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Jamie Oliver
Simple spinach lasagna perfect for #meatfreemonday guys get stuck in https://t.co/VG9Qkbw4uF x x
27 Mar, 12:00 PM UTC
Hairy Bikers
We love our meat but… our new book goes veggie! Join us, up your veg & try a #meatfreemonday to cut out the calorie… https://t.co/IJlsWB3hRO
27 Mar, 05:14 PM UTC
Meat Free Monday
Our #MeatFreeMonday #recipeoftheday is a healthy take on Spaghetti Alfredo with Portobello Mushrooms:… https://t.co/MxKaUbmePk
27 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
Meat Free Monday
Wishing you a happy start to the week with #MeatFreeMonday! What #MeatFree treats will you be eating today?… https://t.co/UoyISjwm5e
27 Mar, 07:55 AM UTC
Greenpeace UK
Steering clear of meat all together or for #MeatFreeMonday? Here are 5 tips on changing your diet https://t.co/taLqalGQVy
27 Mar, 02:19 PM UTC
Jamie's Food Tube
Ooooft these Pea & Feta Quesadillas are exactly what we fancy tonight. A delicious #MeatFreeMonday dinner. WATCH:… https://t.co/KQN2MCPZ10
27 Mar, 06:28 PM UTC
Wow: incredible! #PlantBased is the future diet according to sausage exec. #MeatFreeMonday #GoVegan - for the anima… https://t.co/r8u8pZTtB3
27 Mar, 04:34 PM UTC
Aldi Stores UK
Lunch, dinner or just a snack - these tartlets taste great any time of day: https://t.co/AUjSd70YoJ #MeatFreeMonday
27 Mar, 02:00 PM UTC
The Curry Guy
It's #MeatFreeMonday! You won't miss the meat when you try these stuffed tandoori mushrooms.… https://t.co/QRNjW8zEEd
27 Mar, 02:50 PM UTC
Amelia Freer Dip ION
Here's a simple #MeatFreeMonday recipe for you from my nee book #10dayplan Stuffed Peppers with Chilli (v) https://t.co/fxWmNNqLP7
27 Mar, 05:58 PM UTC
Eco-friendly Tips
Want to save some cash? ...while saving our beautiful planet! I DO! Check out this handy list #eco #actonclimatehttps://t.co/0ZLFrtoMEE
28 Mar, 12:25 AM UTC
Clearly Magazine
A comforting #MeatfreeMonday meal takes only 15 minutes with this new #cookbook https://t.co/p2nD7lgyRPhttps://t.co/q4I7j4Erls
27 Mar, 07:25 AM UTC
Restaurant Retro 🍴
Share photos with us of what you ate today to celebrate #MeatFreeMonday!
27 Mar, 02:57 PM UTC
残りもの適当 #Vegan ごはん 料理下手だけどカレー激おいしくなった💚野菜のチカラすごい 今日は #MeatFreeMonday できる範囲から始めよう。 エシカルな選択を。 私たちが菜食に移行していったら地球環境が蘇り…… https://t.co/A9uvdBkrcP
27 Mar, 08:36 AM UTC
kathy gori
I love okra, my husband definitely no....however this way..he'll eat it! https://t.co/4kpOYo8dFm #veganhttps://t.co/Cd48HHuSnO
27 Mar, 07:03 PM UTC
SBS Food
#MeatFreeMonday presents these beautiful momos, filled with mushroom, potato & paneer! Get it here |… https://t.co/bR2vFU8KI4
27 Mar, 08:15 AM UTC
Nicky Kyle Gardening
Fave meal for #MeatFreeMonday.Twice-cooked black rice & red wine risotto, with chestnut mushrooms & cashew nuts.… https://t.co/pKS69MbWR8
27 Mar, 07:30 PM UTC
Whoops, sorry I'm a wild #tiger & I didn't know it was #MeatFreeMonday
27 Mar, 05:06 PM UTC
SlimFast UK
This #MeatFreeMonday we're indulging in this delicious quesadillas #recipe at under 600 cals.… https://t.co/UZMKnxwvEQ
27 Mar, 05:03 PM UTC
Say hello to fresh of the boat squid with Thai spices & lime🍻 https://t.co/UYgxial2WO #MondayMotivationhttps://t.co/fsbylYYi2H
27 Mar, 07:38 PM UTC
Jen Thrasher
#MeatlessMonday ✨Mussels in garlic herb butter w/ asparagus over angel hair pasta✨ #MeatFreeMonday #HealthyFoodhttps://t.co/6VmRv0XSM8
28 Mar, 01:35 AM UTC
Bina Sitaram
Urad aka Maa Ki Dhaal served with slivers of salted shallots & spelt roti 💋 #OhSoLush #Indian #Curryhttps://t.co/COk3MATWhY
27 Mar, 04:55 PM UTC
Jenna Maree-Kipling
There's VERY little better than a home cooked meal 🌶🍅🌽 #MeatFreeMonday
27 Mar, 06:18 PM UTC
Looking for tonight's perfect meat free dinner, look no further #MeatFreeMonday https://t.co/GNsU66aC07
27 Mar, 05:27 PM UTC
This is absolutely horrifying but needs to be seen! Know where your #meat comes from. #bacon #pork #pigs #veganhttps://t.co/dMgaPOgTFX
28 Mar, 01:18 AM UTC
Zabardast Wraps
#Vegan-friendly, delicious, perfect for #meatfreemonday as well as every other day 😋
27 Mar, 04:51 PM UTC
Sarah Dean
Try my rich and creamy #vegan lasagne this #MeatFreeMonday! Ultimate comfort food. https://t.co/puuwsVrW2J
27 Mar, 03:50 PM UTC
Renee Gaudette
Slow roasted tomatoes 🍅 #MeatFreeMonday #vegetarian #yum
28 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
Girls on Food
The Spring Pea Panna Cotta from Journeyman's in Fullerton, CA. Savory, sweet and you can have it on #MeatFreeMondayhttps://t.co/2go3R5ir0U
27 Mar, 05:55 PM UTC
Carly Taylor
Simple spinach lasagna perfect for #meatfreemonday guys get stuck in https://t.co/ui61ypl7oE x x by #jamieoliver vi… https://t.co/2NAig9CnuP
28 Mar, 04:01 AM UTC
I guess one could go #MeatFreeMonday @EatingBeagles ..though that need not extend to the #poutine !! 🇨🇦😋👌
28 Mar, 02:26 AM UTC
Guernsey Park
Just another #MeatFreeMonday with the spicy tofu.
28 Mar, 12:36 AM UTC
Check Your Food
Check out - The health benefits of carrots, Bugs Bunnies favourite #MeatFreeMonday #vegan #nutrition #healthyhttps://t.co/0eefr4Sd2a
28 Mar, 12:00 AM UTC
David Jones
Spotted it's #MeatFreeMonday right after finishing my Speedy's mixed grill breakfast. #winning
28 Mar, 06:38 AM UTC
Beans are a great #vegetarian option for boosting protein & fiber intake. https://t.co/NX7njq0X0y #meatfreemonday
28 Mar, 03:45 AM UTC
احمد شوخي
Reuters:At least 9reported killed in #Yemen due to US-Saudi airstrike, including 4 children https://t.co/6OD4cvuSSv #MeatFreeMonday #aurora
28 Mar, 02:25 AM UTC
#Yum my client' just #slayed these #veggies for dinner. What are you #cooking tonight? #MeatFreeMondayhttps://t.co/gG5Uqjcds8
28 Mar, 02:15 AM UTC
Sweta S Vikram
All veggie, all nutritious😍 Who says eating healthy has to be boring? @SpicyFoods #MeatFreeMonday #indianfoodhttps://t.co/BCC1ZJQdsM
28 Mar, 02:04 AM UTC
SD VegFest TBD 2017
9 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat #meatlessmonday #meatfreemonday https://t.co/XrG9dPXwJr
28 Mar, 01:00 AM UTC
Janelle Juteram Ⓥ
Another quick dish with leftover #chili #MeatFreeMonday #veganrecipe
27 Mar, 11:42 PM UTC
Uilliam Mac Giolla M
“I Actually Want To Be Eaten”, Local Cow Hits Back At #Vegans /// https://t.co/94ZEyoZjxb by @WhispersNewsLTDhttps://t.co/jK4noUBDBr
27 Mar, 11:20 PM UTC
Charlie Ely
Excellent work from those adorable scientists again, trying to sort out food production 💚 #environment #vegetarianhttps://t.co/CR3BohFisE
27 Mar, 10:39 PM UTC
does event catering cater for your needs? Take a look at our blog & have your say on how they should respond #MeatFreeMonday #vegan
27 Mar, 10:37 PM UTC
Claudia Mauleon
Una de mis favoritas! TINGA DE ZANAHORIA 🌮❤️ #MeatFreeMonday #ComerBonito https://t.co/NEyjoEaijM
27 Mar, 10:27 PM UTC
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