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Claribel Ortega 🇩🇴
The #MuseMon theme for 4.17 is HAIR inspired by @ladygaga's song HAIR (and also Thor) have fun don't spam and don't… https://t.co/1SGSCxa6jY
16 Apr, 07:55 PM UTC
Free Writing Events
MONDAY #AMWRITING GAMES 🐷 #MartialMonday BLOODY 🐳 #LoveLines INSPIRE 🐬 #MuseMon HAIR 🐉 #InkLitChallenge REDEEM 🐹… https://t.co/h5fZ1XJnKA
17 Apr, 02:20 AM UTC
Claribel Ortega 🇩🇴
Today's #MuseMon theme is HAIR 💁🏽 Inspired by @ladygaga 🎼🎤 No Spam 😫 Have fun & support your fellow writers with li… https://t.co/kKuBnNeFue
17 Apr, 01:23 PM UTC
Lindy Lu Brown
#MuseMon His hair was glorious black, thick and coarse. She could not meet his eyes, so preoccupied with touching it---lost in the waves.
17 Apr, 01:17 PM UTC
Joshua Haveman
Her hair falls in violent waves of auburn, an Autumn sea holding her pale moon face. Eyes, brown. Lips, red. Voice, power. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:52 PM UTC
Elliot Cooper
"Oh fuck." I exhaled the words as my hands went to his bald head, feeling the first pricklings of stubble. #MuseMon #CrocBlocked
17 Apr, 01:29 PM UTC
K Kibbee
Mama always did her hair in a big bouffant for Sunday services--like she was tryin' to tickle God's toes with her updo. #MuseMon #amwriting
17 Apr, 03:48 PM UTC
K Kibbee
The squeal of the train The dry summer ground The beastial force when you took me down Your hair in my mouth Breath… https://t.co/9HnasB6gtm
17 Apr, 03:08 PM UTC
K Kibbee
Life and death are separated by the hair's breadth of a razor edge. #depression #SuicidePrevention #MuseMon #amwriting #suicide
17 Apr, 03:13 PM UTC
Karen Strong
I brushed my hair and it billowed from my head like brown cotton candy. With mango butter on my fingertips, I started to braid. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:13 PM UTC
Emmi Lawrence
Thinking I’d have a never-ending source of wealth, I wished for my hair to be gold. Didn’t know it’d be so damn heavy. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:38 PM UTC
Sue Seabury
You don't control everything. God put hair on your head to remind you of that. #MuseMon #Meta4Mon
17 Apr, 02:53 PM UTC
Tatjana Urbic
After removing a strand of bloody hair off her face, she challenged him with her defiant eyes and a sturdy stance. #MuseMon #MartialMonday
17 Apr, 04:00 PM UTC
Phoebe L.
I seek the temper of her touch, the glare of her gaze, and the feel of her hair kissing paper cuts on my face. #musemon
17 Apr, 01:01 PM UTC
The flower floats off my hair to glide toward the ground. We both scramble for it and our heads collide with one great whack. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 02:42 PM UTC
Charlie N. Holmberg
#MuseMon She’d never seen him wear a hat. Why would someone with hair as cheerful as his want to cover it with a hat? #Polymaker
17 Apr, 04:02 PM UTC
Casey Costra
Tony liked long hair--the longer the better. Women his age cut their hair, as their Mamas and Nonas had done. He mourned. Why? #MuseMon hair
17 Apr, 03:48 PM UTC
Casey Donart
No one knew her name or where she was from. She was only known by the bright, red hair visible under the cape #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:46 PM UTC
Justine Manzano
Mom wanted a cheerleader for a daughter, the kind of girl she could try out new hairstyles on, someone she could shop with. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:24 PM UTC
My hair fell over our faces like a curley waterfall. I couldn't kiss him enough, do enough to express this dying need for him. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 02:46 PM UTC
The Inkwell Council
Pent up aggression zipped through me like a static charge, and I wanted to yank at my own hair, throw the groceries at her. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:51 PM UTC
📚 Lyla Elle 📝
He didn’t have a hat on--he never wears one--and his dark sheaf of hair stood at attention, wind-whipped into a tangled frenzy. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:50 PM UTC
Bonnie Swanson
“Do you need something?” She tilted her head, her soft hair curling like a kitten’s tail on her shoulder. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:41 PM UTC
The troll clutched a pink-haired pixie in its fist, squeezing until the insect-like body bulged with displaced organs. #MuseMon #fantasy
17 Apr, 03:22 PM UTC
Brianna Merritt
Grass stuck out of our hair and stained our knees. But we didn’t care—we were much too young to care about silly things like that. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:11 PM UTC
holly hughes
She pulls a tattered book out of her bag and flips it open where an old hair ribbon holds a place. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:04 PM UTC
tine dry danxer
#MuseMon Icy fingers lifted the tiny hairs on the back of my neck and down my arms. My shoulders twitched at the juncture of my neck.
17 Apr, 04:00 PM UTC
tine dry danxer
#MuseMon He reached up to brush the hair from my downcast face w/a sharp fingertip. I jerked away, but the pointed tip caught across my ear.
17 Apr, 03:57 PM UTC
Jim McMahon
#MuseMon "Want to keep those sideburns, recruit?" "Yes, drill sergeant!" "Catch."
17 Apr, 03:27 PM UTC
Ultra Short Stories
The trash can had a pile of crumpled paper and a bit of his hair; he was at his wit's end trying to get his first love letter right.#MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:17 PM UTC
Lavinia Beltana
She inadvertently did a double take because she had never seen him without hat hair. 😑"Did you just check me out?" 😏 #MuseMon
17 Apr, 02:59 PM UTC
Diana Mooney
Bob grabbed a fistful of McKenzie's hair. "I warned you." He shook a bottle of pills in her face. "You'll be another juvenile O.D. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 02:55 PM UTC
Casie Bazay
She stared at his profile--that angular jawline covered in the hint of stubble.The way his dark hair was both messy and perfect. . #MuseMon
17 Apr, 02:48 PM UTC
Ann Marjory K
Lucy wrinkled her face. While Rachael adored facial hair, Lucy never failed to notice forgotten crumbs stuck in the whiskers. #musemon
17 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
tyler ashley hetland
She was pretty. It was his first thought. Her black hair shimmered purple and blue in the light, and her eyes were full of fire. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 02:42 PM UTC
Fallon DeMornay 👠
My hair tumbled over my shoulder, braided but red. All red.The dye had burned away when I’d been touched by this…power. This magic #musemon
17 Apr, 02:41 PM UTC
J.S. Mueller
What got Kevin was the hair he could see in the V of her T-shirt's neckline. A nice little patch, like that of a teen-aged boy. #musemon
17 Apr, 04:21 PM UTC
Allie Penn 🦄
#MuseMon Calix frowned. "What?" "Nothing. Your hair is nice." His hair smelled and looked awful from sweating all afternoon. "Um, thanks."
17 Apr, 04:14 PM UTC
ReLynn Vaughn
#MuseMon Shaking my head, one dust-covered brown braid came loose from under my Stetson, smacking me in the face.
17 Apr, 04:12 PM UTC
Looking at him,tousled tresses shimmering in the candlelight,she gently bit her lip;reminding him of fire, & his need of the flame.#MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:05 PM UTC
#musemon His movie star good looks, the flowing shoulder length jet black hair could only be the future baseball hall-of-famer ...
17 Apr, 03:52 PM UTC
J.S. Mueller
He eyed his soft, wheat-colored curls in the mirror. He took a swig from the bottle, put it down and picked up the clippers. #musemon
17 Apr, 03:55 PM UTC
tine dry danxer
#MuseMon He ran thick black fingers thru my hair & drew 1 sharp tip along my jaw 2 tap the point under my chin. “U R very short on details.”
17 Apr, 03:52 PM UTC
tine dry danxer
#MuseMon He twisted around & glared at me. 1 set of eyes flicked over the spatters of blood coating my clothing & congealed N my hair.
17 Apr, 03:45 PM UTC
Casey Donart
The dirt was under her fingertips, in her hair, and she grabbed at it, desperately trying to erase the feel of him on her skin #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:27 PM UTC
Casey Donart
He moved a stray hair that had fallen on my face, and I closed my eyes so he wouldn’t see the emotions playing in them #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:02 PM UTC
Ann Marjory K
His longer-in-front, jet-black hair flew in front of his face and remained until Lucy snorted. “Nice ‘do, Wolverine.” #musemon
17 Apr, 02:53 PM UTC
Johnnie Blevins
Then her hair burst into flame. Bright, bright, flame. I did not have a witty comeback for that. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 02:24 PM UTC
Kimberly Bea
#MuseMon His hair fell over his shoulder, and the sunlight through the window made it look more like fire than ever. #amwritingfantasy
17 Apr, 02:42 PM UTC
rufus woodward
He is drifting again. But not alone this time and not free. Fingernails dig into his arms, hands pull hard on his hair. #musemon #amwriting
17 Apr, 04:30 PM UTC
Scarlet 🌹
...it was no wonder she was freaking out and he just held her tightly and whispered against her hair that everything would be okay. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:30 PM UTC
J.S. Mueller
“Yeah. I had this blond, curly hair. I looked like something that woulda been floating around baby Jesus on a Christmas card.”#musemon
17 Apr, 04:29 PM UTC
Jacqueline Dooley
A reed-thin Mage with hair the color of bone sat gripping a mug of steaming cider. He shook his head, looking down into his cup. #musemon
17 Apr, 04:29 PM UTC
Most western women her age dressed that way for casual parties: Cowboy hats, ironed jeans, polished boots, every hair in place. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:26 PM UTC
Mary Dunbar
Bekah tugs my arm. “Uniform. Hair. Warm ups. And dish about why you look like you just crawled out of a haunted house.” #MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:26 PM UTC
Eda Vor
Physically, it registered as a quick burst ofair that blew her hair back, like all the oxygen was pulled out &pumped back instantly #MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:25 PM UTC
rufus woodward
It was bigger by far than any wolf you ever saw. As tall as a bull, it’s long haired coat hung dirty white and tinged with green. #musemon
17 Apr, 04:21 PM UTC
Random Oregon
Dang, who is she? Very cool #MuseMon https://t.co/R9bx0rUSRL
17 Apr, 04:17 PM UTC
Hetal Avanee
#MuseMon Influenced by 2 sorceresses, he didn't notice the highlights in our hair cycle from navy to maroon to gre… https://t.co/XFphyjJ3Gf
17 Apr, 04:07 PM UTC
J.P. Jackson
Rachel pushed her way to the front of the commotion, her straight black hair swaying as if it was a wagging finger, judging. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:04 PM UTC
Brandon Goode
His forearms sprouted veins when he would move his hands & his muscled legs were painted with the same fur-like hair on his chest. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:03 PM UTC
Brandon Goode
Jared's words made my stomach flip, my hair go flat and my skin crawl. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:59 PM UTC
Zach and Chuck
Henry sat down at the table with damp hair, face and shirt. To stall he picked up the coffee, took a deep sip and closed his eyes. #musemon
17 Apr, 03:54 PM UTC
Kellie Doherty
Mia frowned and ran a hand through her hair. She waited, expecting another question, but the comm was full of static. #musemon | #LosingHold
17 Apr, 03:53 PM UTC
Mary Carter
"When I am overheated, my hair resembles that of a crowned pharaoh of Egypt." "How pharaohisciously frightful," quipped her father. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:50 PM UTC
Cris & Clare Meyers
His clothes were at least clean. And it looked like he’d taken a comb to his hair sometime in the last day. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:37 PM UTC
Whitney Schneider
The only person in town w/ organ skills was blue-haired Opal Nelson & I didn't think she'd fit w/ the rest of the band real well. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:35 PM UTC
Casey Costra
I don't know how bald men send the signal, but old men with big mops of white hair? They're telling us the thing still works. #MuseMon hair
17 Apr, 03:35 PM UTC
Cathy Skendrovich
She looked like a college co-ed in that ponytail.Thank goodness she wasn’t,or he’d have 2 arrest his own ass 4 what he was thinking #musemon
17 Apr, 03:34 PM UTC
Cass Morris
Her hands felt heavy as she raised them to push a sweat-damp mass of soot-stained golden hair back from her face. #MuseMon #FromUnseenFire
17 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Fallon DeMornay 👠
At the top I planted a boot to the chest of one w her szabla arced high. She pitched back, a tumble of blonde hair and black armor #MuseMon
17 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Briana Hernandez
Her straight hair was an unnatural, dyed black. Her dark hair color emphasized the brown goggles she wore on her head like a hat. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 02:42 PM UTC
Kim McNamara
Lea's dark roots push her blonde highlights to the edges. They make her sick; but Jake says pay money to get her look so leave it. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:33 PM UTC
Lindsey CW Allingham
The midnight moon cast clear silver light on the waves as a warm breeze brushed Medi’s shining hair from her face. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:31 PM UTC
Random Oregon
She stopped the world and he melted without her. Man, the eighties were full of shit. If only unrequited love was "true". #MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:16 PM UTC
Leanne Schwartz
But the woman I know, throughout every part of me, each drop of blood, each hair rising upon my arms that reach for her. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:14 PM UTC
Pamela Hester
Jay, what do you want me to do, put her in my back pocket? Caitlin whined, flipping her pink&black hair, and notice Trent's stares. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 04:14 PM UTC
"Lies" a very short-short story. https://t.co/30rvPEmbdQ Only .99c #MuseMon #ebooks
17 Apr, 04:13 PM UTC
Laura T
“That’s not the ship I’m leaving on." Running his hand over his scribe-sanctioned buzzed hair, Griffin whispered, "Come with me.” #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:56 PM UTC
Bonnie Swanson
I stared at the weird clumps of bushy red hair sticking out from under his camo stocking cap. Did he ever wash it? #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:40 PM UTC
Samantha MacLeod
Her eyes flashed and the loose strands of her hair fluttered around her neck, looking almost golden in the bright sunlight. #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:40 PM UTC
Morgan Kegan
“Hey, best thing about being a dragon? I mean, besides not having to deal with this?” I said, holding out a fistful of my long hair.#MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:06 PM UTC
Schuyler Thorpe
It was a dark and stormy night. A starship appeared over the horizon. The Vulcan screamed! #MuseMon
17 Apr, 03:06 PM UTC
M. Nightly
#MuseMon Her silver blonde hair was matted with blood, and she was lying face down on the gravel.
17 Apr, 02:59 PM UTC
Casie Bazay
When she brushed one particular spot on his back, his lips quivered and he let out the strangest sound—half whinny, half sigh. #musemon
17 Apr, 02:50 PM UTC
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