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Esto ya se salió de control... #masterchefjunior #MasterChefMx
27 Mar, 09:00 PM UTC
Kurihara Pato
@Batia_MCJR_ Tranquila morra no hagas caso nunca quedas bien cn la gente y eso no db preocupart para nada lo hiciste bien #masterchefjunior
28 Mar, 04:51 AM UTC
Mr. Dano
Cuando no sabes cómo explicarle a tu mamá que se te olvidó el Tupperware en la escuela. #masterchefjunior
27 Mar, 06:55 PM UTC
Da BlackB👸🏾🦂
Watching the last 2 episodes of #masterchefjunior and I'm crying when the kids cry because they get eliminated. 😭😭😭😭😂😂
28 Mar, 03:41 AM UTC
Kevin Palmer
I have an irrational hatred of Cydney on #masterchefjunior. It's petty,I'm an adult, and I'm an awful person. But she's the worst.
27 Mar, 11:49 PM UTC
Сериалы ТУТ!
Лучший повар Америки: Дети 5 сезон, 1 серия https://t.co/iYlJJn8gT7 #serial #MasterChefJunior
28 Mar, 10:43 AM UTC
Zander Chacon
#masterchefjunior ver ese momento tan sad plasmado que durará para siempre en nuestros corazones.
28 Mar, 04:48 AM UTC
Esta noche me echo el tercer programa de #MasterChefJunior en el YouTube. 😬👨🏻‍🍳🇲🇽
28 Mar, 03:07 AM UTC
Yo, cuando me enteré que descalificaron a Amelie del #MasterChefJunior. 😢👩🏻‍🍳🇲🇽
28 Mar, 03:05 AM UTC
Geebert Villota
3rd time to watch the replay episode of #MasterchefJunior Sad to see Donovan go! Cute cute nya pa naman. Buti andun pa si baby boy Adam 😍😁😜
28 Mar, 02:18 AM UTC
Kirsten Cruz
Curious what happens to food leftover from challenges on #MasterChefJunior ? Possible some might go to charity?@GordonRamsay @ChristinaTosi
28 Mar, 01:59 AM UTC
Erik Zatarain
@Amelie_MCJR por qué te saliste enojada de #masterchefjunior ??
28 Mar, 12:58 AM UTC
Gastón Iturbide
Roy llorando en #masterchefjunior me dejó muy afectado, mándenle un abrazo de mi parte.
28 Mar, 12:03 AM UTC
Stacey aka Pope
@GordonRamsay the pie in your face was the highlight of my month. Love that you're making the show so fun!! #masterchefjunior
27 Mar, 11:51 PM UTC
I can't help but be in awe over these kids that cook like a professional chef, far surpassing their years #MasterChefJunior
27 Mar, 10:11 PM UTC
Goyo Pérez
@Alana_MCJr a mi me parece que hay mas creatividad con los niños de esta temporada de #masterchefjunior Alana :3 o tu que dices
27 Mar, 10:03 PM UTC
#MasterChefJunior Every week I'm like 😢when these amazing kids get kicked off breaks your heart #GreatShow
27 Mar, 08:20 PM UTC
Con un sueño terrible. Me desvele viendo a #MasterChefJunior. 😴
27 Mar, 07:28 PM UTC
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