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Edmonton Oilers
.@Molson_Canadian Three Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Patrick Maroon (goal) ⭐️⭐️ Martin Jones (44 saves) ⭐️ David Desharnais (OT winner) #LetsGoOilers
21 Apr, 05:56 AM UTC
San Jose Sharks
21 Apr, 05:34 AM UTC
San Jose Sharks
Martin Jones coming up with the big saves tonight. 💪 #SJSharks
21 Apr, 04:54 AM UTC
Rick S
How Martin Jones felt in OT...
21 Apr, 06:13 AM UTC
Martin Jones holy heck
21 Apr, 05:35 AM UTC
Bring Hockey Back
Martin Jones bout to break the puck out to himself, dangle all 5 EDM skaters and snipe Talbot on his own. Dude's doing everything else 😂
21 Apr, 05:46 AM UTC
San Jose Sharks
While all the attention is focused ahead to tomorrow night, Martin Jones has had our back. 💪 🙅
21 Apr, 10:01 PM UTC
Harpreet Pandher
That was the most lopsided period of hockey ever. Nevermind overtime. #Oilers deserve the win.What a performance by Martin Jones. #SJSvsEDM
21 Apr, 05:58 AM UTC
Darren Haynes
Eighteen San Jose Sharks owe Martin Jones an apology.
21 Apr, 05:55 AM UTC
Jeff Gluck
Cup practice is over (maybe the only one if it rains tomorrow). Erik Jones fastest, then Kyle Busch, Ryan Blaney, Martin Truex, Matt Kenseth
21 Apr, 07:56 PM UTC
Mitch Melnick
Any Sharks fans complaining that Martin Jones "couldn't steal the game"? #dolts
21 Apr, 05:59 AM UTC
Darryl Martin
Sharks: Martin Jones is the Sharks MVP win or lose. He kept them in this game as long as he could. In OT Oilers just took the game over.
21 Apr, 06:21 AM UTC
J.P. Hoornstra
Who got more help: Hannah Baker in "13 Reasons Why" or Martin Jones in overtime?
21 Apr, 05:54 AM UTC
Doncaster RLFC
TEAMS | DONS XIII | Carr, Doherty, Jones-Bishop, Tali, Sheriff, Howden, Cross, Castle, Kesik, Braham, England, Mart…
21 Apr, 05:51 PM UTC
Chicago Reader
Martin Preib is like the Alex Jones of the Chicago's FOP police union.
21 Apr, 05:20 PM UTC
Daddy, I mean Martin Jones appreciation tweet
21 Apr, 06:42 PM UTC
me: i dont like men martin jones: me: i like one (1) man
21 Apr, 05:56 PM UTC
Jock Cartier
What kind of name is Martin Jones for a goalie? Sounds like an accountant. He needs a nickname... I say call him Gump
21 Apr, 05:47 AM UTC
Cyndi B
martin jones, our collective Precious Large Boring Robot Son
21 Apr, 07:07 PM UTC
P M Buchan
To check out more from @Marvel Jessica Jones variant artist @Martin_Simmonds head to K-5 at C2E2 & look for…
21 Apr, 09:12 PM UTC
anhthy ho
Wow wasn't that game basically oilers vs. Martin jones :-(
21 Apr, 05:58 AM UTC
.@AwkwardChick013 1) Beyoncé 2) Marc Andre Fleury 3) Sidney Crosby 4) Martin Jones 5) Fat fluffy cats
21 Apr, 09:33 PM UTC
Jamil Jones, Doug Martin or Skinn. I would be happy with any one of the three..
21 Apr, 08:52 PM UTC
@martin_kj Be careful what you say. Alex Jones will probably be drunk, half naked & knocking on your door tonight demanding his patooty kiss
21 Apr, 09:16 PM UTC
Mallory Kitts
Shuttle Hurdle Relay of Jones, Howell, Bowen, Martin place 4th, Schlichting 8th in pole vault, Bangura and Jones 3rd in long jump
21 Apr, 10:52 PM UTC
Martin Emes
@Die_Commies @Boofyre @KyleKulinski I don't think it's worth anyone's time explaining what's despicable about Alex…
21 Apr, 10:43 PM UTC
@Neditch Well, can't disagree with that. In your version of rebuild, would you make locking up Martin Jones top priority?
21 Apr, 10:38 PM UTC
B3 | 1-2-3 inning for Pitt with three pop ups. Pitt leads 6-3 after three complete. Kobziak, Jones, Martin due up
21 Apr, 09:52 PM UTC
kj martin
Alex Jones can kiss my patooty. He gave no respect therefore he deserves no respect.
21 Apr, 09:08 PM UTC
Earl Humphrey
3 Reasons Great Ideas Fail as Startups | Martin Jones |
21 Apr, 08:10 PM UTC
Dustin Long
#NASCAR: After 30 minutes of Cup practice 1. Erik Jones 2 Kyle Busch 3 Ryan Blaney 4 Martin Truex Jr 5 Matt Kenseth @NASCARonNBC
21 Apr, 07:32 PM UTC
Canon Purdy
@HockeyBabbler I bough a mug because you and Martin Jones are the only sharks that earned my love after last night's OT x__x
21 Apr, 07:12 PM UTC
Nicole King
Martin Jones is very strong from holding the weight of his team this series
21 Apr, 06:14 PM UTC
B6 | A fielder's choice by Martin to Jones at second puts two away for Pitt
21 Apr, 10:46 PM UTC
Jones, Martin, Prickett due up in the sixth
21 Apr, 10:22 PM UTC
Babe Ruthless
21 Apr, 10:15 PM UTC
@CDR_22 😂 sadly this is the 2020 season and I did my own rebuild.. the goalie is martin jones and if you look next…
21 Apr, 10:15 PM UTC
Faith Crossman
#SanJose San Jose #Sharks Martin Jones Men's #Jersey SIZE 46 REEBOK CENTER ICE COLLECTION
21 Apr, 10:13 PM UTC
Novice Game Study
@SanJoseSharks Martin Jones aka Game-dalf. Puck! Shall not! Pass!
21 Apr, 10:10 PM UTC
Steve Lansky
I think #Oilers v. #Sharks series is really now a battle between Cam Talbot and Martin Jones to see who can avoid a call from Ron Hextall
21 Apr, 09:43 PM UTC
Free Backlinks
BEST CHEAP VPS #HOSTING #wordpress #seo | Martin Jones | Cemper’s Link Building and #SEO Podcast Series
21 Apr, 09:41 PM UTC
T3 | Martin drills one right at the pitcher, but the throw to first beats her out, Jones advances to second and brings up Prickett
21 Apr, 09:33 PM UTC
"Martin Jones's Photography" uploaded to @PurplePort #portrait #photo #PurplePort
21 Apr, 09:28 PM UTC
ART U Urban Knights
BASE: Gm1 McGraw DH Maleski 2B Luna 1B Bauer RF Reichel C Martin SS Ray CF Villanueva 3B Jones LF Lacy P Stats:
21 Apr, 08:57 PM UTC
Yanick Ethier
"Il n'y a rien de plus insensé, ni de plus autodestructeur qu'un chrétien qui dit ne pas s'intéresser à la doctrine…
21 Apr, 08:13 PM UTC
Martin Jones
The latest The Martin Jones Daily! Thanks to @deapersson #marketing #analytics
21 Apr, 07:12 PM UTC
"Martin Jones's Photography" uploaded to @PurplePort #portrait #photo #PurplePort
21 Apr, 07:03 PM UTC
Going thru Martin Jones tweets, watching them switch from "he stood on his head" & "sharks owe him an apology to "5 hole" & "siv" #SJSvsEDM
21 Apr, 06:44 PM UTC
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