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Soompi @soompi
WATCH: #RedVelvet Gets 8th Win For “Rookie” On “Music Bank” #Rookie8thWin
정 혀 늘 @prawesti_ajeng
RT @bangtanitl: Preview of #BTS' comeback next week on Music Bank, 170217 (cr BTS0613)
(´・_・`) @aeeimossst
RT @bts_th: [#BTS] PREVIEW รายการ MUSIC BANK สัปดาห์หน้า (24 ก.พ.) #BTS คัมแบคสเตจ เพลง #SpringDay และ #NotToday
🐭 @stanlegendsxx
RT @Red_Velvet_KHJ: Music Bank Red Velvet - interview
márcia #ROOKIE @marciachang_04
RT @theseoulstory: Congrats again to Red Velvet for winning #1 on Music Bank! Great job girls~ 🎉❤ #Rookie8thWin @SMTOWNGLOBAL…
ゆりむ @o2f8292l
RT @Red_Velvet_KHJ: Music Bank Red Velvet - Ending NO.1 Part 2
FLUKFIC @tyflukqz_
RT @wenderland__: 170217 เวนดี้ และสาวๆ Red Velvet เดินทางไปรายการ Music Bank
pearpair @peariepcyb
RT @PCYHomeThaiLand: 170217 เพลง #StayWithMe โดยชานยอลและคุณPunch อยู่อันดับที่3 ในชาร์ตเพลงประกอบละครของรายการเพลง Music Bank ประจำสัปดาห์…
jjmtot 🌻 @bimboneee
RT @Red_Velvet_KHJ: Music Bank Red Velvet - Ending NO.1 Part 1
TEARUn @trusttun
RT @IRENEBAE_TH: [PRESS] 170217 #IRENE @ Music Bank © on pic (1)
#SpringDay @than4533
RT @NCT_TH: เพลง #MyFirstAndLast #NCT_DREAM อยู่อันดับที่ 13 ในสัปดาห์นี้ของรายการ Music Bank ค่ะ ©mincho_nct
🐭 @stanlegendsxx
RT @Red_Velvet_KHJ: Music Bank Red Velvet - 1위후보
🐭 @stanlegendsxx
RT @Red_Velvet_KHJ: Music Bank Red Velvet - Rookie Part 1
🐭 @stanlegendsxx
RT @Red_Velvet_KHJ: Music Bank Red Velvet - Rookie Part 2
× @stxckyn
RT @pengjeongnam: 트와이스 컴백- 뮤직뱅크 다음주 TWICE COMEBACK MUSIC BANK NEXT WEEK #TWICE #트와이스
Federica #HOME @Fee99Hu
RT @SMTownEngSub: Chenyeol x Punch's "Stay Wth Me" ranks #3 on Music Bank OST Chart this week
DaiSoo @Leysittito
RT @SMTownEngSub: Music Bank Top 20-50 Chart: #27 Red Velvet #31 Taeyeon #45 Heechul x Kyunghoon #46 EXO #50 Seohyun…
RT @SM_NCT: 170217 #NCTDREAM at music bank #MARK
pearpair @peariepcyb
RT @PCYHomeThaiLand: 170217 อันดับเพลงยอดนิยมในรายการเพลง Music Bank ประจำสัปดาห์นี้ อันดับ19 Nosedive จงแด×Dynamic Duo อันดับ46 For Life…
🐭 @stanlegendsxx
RT @Red_Velvet_KHJ: Music Bank Red Velvet - Ending NO.1 @YouTube 님이 공유
Noa Rose ♠🌹🍵|🔎🃏 @7AngelsnRoses
RT @girlgroupzone: Music Bank K-Chart 20 TWICE - Cheer Up 19 Dynamic Duo, Chen - Nosedive 18 Huh Gak - Miss You 17 AOA - Excuse Me 16 I.O.I…
박혜민 @ypIpGnN0aJfVkXg
RT @Baejoohyunews: [CLIP] 170217 #REDVELVET #레드벨벳 @ KBS 'Music Bank' #ROOKIE8thWin Perf/Official Encore Cut https:/…
.geniusbae 🐰 @LKI_414
RT @_kimmina96: After mubank encore stage, 🐻: Music bank takes good care of us ㅎ 🐰: I like Music Bank ㅅㅁㅅ
🌸ali🌸 #ROOKIE🍦🎂 @parksulyeong
RT @baetoujours: Rookie won 1st place on Music Bank! Thank you to everyone who've loved Red Velvet! In the future too, tgt with Red Velvet!…
Orangey @Orangey34
RT @BlockB_united: [CHART] 170217 KBS Music Bank K-Chart #2 Block B - Yesterday
아이링 @_a1ri8
RT @100per_Global: [VID] 170217 Music Bank #SKETCHBOOK Next Week #백퍼센트 #100percent via KBS World
🐭 @stanlegendsxx
RT @Red_Velvet_KHJ: Music Bank Red Velvet - Rookie @YouTube 님이 공유
Dheani Adhani Elsan @dheaniels
RT @allkpop: Melody Day return with "Kiss on the Lips" on 'Music Bank'!
♡㊆aқcнic◡̈ @TakChic
RT @KpopYouzab: Red Velvet ได้อันดับหนึ่งในรายการ Music Bank ประจำสัปดาห์นี้!!
Orangey @Orangey34
RT @TeamBlockB: [CHART] 170217 #Yesterday no.2 on music bank 65% Digital: 3935 20% Broadcast: 280 10% Viewers preference: 0 5% Physical alb…
ไร้แพะ @yeomsobabe
RT @MARKLEE_TH: [CAP] 170217 Music Bank #NCT_DREAM #MyFirstAndLast #MARKLEE #MARK 😎✌🏻
Sej Flower Road @sjeyesmile0828
RT @Baejoohyunews: [HQ] 170217 #IRENE #아이린 #레드벨벳 OTW 'Music Bank' Recording 2/2 https://t.c…
ㅁㅇ @tritahmay
RT @MARKLEE_TH: [CAP] 170217 Music Bank #NCT_DREAM #MyFirstAndLast #MARKLEE #MARK 😎✌🏻
🦄 @bubblytaeng
RT @babyseulgi_: The Show 🏆 Show Champion 🏆🏆 MCountdown 🏆🏆 Music Bank 🏆🏆 Inkigayo 🏆 ❤️💛💙💚💜 #ROOKIE8thWin
여유~ @namtan_n
RT @MARKLEE_TH: [VID] 170217 Music Bank #NCT_DREAM #MyFirstAndLast 😎✌🏻
♡ My Jay @Dreamz_ii
RT @MARKLEE_TH: [CAP] 170217 Music Bank #NCT_DREAM #MyFirstAndLast #MARKLEE #MARK 😎✌🏻
Carol Perim @EuSendoGrossa
RT @BTSNoticia: [VIDEO] Prévia para o comeback de BTS no Music Bank na próxima semana
Sej Flower Road @sjeyesmile0828
RT @Baejoohyunews: [HQ] 170217 #IRENE #아이린 레드벨벳 OTW 'Music Bank' Recording…
🌈'Jasmine'🌈 @Phakvd_
RT @MARKLEE_TH: [CUT] 170217 Music Bank #NCT_DREAM #MyFirstAndLast #MARKLEE #MARK 🐻😎💓
seulgi @NL_Seulgi94
RT @REDVELVETnow: 170217 REDVELVET On The Way To KBS Music Bank - SEULGI ©IS9194
수아민트 @cysuk7611
RT @Dreamcatcher_SG: 뮤직뱅크 Music Bank - 드림캐쳐 - Chase Me (Dream Catcher - Chase Me).20170217 via @youtube
จัดให้จัสสักดอก @ForVoteMyLove
RT @janyeeun: TODAY'S MUSIC BANK: #CLC - Hobgoblin
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