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Catherine McKenna @cathmckenna
Hates crimes have declined overall in Canada, but since 2012 have doubled against Muslim Canadians. Time to stand with the Muslim community.
lui @loupierri
RT @markmackinnon: Five Muslim Canadians have now been denied entry to the U.S. after being questioned about their roots and faith https://…
what's next? ✨🌹 @noifsandsorbees
RT @jacremes: You know what would be closer? Actually standing up for the rights of Muslim Canadians trying to cross the border. https://t.…
Lyndia Edwards @LyndaE222
RT @skylucsimard1: Current Cdn laws protect Muslim Canadians Say no to M-103 @WillAAmos #cdnpoli
Darrel Jorstad @darreljorstad
RT @Boylers73: Interesting! Interviews with Muslim Canadians opposed to #M103 #cdnpoli htt…
🍁 Merlin 🍁 @MerlinYYC
RT @k_cajee: Innocent, tortured, on the No-Fly list. This is why we fear for our @NoFlyListKids @RalphGoodale @JustinTrudeau…
The Toronto Post @TorontoPost
RT @Quinnae_Moon: While lives are in the balance? Lest we forget, this motion is a response to a massacre of Muslim Canadians *by an Islamo…
Lyndia Edwards @LyndaE222
RT @jimmydubyyc: @Paola_Dec1231 61% of young Cdn muslims identify as Muslim first, compared to 6% who favour their Cdn identity. https://t.…
Christine Huddleston @chuddles11
RT @nccm: How safe do Muslim Canadians feel today on Canadian soil? via @HuffPostCaLiv #cdnmuslims #stefoymosque #j…
KJS @casualcactii
RT @TondaMacC: Ottawa to settle lawsuit with three Muslim Canadians jailed, tortured in Syria. My scoop here.
Rettiwt.Arsh @rettiwt_Arsh
RT @16annelou: I stand with Muslim Canadians – our coworkers, neighbours, friends. Islamophobia is not welcome here. @iamIqraKhalid @canada
what's next? ✨🌹 @noifsandsorbees
RT @farah_way: This is extremely alarming @JustinTrudeau. Especially for Muslim Canadians like myself. I'm sending a letter to my MP @MinCa…
Qerrassa @fibblewocky
RT @SherifMFoda: I first met Abdullah Almalki when I started law school. It has taken him well over a decade to get justice:…
Port Credit @Pt_Credit_voter
RT @KablawiA: Muslim Canadians are here to stay like it or not Canadian is a Canadian,whine & cry but we will fight all forms of discrimina…
Rettiwt.Arsh @rettiwt_Arsh
RT @remzicej: Hate crimes against Muslim-Canadians more than doubled in 3 years #islamophobia #challengehate
Max Fillion @OhEffendi7
RT @MaxKingsleyEh: I'm really disgusted with Rebel's attempt to rally hate against #M103. I see this as a thinly disguised attack on Muslim…
Christine Huddleston @chuddles11
RT @TilmanLewis: I stand with Muslim Canadians...
Parveen Naaz @ikramparveen
RT @IngridMattson: Ottawa to settle lawsuit with three Muslim Canadians jailed, tortured in Syria via @torontostar
Christine Huddleston @chuddles11
RT @WandaPresley: The Earth is One Country & we its citizens. Azhar Ali Khan: Muslim-Canadians know they, too, have lessons to learn https:…
Ben M @benm008
RT @Levitt_Matt: Ottawa to settle lawsuit with three Muslim Canadians jailed, tortured in Syria
Astrid @AstridBears
RT @mesta67: @OllieMcClellan @MarkJustMarkOK @RepJimBanks It does apply to Canadians if they're Muslim or border patrol wants them to be.
David Fai @Cdnrumpole
RT @breesedavieslaw: Justice for these men took far too long! Ottawa to settle lawsuit with 3 Muslim Canadians jailed, tortured in Syria ht…
Haseeb @HaseebChohan8
RT @BadatYusuf: Ottawa to settle lawsuit with three Muslim Canadians jailed, tortured in Syria: via @torontostar
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