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Pam Moore @PamMktgNut
Putting "influencer" in your bio or website doesn't = influencer. Being able to touch hearts, change minds & drive action does. #mediachat
Design.Build.Remodel @DarneliGroupLLC
RT @JoshEstrin: Back atcha RT @kilby76: Sup Josh :) Great to see you tonight! RT @JoshEstrin @Media_Chat how are WE doing ? #mediachat
Esther Berger @GizmoB12
RT @AlexReffie: Thanks @Melanyb12 You helped our #UFSMM learn some awesome ways to get our professional careers going!! #mediachat
Jessica Ann @itsjessicann
RT @kilby76: Next week our guest will be @itsjessicann here on #MediaChat same time, same place!
Esther Berger @GizmoB12
RT @chevd80: @Melanyb12 This was a fun #mediachat. Thank you for being the guest of honor tonight. Have a great weekend everyone.
MelanysGuydlines ® @Melanyb12
RT @TheLizKellogg: Agree! @Melanyb12 is the BEST @Media_Chat guest. #mediachat https://t.co/LN8IJsdu4n
Esther Berger @GizmoB12
RT @sourcePOV: Great #marketing #mediachat tonight. Props @kilby76 @Melanyb12 and crew. Always enjoy spending an hour (or so) with you.
Esther Berger @GizmoB12
RT @Meg_Pipa: @Melanyb12 You're awesome for being here! Thanks for the valuable info! Peace out. #UFSMM Go Gators! #mediachat
Esther Berger @GizmoB12
RT @SirTeddyBrewski: Did @Melanyb12 tell you I am a professional photobomber too? #mediachat https://t.co/45h7TQP2Rp
MelanysGuydlines ® @Melanyb12
RT @AnnaMariaSocial: Leave the reader with something to talk about and a reason to come back for more. #mediachat https://t.co/41JbaGGQe2
MelanysGuydlines ® @Melanyb12
RT @AdrianSado: @iampotillo @Melanyb12 Agreed! Too many bots and automation right now. #mediachat
Esther Berger @GizmoB12
RT @Melanyb12: @CrucialBleu I wish! There are apps where you can see who unfollows you! @ManageFlitter #mediachat
InfiVisible @InfiVisible
RT @motionstream: 4 Things To Know As Out-Of-Home Goes Programmatic | AdExchanger https://t.co/CJPp9KxAKw #DOOH #OOH #mediachat
MelanysGuydlines ® @Melanyb12
RT @KimMcVeigh_: Thank you @Melanyb12 for helping out all of us Gators and giving us some great advice for the future! #mediachat #ufsmm
MelanysGuydlines ® @Melanyb12
RT @RebeccaBredin: @kilby76 @Melanyb12 Thanks so much for the great chat! I had a wonderful time. #MediaChat
MelanysGuydlines ® @Melanyb12
RT @matageli: Wonderful #mediachat this evening! Thanks to @kilby76 and @Melanyb12!
MelanysGuydlines ® @Melanyb12
RT @martinjonesaz: One of the best ways I've found of finding good influencers is referrals @kilby76 @Melanyb12 ;-) #mediachat
WordPress Digest @DigestWordpress
RT @sourcePOV: Agree Gabriel. But I try not too go back TOO too far. Oh gosh. Night & day. #wordpress #mediachat https://t.co/bAj6FQO3lT
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