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Jamie N. Otis
#MarriedAtFirstSight is back tonight at 9/8c & its now on @lifetimetv! Who's watching the blind marriages with me?! 👰
20 Apr, 03:24 PM UTC
Cortney Carrion
#MarriedAtFirstSight is back tonight at 9/8c&it's now on @lifetimetv!i remember those nerves like it was yesterday 😉
20 Apr, 12:58 PM UTC
Married At 1st Sight
You know you're getting #MarriedAtFirstSight if you say yes to the dress before the man. Watch the premiere tonight… https://t.co/kR694wDZh7
20 Apr, 04:01 PM UTC
Neise519 ♉️
That moment when Anthony finds out his wife's name is Ashley!! 😱😱😲😲#MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 02:41 AM UTC
People Magazine
See the #MarriedAtFirstSight season 5 wedding portraits — and a shocking supertease! https://t.co/bCGxip3Qva
20 Apr, 02:40 PM UTC
People Magazine
The highs and lows from #MarriedAtFirstSight’s first four seasons https://t.co/YHOijZ02SX
21 Apr, 03:00 AM UTC
RealiTV with Bee
The sweetness of this picture is beyond words. @Sheila_MAFS @Nate_MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS @KineticContent
21 Apr, 03:29 AM UTC
Listen.. Joke or not. You SHALL NOT act the fool at the toast on national tv with a family you don't know!… https://t.co/EinrFYGnyU
21 Apr, 03:17 AM UTC
#MarriedAtFirstSight, nate's dad got everyone llike
21 Apr, 03:19 AM UTC
RealiTV with Bee
Holy crap! Now THAT's a kiss! Smokin hot chemistry @Anthony_MAFS and @AshleyP_MAFS 🔥🔥🔥 #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS
21 Apr, 03:29 AM UTC
derek schwartz
looks like there will be no lack of affection this season 🔥 🔥 #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 03:31 AM UTC
I'd be so shamed if I was Nate or Sheila. #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 03:04 AM UTC
Courtney Younghans
#MarriedAtFirstSight I adore Ashley and Anthony I hope they make it .. they re so freaking cute
21 Apr, 04:02 AM UTC
Married At 1st Sight
It gets crazier. Trust us, @Nate_MAFS! #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 03:25 AM UTC
Sheila Downs
Parachutes aren't necessary when you're landing in God's hands! I believe that with my whole heart! ❤ #MarriedAtFirstSight #mafs5
21 Apr, 02:03 AM UTC
Married At 1st Sight
Oops, we're crying. #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 03:15 AM UTC
If you haven't dated a supermodel don't expect us to match you with one 😜 #MarriedAtFirstSight #Preach
21 Apr, 12:25 AM UTC
Awww Jason and Cortney from #MarriedAtFirstSight are still together.
21 Apr, 06:31 AM UTC
Crazy Corgi Guy
Nate and Sheila's wedding be like! @MAFS_Original #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 03:23 AM UTC
I'm dead! 😂🤣 His speech though 😳😱😂 #MarriedAtFirstSight https://t.co/ckuIgLwpLi
21 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
Met on Oct 17, 1982. Moved in March 17, 1983. Married July 1, 1984. Still 💕 #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 04:36 AM UTC
Pamoja App
#MarriedAtFirstSight #ifyouaretheone WHO KNOWS, YOU MIGHT FIND YOUR MATCH IN #PamojaApp Download it through PLAY S… https://t.co/Os8ddZltLz
21 Apr, 07:50 AM UTC
Shelia said she was excited to sleep. No they'll be no panties #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 06:59 AM UTC
Jazzy Williams
Oh my....where do we start!? #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 08:58 AM UTC
@Tom_MAFS @Nate_MAFS flashbacks of I live in bus...brother lives w/me hope he tells b4 they go home! 😂 #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 07:04 AM UTC
Wright Chloe
#MarriedAtFirstSight Perfect summer Monday invite a few friends for prosecco on the porch. Even better with glider and pillows.
21 Apr, 10:17 AM UTC
britt matt
Wow. Nate's father went in 😳. #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 10:17 AM UTC
britt matt
I just spent the last 3 hours watching the premiere episodes #MarriedAtFirstSight. I'm so in this season.
21 Apr, 10:16 AM UTC
Овчинникова Наина
#MarriedAtFirstSight So, the theme for #GBBO tonight is bread. Do you bake your own bread? #breadmaking #homebaking
21 Apr, 10:13 AM UTC
Jacobs Ann
#MarriedAtFirstSight Happy Labor Day weekend from your friends at Pella Windows & Doors. How are you planning to spend your weekend?
21 Apr, 10:11 AM UTC
Tyler Doreen
#MarriedAtFirstSight And the story continues.........
21 Apr, 10:05 AM UTC
In find so much beauty in a lady who is independent enough to run her dreams and lifestyle. #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 10:04 AM UTC
Brahim Rouini
The latest The Brawitter Journal! https://t.co/q2ccOyvc01 Thanks to @bizcom #marriedatfirstsight #hrw
21 Apr, 10:02 AM UTC
Allegreto Break
The latest ☑ The Allegretto Break Daily ☛! https://t.co/wxmm2BudQm Thanks to @LucasEnt @ArmondRizzoxxx @DanN357 #marriedatfirstsight #gay
21 Apr, 10:01 AM UTC
Steven Griffiths
So I hear on the grapevine there is a new US series of #marriedatfirstsight - good luck to those… https://t.co/TA3wVVAs3x
21 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC
💣#MOAB 😳
I thought the same thing. She even has a dog! I'm worried that her hubby is toooooo young, though. 😐… https://t.co/LMKlTWVqGy
21 Apr, 09:15 AM UTC
Obsessed with Summer Flowers Falbala Set😍 👙👉https://t.co/gD3B9zj4xG👈👙 #cupshebabeinhawaii #bikini #cupshe #ootdhttps://t.co/94fGlwfYq2
21 Apr, 09:07 AM UTC
Tammy Crawford
#MarriedAtFirstSight Enjoyed the Show. Nice looking Couples
21 Apr, 09:01 AM UTC
How sad for Nate that his father behaved so poorly. #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 08:55 AM UTC
Im So Over Black Love That I Wont Be Watching #MarriedAtFirstSight Simply Because They Put The Black People Togethe… https://t.co/P7oZBv3cMO
21 Apr, 08:49 AM UTC
Mari Quintero †
@Anthony_MAFS @AshleyP_MAFS IM ROOTING FOR YOU!!! Don't let me down! 😭😭😭❤️ #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 08:38 AM UTC
Shelia looks stunning! #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 08:30 AM UTC
Nate's mother's behavior is appalling. How hard is it to be cordial to the bride's family? #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 08:26 AM UTC
Carmen S. Gonzalez
The latest Top Tweets To Watch! https://t.co/beNEX4XVOQ Thanks to @NewsHour #marriedatfirstsight
21 Apr, 08:22 AM UTC
Fredy Hernandez
El Diario de Fredyweb is out! https://t.co/UqNRdlE5lI Stories via @7piliers #blogs #marriedatfirstsight
21 Apr, 07:50 AM UTC
Did Sonia and Nick (was it Nick?) stay married? I never saw any follow up. #Marriedatfirstsight
21 Apr, 07:48 AM UTC
Jay Yarbrough🎙
We were #MarriedAtFirstSight when we met in my dream.
21 Apr, 07:43 AM UTC
Jodi Big Brother 14
Woah the preview for the season! 😂😤😡🤗😏😮🤗😔 #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 07:38 AM UTC
Heather Yerrid
Indeed 🙌🏽what did you think of the couples @nick_mafs - do tell... #marriedatfirstsight https://t.co/1xDNkGW0SD
21 Apr, 07:32 AM UTC
It's what I thought when I first laid eyes on you #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 07:31 AM UTC
Watching #MarriedAtFirstSight "people have all these requirements of what their woman should look like, a Beyoncé… https://t.co/DltSlnCDU6
21 Apr, 07:29 AM UTC
Jennie Metro/Dilbeck
The latest The Jennie Metro Times! https://t.co/jYHErc16H9 Thanks to @walkerdl #marriedatfirstsight
21 Apr, 07:29 AM UTC
A Seat At the Beard
Man. These body seekers on #MarriedAtFirstSight remind me of dudes on Twitter. Looking for something they never had ever.
21 Apr, 07:26 AM UTC
Something tells me, she's going to get that long awaited orgasm. 😏🙊😂 #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 07:22 AM UTC
That, is the look of one, non approving mother in law. Yikes!! #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 07:21 AM UTC
Tony Street
Pretty much how my wife and I got married. Haven't looked back. #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 07:12 AM UTC
if u want to start a dating right now, then download our app https://t.co/NfZtw0Tla4 #EarthDaySongshttps://t.co/qbOf3019E5
21 Apr, 07:11 AM UTC
Tammy Crawford
#MarriedAtFirstSight Sheila reminds me of Monet
21 Apr, 07:08 AM UTC
Andrea McCullough
They stated of 12weddings 1/3 have made it, isn't it 1/4 since 3 couples have stayed together, but #imnomathematician #MarriedAtFirstSight
21 Apr, 07:06 AM UTC
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