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Danyelle Little @TheCubicleChick
RT @SpaceshipsLB: @garniercan Whole Blends helps make my "me time" that much better. #WholeBlends #NewWholeBlends Save now -----> https://t…
Andrea Gibbons @AndreaGibbons4
RT @momstownmedia: Q4: Have you heard? @garniercan just launched two #NewWholeBlends. Retweet for the newbies to the #WholeBlends family! h…
EZPZMealznTravelz @ezpzmealz
RT @ElizabethL: Join me Feb 16 at 7pm EST to talk me-time & 2 amazing #NewWholeBlends from Garnier - RSVP to win fab prizes > https://t.co…
Lena Almeida @Listen2Lena
My hair resisted frizzing in Florida's humidity thanks to #NewWholeBlends. Look how smooth the ends are! Happy I br… https://t.co/rWxvPDryeI
Stefani Tolson @mommye
RT @ElizabethL: Join me TONIGHT at 7pm EST to talk me-time & 2 amazing #NewWholeBlends from Garnier - RSVP to win fab prizes > https://t.c…
SWong @greengobi
RT @momstownmedia: A HUGE thank you to everyone who joined us tonight at the @GarnierCAN #NewWholeBlends Twitter Party! We had a BLAST! Hop…
Faisal @7ooralshammery
RT @momstownmedia: It is super important to us too @OneHappyMa ! Congrats you've won 2 sets of #NewWholeBlends + a $75 VISA gift card!
Tanya @Tookasmomma
RT @momstownmedia: Loving this combo! Congrats @SmileItsAnge You've won 2 sets of #WholeBlends + a $150 VISA g/c #NewWholeBlends
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: The focus on sustainability is a BIG draw for me with #NewWholeBlends https://t.co/DpLNqw8mpE
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: My daughter has such curly hair and this helps her frizz #NewWholeBlends https://t.co/w0fRmd09HM
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: I love how excited everyone got about sustainability and natural products. #mypeople #NewWholeBlends
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: What I do when I didnt wash my hair with #NewWholeBlends https://t.co/QJNsuBCAv8
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: Congratulation to all of the winners tonight! #NewWholeBlends
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: Can I have her hair? #NewWholeBlends https://t.co/j0PalY7Zj6
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: @Pamalot28 @momstownmedia I don't know, kids can be pretty tough to please! #NewWholeBlends
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: It was so great chatting with you all tonight! #NewWholeBlends
Tessa @contessa4211
RT @SwankMama: Get your @GarnierCAN #WholeBlends coupon today & refresh your beauty ritual! https://t.co/cxn4hU2uqb #NewWholeBlends https:…
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: I love to travel to hot humid places, so frizz reducing products are a must. #NewWholeBlends
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: Who else deals with bad hair days by putting a hat on to leave the house? #NewWholeBlends
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: I need to stop with the ponytails and reduce breakage. #NewWholeBlends
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: @bcgirll Just put a bit in your hand and scrunch it into the ends #NewWholeBlends
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: May you all have perfect hair days in the future! #NewWholeBlends
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: @tkbetts @momstownmedia @ElizabethL @Listen2Lena I think I reached the age that bangs don't work anymore #NewWholeBlends
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: @tamme_apostolou And root cover ups too! #NewWholeBlends
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: @ElizabethL @momstownmedia I am surprised about how much I miss my curls now that they are leaving #NewWholeBlends
Sheri McDonald @kidsumers
RT @kidsumers: @Gina_Makrydakis I do too, but my curl has been disappearing over the last few years. #NewWholeBlends
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