ont dit oui, on attend le rapport de la police https://t.c…
Kiko 24 Lega @kiko_lega
RT @nbaplus: Por jugadas así, Marcus Smart es uno de los mejores defensores de la NBA. #dormiresdecobardes
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