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Mike Carlton
Oh FFS. All this rodomontade about citizenship,'values' and 457 visas was populist claptrap whipped up to give Trumble a blip in Newspoll.
24 Apr, 12:09 PM UTC
Van Badham
"The citizenship test is not about you, Kirsty; it's about Newspoll," says Tony Burke, and we all know he is dead right. #qanda
24 Apr, 11:43 AM UTC
Ross Gittins
Latest Newspoll shows no change - expert Paper paying $$$ for poll beats up story; but rest of gallery buys beatup
24 Apr, 07:17 AM UTC
John Dunmore Lang
Does my #Newspoll look good in this?
25 Apr, 01:48 AM UTC
Sir Clyde Of Nob
Newspoll Historical Data 24 April - 2017
24 Apr, 06:01 AM UTC
Blame pensioners, blame the poor, blame immigrants, blame the unemployed, push fear, hate, division. Then #Newspoll, then rinse & repeat.
25 Apr, 01:28 AM UTC
David Crowe
Voters say enough is enough on welfare cuts. A comment on today's #Newspoll @australian #Budget2017
24 Apr, 11:24 PM UTC
Those damned, elusive Newspoll boosts, Newspoll, for all intents and purposes, is the same as a fortnight ago,
24 Apr, 06:04 AM UTC
Push polling explained: Push hate, fear, divide then poll, rinse & repeat. #newspoll #Fiberals
25 Apr, 01:25 AM UTC
A Murdoch Newspoll 1% bump untrustworthy
24 Apr, 04:05 AM UTC
"Hey 'Newspoll' look at me, I've gone the full Abbott."
25 Apr, 02:01 AM UTC
Peter Brent
icyfmi, me on today's Newspoll. What I do is dissect & analyse it, explaining what it means for the political future
24 Apr, 09:39 AM UTC
The four year wait for citizenship is just a racist dog whistle by Turnbull for #Newspoll . #auspol
25 Apr, 12:56 AM UTC
@mackaysuzie @abcnews @TurnbullMalcolm I don't think photo ops with Trump next week will boost #newspoll
25 Apr, 01:02 AM UTC
John Dunmore Lang
@JohnWren1950 @enasharp52 Spewing he couldn't trust Tony Abbott to slip out of the country on this trip in the days before​ a #Newspoll
25 Apr, 03:26 AM UTC
Le voyageur
@Bishop64 Yeah. How nice of the ADF to allow themselves to be the background for turnbull's selfies and self promot…
25 Apr, 01:04 AM UTC
Richmond martin place #NUFC Newspoll #Messi Jack Riewoldt #kuwtk #AFLDonsPies
25 Apr, 03:08 AM UTC
After losing his 11th consecutive #newspoll the PM decides it's no longer safe at Point Piper. Come at me Tony, for…
25 Apr, 02:48 AM UTC
#Liar #liar #Newspoll: Malcolm Turnbull’s satisfaction rating on the rise via @newscomauHQ
25 Apr, 02:32 AM UTC
ODDemocracy AU
Those damned, elusive Newspoll boosts, on Inside Story
25 Apr, 01:20 AM UTC
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