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Blake Hounshell @blakehounshell
Mark Sanford on Speaker Ryan: "radio silence is not sustainable in being true to yourself.”
Danelle Gibson @DanelleGibson
RT @SouthernDems_: If you're in SC, there's a town hall with Rep. Mark Sanford this weekend. Don't miss it!
IndivisibleSue @IndivisibleSue
RT @RawStory: GOP’s Mark Sanford lays waste to Trump’s lies: ‘Facts don’t matter? Our republic was based on reason’
Tammy Vanderleest @TLVanderleest
RT @nxthompson: Wow. Mark Sanford the one GOP Congressman who's not afraid to criticize Trump.… @MyMediaForum
RT @AdamWollner: You're going to want to set aside some time to read Rep. Mark Sanford's "Catholic confessional" with @TimAlberta https://t…
Susan @slove48
RT @TimAlberta: This is a Republican member of Congress, slamming his party's president -- repeatedly -- for not telling the truth https://…
Phtb @phtbdraws
RT @jmartNYT: "I've watched you. You’re a winner,” Trump told him, as Sanford recalls. He rolls his eyes. “It’s like, OK.”…
Chad Smith @flipflopfury
RT @AaronBlake: #ff @TimAlberta for his great read on Mark Sanford
Tom Durff @tdurff
RT @maggieNYT: ‘I’m a Dead Man Walking’ - POLITICO Magazine
Wanda SanMiguel @wandainparis
RT @politico: “I’ve watched you. You’re a winner,” Trump told him, as @RepSanfordSC recalls. He rolls his eyes. “It’s like, OK.” https://t.…
James Carroll @jamesecarroll3
RT @politico: “I’ve watched you. You’re a winner,” Trump told him, as @RepSanfordSC recalls. He rolls his eyes. “It’s like, OK.” https://t.…
Brian Frederick @BrianFrederick4
RT @kairyssdal: Worth a read for a whole lot of reasons.
Teresa @MDTeresa
RT @BenjySarlin: This story confirms what's been true for awhile: @MarkSanford is one of the most interesting ppl in Congress…
Rob1963 @Rob162816
RT @POLITICOMag: Mark Sanford says @realDonaldTrump is unprepared for the presidency.
Erick Brown @Erick_J_Brown
RT @TimAlberta: News: Blue chip candidate Ted Fienning (Harvard, Marines, self funder) tells me he'll challenge Sanford in R primary https:…
Steve @SteveSmac42
RT @ceciliacarey: Mark Sanford: I Support You, Donald Trump. Now Release Your Tax Returns.
Literal Snowflake @literalpigeon
RT @steveking_: nothing left to lose
James Mowdy ✈️🇺🇸 @JamesJetsOften
RT @asvokos: This is just completely fascinating
pixiedust2017 @bullwinklecat1
RT @RickerLA423: “And all of a sudden a guy comes along where facts don’t matter?” Republican Mark Sanford, U.S. Rep., So Carolina…
Александр @courcumbcolon11
RT @switchbackimage: ‘I’m a Dead Man Walking’
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