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Sharlyn Lauby @sharlyn_lauby
A5. I think we need to provide managers with #mindfulness training. I've never seen a stressed out manager with a calm team. #nextchat
Nancy Hammer @hammershrm
RT @SHRMLobbystLisa: .@christinevbw testified at #MD leg. last week, #nextchat guest today, & @SHRM congressional witness 2/16! https://t.c…
Matthew Laffer @matthewlaffer
RT @dtiny312: A2. Working on replacing old school performance reviews w/ a culture of coaching & developing employees. #nextchat
David Kolade @dakolalads
RT @jmillermerrell: A7: I want real time feedback. #nextchat
Nicola Blair @NicolaBlairHRP
RT @kristenharcourt: A8: The best people are not going to stay in an organization with poor #leadership so invest in your #leaders #Nextchat
Kenneth Trecartin @mrtree34
RT @RedBranch: A7. Simple, we ask! Employees should be giving you feedback on what they need and what you are doing right. #NextChat
RT @perkspot: @SHRMnextchat #nextchat don't be afraid to fight for good employees. We have fought & we have won. https://t.co/5fiIHrDM7v
Coreyne W. Holoubek @hr_heiress
RT @mfaulkner43: A6a) Many of our target applicants are using a smart phone as primary internet. Working on optimizing mobile. #nextchat
Mohamed Shaaban @Mohmd_Shaaban
RT @PeopleTicker: A7. This can be seen through retention and by simply asking around. What feedback are your employees giving you? #NextChat
Kristen Harcourt @kristenharcourt
RT @mfaulkner43: A8b) Get the best from your people in the time they are with you - regardless of tenure. #nextchat
Fallon Havens @vibrant__thing
RT @jmillermerrell: A8: When it comes to TA, experiment, measure & try new things #nextchat
Kenneth Trecartin @mrtree34
RT @RedBranch: A1. Our focus is always about providing learning opps in our fast-paced environment. https://t.co/zmdc6Yc2Za #NextChat
SHRMnextchat @SHRMnextchat
RT @HrMillennial: Never underestimate how important these processes are! #nextchat https://t.co/6VTPvVgcDU
Kristen Harcourt @kristenharcourt
RT @wyndall93: @jmillermerrell #nextchat best hour of the week! (that doesn't involve wine anyway)
David Kolade @dakolalads
RT @perkspot: @SHRMnextchat #nextchat we love our blog ;) https://t.co/F4WOtyYmY7 we try to highlight cultures we love & ways we're improvi…
Andraya Thompson @Str8ShooterMN
RT @kristenharcourt: Good point, if you say you value #innovation then you need to give #leaders space to fail #Nextchat https://t.co/1mvoK…
Jonathan A Segal @Jonathan_HR_Law
RT @FeedbackDave: @77ccampbell there's no need to over complicate this stuff. Honest convo's take some bravery though. #Nextchat
Micole Kaye @socialmicole
RT @christinevbw: A2: @socialmicole Yes! From entrepreneurs now let's grow Intrapreneurs https://t.co/xk0JezeI3c #nextchat
Matthew Laffer @matthewlaffer
RT @goalspriing: How to provide feedback is a key area to focus on. #Nextchat https://t.co/8ucx4G7KHI
Matthew Laffer @matthewlaffer
RT @goalspriing: Imagine the possibilities if more people had access to something like this...#Nextchat https://t.co/6Hh9VLDbfc
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