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AP Eastern U.S. @APEastRegion
No more Thimble! Fans have voted the longtime Monopoly piece out of the game. @WayneParryAC reports. Story:…
Fran @franlxpez
RT @CauseWereGuys: When you're winning in monopoly 💵😂
Francisco Baettig @fcobaettig
RT @TueTueh: Por algo el juego se llama Monopoly y no "Equilibrio perfecto del mercado guiado por la mano invisible"
Meek @Meeko81G
RT @CauseWereGamerz: When you're winning in monopoly
~M @FoggyMtnHeart
RT @tassletie: You don't really know someone until you have played monopoly with them.
AYJ @mysticrealm21
RT @USATODAY: It's game over for the Monopoly thimble
MOMZILLA @Kath2252
RT @TIME: Today's top stories: Donald Trump's press conference, Tony Blair's Brexit fight and Monopoly's thimble
Concerned Citizen @ldube36
RT @Owami_Dlamini: As much as Zuma is bad, he is the only SA president to expose and attack the crimes and corruption of White Monopoly Cap…
Squam @squam0
RT @vendo_matt: I hope Twitter gets outraged over Monopoly ditching the thimble. It's the only token that fits on your pinky. #Monopoly #…
Sebastopol @SebastopolWTD
RT @ffring: Qu’on file une légion d’honneur à ce fan ! Monopoly x Final Fantasy.
Dave Craige @davecraige
RT @NYTWA: In New Delhi, India thousands of @Uber drivers are also on strike over rate cuts and Uber's monopoly tactic of flooding streets…
Chloie Dicke @Wonder404xX
RT @HuffPostWeird: Hasbro has killed off a classic Monopoly game piece
John Ellis Porter @JEllisP
RT @AllieGoertz: Well they killed off the Allie Goertz of monopoly pieces
IL Right to Know GMO @IRTKGMO
RT @Jakedrum: Plant breeding patents remove diversity & fuel monopoly @IFOAMEU @BionextTweets Dr. Christoph Then
david @titentoo
RT @MrLender: Answers these questions: 1. Name a tube station that is on the monopoly board? 2. This District Line station shares its name…
Malcolm Pierce @malcolm_pierce7
RT @readersdigest: Wow! Here's how ninth graders from Louisiana put a fascinating spin on Monopoly:…
Holly Weber @HollyBerry0202
RT @infernal_rabbit: Who cares about sociopolitical stability MONOPOLY IS RETIRING THE THIMBLE :(
B Wayne @Chinx_DZA
RT @Chinx_DZA: Listen to Gucci Mane - Hit Another Lick by 1017 BrickSquad Monopoly #np on #SoundCloud
|TheHeavyNerd| @TheHeavyNerd
RT @curved_de: Monopoly verabschiedet sich vom Fingerhut – und das Internet ist schuld
Trump Fan Account @1TrumpMAGA
RT @drumpfshit360: New Post: The Morning Brief: Donald Trump, Tony Blair's #MAGA #draintheswamp #crookedhillary #hi…
Meeple People @MeeplePeopleUSA
RT @BoardGameGeek: Interview with the thimble, the latest Monopoly token to get the boot from the game: —WEM
Page @PageRemmers
RT @007FICH: @nytimes and the rich get richer. Is this free market or monopoly?
Tomek @tomgame90
RT @piotrek_happy: Monopoly z Lamami #2 - Teo i jej plastolino w/ Teo, Tomek: via @YouTube
Chelsea Hernandez @Cupcakenukeluv
RT @WNEP: The votes are in and the thimble is out! What's your go-to Monoploy token?
❣Kerri Stewart❣ @Naya2000
RT @ABC7News: Thimble tossed! Game piece voted out of Monopoly board game:
pam wo @pamjwo
RT @becabird: Eff you @HasbroNews @Hasbro for getting rid of the #Monopoly thimble. Why do you have to get rid of ANY of them?? https://t.c…
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