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Jack Blanchard
Outgoing Labour MP @MichaelDugher not holding back in his verdict on the current party leadership… https://t.co/5ZeHhsoBG6
26 Apr, 01:59 PM UTC
Kevin Schofield
This by Michael Dugher in the New Statesman is the direct opposite of a thinly-veiled swipe.
26 Apr, 02:35 PM UTC
George Eaton
Michael Dugher on Corbyn's "remarkable achievement". https://t.co/DESuVDb5Rx
26 Apr, 01:45 PM UTC
George Eaton
"A remarkable achievement" for Jeremy Corbyn to be doing so badly - my interview with Michael Dugher… https://t.co/iye3R0TcAt
26 Apr, 01:35 PM UTC
Michael Dugher MP
"The only point of being in opposition is to try & get into govt." My interview with @georgeeaton in @NewStatesman https://t.co/Slc3ldo0uJ
26 Apr, 01:55 PM UTC
George Eaton
Dugher tells me it would be "an act of of profound self-indulgence and vanity" for Corbyn to stay on after defeat. https://t.co/FnfUV1x4wv
26 Apr, 02:48 PM UTC
The Staggers
Michael Dugher interview: "A remarkable achievement" for Jeremy Corbyn to be doing this badly.… https://t.co/suhAJRmgQG
26 Apr, 01:29 PM UTC
George Eaton
Dugher singles out Rachel Reeves ("biggest brain"), Chuka Umunna ("incredibly talented") and Dan Jarvis for praise. https://t.co/FnfUV1x4wv
26 Apr, 02:57 PM UTC
NEW Michael Dugher: Jeremy Corbyn must stand down if Labour loses https://t.co/rc71aqrdJr
26 Apr, 04:40 PM UTC
Michael Dugher also says Corbyn has overseen a "remarkable achievement" to take Labour backwards in Scotland.… https://t.co/IyOJeqJI54
26 Apr, 04:45 PM UTC
George Eaton
Dugher also tells me that it's "no good moderates blaming Corbyn". Members turned to him through "desperation". https://t.co/DESuVDb5Rx
26 Apr, 04:18 PM UTC
New Statesman
Michael Dugher interview by @georgeeaton: "A remarkable achievement" for Jeremy Corbyn to be doing so badly… https://t.co/uNdCJLWjEy
26 Apr, 05:01 PM UTC
Adam Payne
Michael Dugher doing what I believe is the exact opposite of mincing your words https://t.co/09f6NbZUU4 https://t.co/lYkSpvfXhv
26 Apr, 02:37 PM UTC
Geoff Wet Blanket
Neil Coyle and Michael Dugher outed as Tory agents. At least Dugher's standing down. https://t.co/7XoxHKx4LF via @Shareaholic
26 Apr, 04:30 PM UTC
Hannah Miller
Barnsley MP Michael Dugher is not going quietly... https://t.co/aKzGdgvaqg
26 Apr, 05:15 PM UTC
Gurtej sandhu
Michael Dugher interview: "A remarkable achievement" for Jeremy Corbyn to be doing so badly https://t.co/1CrDZjNMwT
26 Apr, 03:05 PM UTC
Lauren Woods
Brilliant interview with @MichaelDugher. He said everything I think about Labour right now. https://t.co/ytui2B2ur3
26 Apr, 05:08 PM UTC
G Phi
#Labour on the other hand had MPs such as Neil #Coyle & Michael #Dugher providing on-the-record briefings to journa… https://t.co/G5DjrpW32y
26 Apr, 05:02 PM UTC
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