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Darren Walker
Today, I along w/ other foundation partner leaders will discuss the Internet of Things grant @ #Netgain. Watch: https://t.co/SJstbEpJ6K #iot
21 Apr, 12:51 PM UTC
Ingrid Burrington
OMG "smartwashing" is the best term I've heard all day #NetGain
21 Apr, 06:24 PM UTC
Knight Foundation
And we’re live! Tune in to hear from foundation leaders and experts in #iot and smart cities via #netgain:… https://t.co/eDS8pJQs7S
21 Apr, 01:48 PM UTC
Marta L. Tellado
A connected products IoT must read. @ConsumerReports headphone story just the latest example. #NetGain https://t.co/IeC0mEHebV
21 Apr, 04:06 PM UTC
.@JuliaAngwin takes the dais at the #netgain conference, discussing the dearth of personal data protections. Watch:… https://t.co/Z86xcIPjP8
21 Apr, 02:38 PM UTC
Tim Maughan
Most dangerous #iot rhetoric I keep hearing: 'we can't opt out of it' 'this is not optional' #NetGain
21 Apr, 03:06 PM UTC
Happening now at #netgain: @msurman & @darrenwalker say we must balance progress with principles. Watch:… https://t.co/mEGhk6L08L
21 Apr, 03:14 PM UTC
Knight Foundation
How we build the #iot today is going to affect systems for the next 20 years, says #sanjose’s @SSantosham #netgain https://t.co/ZqmCMDiNRP
21 Apr, 05:48 PM UTC
"We're in the Juicero juicer phase of the smart city." -@jfh #NetGain
21 Apr, 05:50 PM UTC
We're at the #netgain Internet of Things Conference in NYC. Watch live as we discuss the ethics of emerging tech https://t.co/IixDVufSUQ
21 Apr, 02:01 PM UTC
Tim Maughan
Observation from #NetGain: we've created a 'worrying class', that understands and worries about these issues, means well, but...
21 Apr, 05:35 PM UTC
Jereme Bivins
"Technology doesn't affect everyone evenly. But technology isn't available to everyone evenly." #NetGain
21 Apr, 04:13 PM UTC
Our #netgain panelists are talking privacy. @scouttle says we need more education around how our data is used.… https://t.co/8FP8ieQ0gS
21 Apr, 04:17 PM UTC
Tune in to the #netgain conference: @scrawford & @JimmyJoeHardy are talking smart cities and universal access.… https://t.co/AjFoGixSxw
21 Apr, 06:06 PM UTC
'I'm always sceptical of solutions that require education of users.' @schneierblog #netgain
21 Apr, 04:15 PM UTC
James Hardy
Theme for #NetGain 2017: "We are living in the computer." Representing @AkronOhioMayor today, as #Akron embarks on IoT planning. #mindblown
21 Apr, 02:09 PM UTC
Tim Maughan
'We had a competition (in San Jose) to design a robot to stop graffiti' help meeee please help me #NetGain
21 Apr, 06:17 PM UTC
Georgia Bullen
Hippest panel ever? #NetGain
21 Apr, 03:52 PM UTC
(((Andrew Rasiej)))
#IOT is a giant debt collection machine sez @OSFChris at #netgain. Imagine your house locking you out if you are behind on a payment?
21 Apr, 03:25 PM UTC
David Moore
At #netgain closing, @jsb w/ crucial points: @scrawford's work has paved way for city-tech issues and city gov't now steward of public trust
21 Apr, 06:38 PM UTC
James 🔦
#netgain IoT conference and #designx conference are both happening at the same time (if only they intersected) https://t.co/qZOynu8zeq
21 Apr, 07:07 PM UTC
Knight Foundation
How robots & raindrops could shrink #akron’s sewer bill https://t.co/cwi75wiE2W @ohiodotcom #netgain #knightcities
21 Apr, 05:44 PM UTC
Tim Maughan
That's not about seizing technologies or embracing the future, it's about bowing down to markets #NetGain
21 Apr, 03:08 PM UTC
Smart Chicago
Tuned in to #netgain today. #IoT engagement is such an important topic. Here's some work & lessons: https://t.co/5q0bxisH58 @ArrayofThings
21 Apr, 05:01 PM UTC
Alberto Ibarguen
San Jose CIO @SSantosham talks at #netgain about contest to take down graffiti. Finalists: 2 robots, 2 drones. Welcome to the future.
21 Apr, 06:21 PM UTC
Greta Byrum
1st panel at #NetGain underscores urgency of @rmack @rankingrights human rights framework & standards for tech & corporate accountability
21 Apr, 03:55 PM UTC
Denise Linn
Great to hear about the values-based approaches to #IoT at #netgain. Here's Boston's playbook: https://t.co/SC33mtyTXZ @jfh @newurbanmechs
21 Apr, 06:00 PM UTC
Adnan Mahmud
City problems are people problems. The solution has to start with the people and not the technology. #NetGain
21 Apr, 06:26 PM UTC
Anusha A
.@scouttle on data & privacy rights: We need to understand what meaningful consent looks like in the world of #iot. #netgain
21 Apr, 04:11 PM UTC
In AI + IoT, advantages trickle down, risk trickles up. #netgain
21 Apr, 06:23 PM UTC
Thanks for watching today's #netgain conference, & exploring IoT's impact on our lives & our cities. Stay involved https://t.co/TWxklJsmmo
21 Apr, 06:49 PM UTC
Knight Foundation
We’re wrapping up today’s discussion. Thanks to all for tuning in to #netgain! Catch up on all of today’s sessions:… https://t.co/HeniYafhRf
21 Apr, 06:54 PM UTC
David Moore
"Cities as places of experimentation in participatory governance" More innovative and engaging, per @OSFChris at #netgain. Go @Councilmatic!
21 Apr, 03:41 PM UTC
Rethink Link
When asked about risk and threat, @geminiimatt keeps it 💯 "The Internet of Things is a monster riding an asteroid". #netgain #smartwashing
21 Apr, 06:59 PM UTC
Anthony Townsend
Palpable sense of defeat at #netgain today in NYC. No new ideas mostly hand-wringing, vague aspirations, paralysis around IoT challenges.
21 Apr, 08:24 PM UTC
Critical Futures Lab
“Smart Cities strategy is just our city strategy,” focus on VALUES and VALUE - Jascha Franklin-Hodge, Boston CIO #netgain @knightfdn
21 Apr, 07:39 PM UTC
“Smart Cities strategy is just our city strategy,” focus on VALUES and VALUE - Jascha Franklin-Hodge, Boston CIO #netgain @knightfdn
21 Apr, 07:39 PM UTC
Millennial SWM
When you realise 25 is the new 45.... #unicornfrappuccino #NetGain #weekend
21 Apr, 08:10 PM UTC
Jereme Bivins
That last point underscores why we need local journalism so much. They have those hyperlical perspectives and stories. #netgain
21 Apr, 06:46 PM UTC
Jed Miller
I can't help thinking someone at #netgain @knightfdn conference is trying to make a point re. #IoT https://t.co/H625lx2DgE
21 Apr, 06:44 PM UTC
Ryan Doherty
@FanDuel @AlanGoldsher George Devol. And that robot was made in the same city I currently go to school in #NetGain https://t.co/ZdJ5m1odtt
21 Apr, 09:08 PM UTC
OG Smacked Forever
How this OG Smacked Forever Gon Have Ya https://t.co/0Ybr6vNP8a #NetGain #SoundCloud #mediaawards17
21 Apr, 07:21 PM UTC
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