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The Dunkin' Dutchman
Paul George: "I've got to get that last shot."...
23 Apr, 07:40 PM UTC
Tomer Azarly
Tristan Thompson now with 7 offensive rebounds and 4 defensive rebounds. Killing Myles Turner and the Pacers on the boards.
23 Apr, 06:48 PM UTC
Grant Afseth
I'm intrigued to see how much Myles Turner can improve over the summer. I will never bet against his work ethic, one of the best I've seen.
23 Apr, 12:29 PM UTC
Nate Taylor
Hard not to think the most disappointing Pacer in this series (so far) is Myles Turner.
23 Apr, 05:21 PM UTC
Win it For Rondo
Need Myles Turner to call out PG for going 5 for 21
23 Apr, 07:37 PM UTC
Kevin Pelton
5-on-5 on the Pacers' offseason with @bbdoolittle, @aminespn, @JerryEngelmann and @Herring_NBA: (In)
23 Apr, 08:02 PM UTC
Noah Fence
Need Myles Turner to say "Seems like the moment was too big for Paul. He's gotta control his body language out there."
23 Apr, 07:43 PM UTC
Jared Wade
Myles Turner never seemed to feature in the offense. Just got buckets out of pop outs and random action. He’s the team’s second best player.
23 Apr, 07:49 PM UTC
Alex Golden
Myles Turner gave LBJ too much space on that made 3. With 1.5 seconds you have to step up and take away any free space.
23 Apr, 07:33 PM UTC
Retired TL Villain
Lance and Myles Turner deserve better teammates
23 Apr, 08:14 PM UTC
Thad Young? Needs the boot... Monta Ellis? Gotta go.... Myles Turner? Needs to mature CJ Miles? He can go Everyone else? They all can Go
23 Apr, 07:41 PM UTC
Bob Cook
@HolderStephen Myles Turner only 21, and hit rookie wall after playing 1st full year. As Hubie Brown might say, he…
23 Apr, 07:54 PM UTC
Dillon Hults
lebron just has the ability to close out games like that, empathy for Paul George, Myles turner was the X factor, did not produce.
23 Apr, 07:56 PM UTC
@devonredd_21 Thad young and Turner were disappointing overall I agree... learning experience for Myles
23 Apr, 07:50 PM UTC
Mike Mandell
Myles Turner is going to be a beast. Could become one of the best centers in the game. Pacers should build around him if/when George leaves.
23 Apr, 07:50 PM UTC
The Pacers might have gotten swept but Myles Turner really put Tristan Thompson on a fat poster 😳
23 Apr, 08:12 PM UTC
pensei que este ano fosse o ano da explosão do Myles Turner, I was wrong
23 Apr, 07:52 PM UTC
Fresh Brownies
Pacers roster: Paul George Jeff Teague Al Jefferson Myles Turner Lance Stephenson Thad Young That's a solid roster & Cavs swept them! RELAX
23 Apr, 08:47 PM UTC
XTN Basketball News
#NBA LeBron Hits Dagger Three - LeBron James hits the three-pointer over Myles Turner to help the Cleveland Cav...
23 Apr, 08:46 PM UTC
The ill Metaphysical
@Original_Turner Thank you Myles. We love you
23 Apr, 08:45 PM UTC
Iñigo Parladé
@Original_Turner Love your work ethic Myles. Keep It going fam!! More to come for sure
23 Apr, 08:42 PM UTC
Myles Turner was like "really dude" 😂
23 Apr, 08:40 PM UTC
@Joseph_Rhodes Myles Turner is good, but nobody else on that team is. Jeff Teague been inconsistent since Atlanta,…
23 Apr, 08:33 PM UTC
Magic better not make no phone calls to Indiana unless we talking Myles Turner. That other guy can chill ( Pg13)
23 Apr, 08:29 PM UTC
Kmsl myles turner was hurt 😂😂
23 Apr, 08:27 PM UTC
Really wish PG13 and Myles Turner would get the hell outta Dodge to wear that Laker purple and Gold
23 Apr, 08:26 PM UTC
King James busted Myles Turner ass
23 Apr, 08:22 PM UTC
G. Vieira Nascimento
@WTLC Every time I see him, I get the impression he can be exactly what Myles Turner is.
23 Apr, 08:22 PM UTC
JP Daily Sports
Myles Turner scores 20 points w/ nine boards - Myles Turner (F/C) Indiana Pacers
23 Apr, 08:22 PM UTC
Man that crowd got so hype when Myles turner got that layup to cut to two at least I saw a great game
23 Apr, 08:19 PM UTC
@EB_Asbr @vettepassby35 None of them niggas beating LeBron with Myles Turner & some average players.
23 Apr, 08:16 PM UTC
I liked a @YouTube video Myles Turner 20 pts 9 rebs vs Cavs 23.04.2017
23 Apr, 08:15 PM UTC
Youssef Faraj
U keep PG , Lance , and Myles Turner ..maybe CJ as a 6th but Indiana needs a big time all star...badly , like C.Paul
23 Apr, 08:14 PM UTC
katy perry fan acct
@Young_Uhl I meant the team. Tony Snell on Thaddeus young? And Myles Turner strong af compared to thon maker
23 Apr, 08:13 PM UTC
Piotr Zarychta
Myles Turner 20 pts 9 rebs vs Cavs 23.04.2017: przez @YouTube
23 Apr, 08:11 PM UTC
@YaBoyAlford Ik it's Indiana, but CP3 & Paul George both wanna win at this point & you got Myles Turner who's a bea…
23 Apr, 08:10 PM UTC
J Fashion & Cosplay
Eduardo Rodriguez , #ThingsIAdmire , Cesar Hernandez , Korver , Myles Turner , Arsenal , JR Smith , Umtiti
23 Apr, 08:09 PM UTC
Ralph Rel
@bluffcooper @GlenOfSteel Blake and myles turner could compliment each other also
23 Apr, 08:08 PM UTC
Need more than Myles Turner and a bunch of JAGs to beat LeBron
23 Apr, 08:08 PM UTC
Myles Turner, welcome to your tape
23 Apr, 08:05 PM UTC
LeOhBlockedBy James
@IROCKOGZ @jondooooe @LeRealGoat23 @BleacherReport Myles Turner. So you just made it sound better
23 Apr, 08:02 PM UTC
Myles Allen: Can we hold global temperatures to 1.5C? #Myles Turner
23 Apr, 08:01 PM UTC
XTN Basketball News
#NBA #video LeBron Hits Dagger Three - LeBron James hits the three-pointer over Myles Turner to help the Clevel...
23 Apr, 08:00 PM UTC
@TheRealOshin97_ @_92Infinity Myles Turner playes 32 minutes a game. And they can't play together. That's 16 mill p…
23 Apr, 07:59 PM UTC
Nihilistic Jazz Fan
At least the Pacers have Myles Turner...
23 Apr, 07:59 PM UTC
@TheRealOshin97_ @_92Infinity But a 33 year old Center who doesn't play defense when you already have Myles Turner. They'd fire Larry Bird
23 Apr, 07:56 PM UTC
@Avory_ @Sicksteen_216 i did because i expected myles turner and lance stephenson to show up. the pacers suck we all know that
23 Apr, 07:56 PM UTC
Dieter Kurtenbach
Myles Turner is the other All-Star caliber player on the Pacers. Jeff Teague isn’t in that class. How does Indy get a third?
23 Apr, 07:56 PM UTC
Lee Holden
@Domwealthy @LegendsofCH Myles turner...and 3's
23 Apr, 07:54 PM UTC
Elijah Helton
@HertN4Asquirten @Puddle_Jones And I'm honestly getting really sick of watching Myles Turner get bullied every f****** game
23 Apr, 07:52 PM UTC
Bill Frazier
5-on-5: Will Pacers trade Paul George? Should they?
23 Apr, 07:52 PM UTC
Myles Turner: Scores 20 points in Game 4 loss -
23 Apr, 07:52 PM UTC
Alexandros Trigas
Έχει 2/32 και τολμάει να μιλήσεις για τον Myles Turner, Η κότα!
23 Apr, 07:47 PM UTC
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