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A&E Network @AETV
The EMTs recall and reflect on their craziest and most memorable calls tonight on a new #Nightwatch special at 9/8c. https://t.co/CBVw3688xw
iamtrendbot @iamtrendbot
RT @Nightwatch_Dan: Tmrw night #nightwatch Nola special at 8pm cst, new epi of Tampa, and doing a Facebook live at 715pm cst! @NightwatchTi…
trisha @smithvillegirl
RT @NightwatchHolly: Im loving this #Nightwatch special already lol. We put so much love into all this for yall. I hope yall love it
Avalex Dynamics @AvalexDynamics
RT @TampaPD: When you have to sneeze but you cant or you're tryna hold it in. #Nightwatch https://t.co/Wo6bW5jCZr
matthew Jones⚾ @matthewChipper
RT @NightwatchTitus: #NightwatchNation lets us know about tonight episode pf #Nightwatch Tampa #Nightwatch
Sarah Grangeaud @sarahgchristine
RT @kstaup: #nightwatch currently 11 trending, let's bump it! @NightwatchHolly @NightwatchBilly @TBSmith1906 @Nightwatch_Dan @NightwatchRan…
ⓟⓐⓡⓚⓔⓡ♛ @PSchillage
RT @NightwatchHolly: You better go find that skin #Nightwatch #Tattoo #injuries
Kerrin Robertson @hockeyrox30
RT @NightwatchTitus: Y would u want to steal a slow ass ambulance? He must didn't c that bad ass corvette park down the street..#Nightwatch
Michelle A Turner @TurnerVibie
RT @TampaPD: Yayyy! @TampaFireRescue rescued pup pup. #Nightwatch https://t.co/VzZ6QjsaRW
iamtrendbot @iamtrendbot
RT @TampaFireRescue: Getting ready to see @NightwatchBilly and @NightwatchRush hit the streets on @AETV #Nightwatch episode 2! https://t.co…
matthew Jones⚾ @matthewChipper
RT @TampaFireRescue: On to episode 3! #Nightwatch
🌸 @nxghtwatch
RT @NightwatchBilly: Love ya bunches and thanks for spending time with us! #nightwatch #nightwatchtampa #nightwatchnation
Kerrin Robertson @hockeyrox30
RT @NightwatchTitus: You guys should have seen @NightwatchHolly when she was 16 years old.. #Nightwatch
trisha @smithvillegirl
RT @RageGrl: Glad they picked the 4 EMT's I like the best to do this special. #Nightwatch
rachel copen @rayshel21
RT @NightwatchHolly: Goodnight Ron and Stephanie #Nightwatch
Randy 👮🏽 @NightwatchRandy
RT @champy098: My 5 yr old, at age of 3 after watching #Nightwatch says she wanted to be a paramedic like @NightwatchHolly @Nightwatch_Dan
Michelle A Turner @TurnerVibie
RT @TampaPD: Thank you all for live tweeting #Nightwatch with us. We enjoyed it 😊Nite. Nite. Til next time.
Michelle A Turner @TurnerVibie
RT @TampaPD: We can help you get your whip back quicker if you have it registered #Nightwatch https://t.co/qovlbBZxgf
Michelle A Turner @TurnerVibie
RT @TampaPD: Son, shhh. I got this. #Nightwatch https://t.co/V4stDdd8iK
Deborah Phillingame @onebigheart1958
RT @NightwatchRutl1: goodnight!!! same place same time next week!! #nightwatch #nightwatchtampa #nightwatchnation
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