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Benny Elias makes Rothfield sound intelligent!!! #nrl360
20 Mar, 07:58 AM UTC
Benny Storer
Watched #NRL360, Elias is poisonous. Does not have the clubs interest in heart. He wants to create division #WestsTigers @FOXNRLLive
20 Mar, 10:40 AM UTC
Andrew Ferguson
I wish Ikin or Kent had've asked Elias why Balmain went broke and no longer have a say on the board....#NRL360
20 Mar, 09:58 AM UTC
Rob Douglas
@BuzzRothfield #PaulKent and #BenIkin what an outstanding discussion on #NRL360 on @FOXSportsAUS fantastic work about the Taylor saga.
20 Mar, 11:26 AM UTC
Teddys reaction when he heard Brooks,Moses and Woods are asking for more contract money than him #NRL #nrl360
20 Mar, 11:12 AM UTC
Hey #NRL360 please don't refer to Ben Elias as a club legend...he played as many games for the @WestsTigers as I did....0..
20 Mar, 10:48 AM UTC
Matt Russell
That was a great #nrl360 episode. Rolling with the news, fitting guests, great insight, robust discussion, every angle. @FOXNRL
20 Mar, 10:53 AM UTC
Aaron Maher Official
Perhaps ask Benny why there is no Balmain. He sent the club broke. Stop living in the past #faketandinosaur @FOXNRL #nrl360
20 Mar, 07:59 AM UTC
Ben Elias is as incoherent as he is irrelevant @FOXNRL #nrl360
20 Mar, 10:01 AM UTC
Capital Dragon
I thought the Big 4 was a bunch of cheap holiday parks? #nrl360
20 Mar, 08:22 AM UTC
Aaron Maher Official
Benny Elias looked great on #nrl360
20 Mar, 10:14 AM UTC
Steve Turner
A fascinating @FOXNRL #NRL360 tonight.
20 Mar, 10:52 AM UTC
Benny Elias absolutely giving it to Buzz. Can't say I disagree to be honest. #NRL360
20 Mar, 08:08 AM UTC
Troy Dodds
Sensational #NRL360 tonight. Brilliant coverage of the @WestsTigers debacle.
20 Mar, 09:15 AM UTC
Dave Thompson
#BackDoorBennyElias has lost the plot the big 4 @WestsTigers aren't fit to carry the big 4 @storm bags 💼 #noidea #NRL360
20 Mar, 10:07 AM UTC
Benny Storer
@MagpieT7 quick heads up for the folk at @FOXNRLLive, Wests Tigers legends = Prince, Fulton, Hodgo, Skandalis, Richards and Halatau #NRL360
20 Mar, 11:22 AM UTC
When your sunbed game is strong #nrl360
20 Mar, 10:26 AM UTC
Benny Storer
@sugarmanvw @julia_goo_lia good players aren't necessarily good orators. Heard some garbage being spoken this evening #NRL360 #Elias
20 Mar, 11:05 AM UTC
Benny Storer
@julia_goo_lia media must intentionally stir the pot by asking Tommy, Benny and Blocker to comment on Wests Tigers #NRL360
20 Mar, 10:53 AM UTC
Benny Storer
@_Bradley76 @julia_goo_lia did you hear him say that Isaac Moses is 'good for the club'? I near choked on my cup of tea #NRL360 #WestsTigers
20 Mar, 10:50 AM UTC
Benny Storer
@julia_goo_lia Elias is trying to frame Taylor's sacking as a Balmain v Wests issue, what a load of rubbish! #NRL360 #WestsTigers
20 Mar, 10:46 AM UTC
Dave Thompson
Seriously what is the go with #LaurieDaley. The bloke was a great player but IMO is a #dudcoach his record speaks for itself #NRL360
20 Mar, 10:31 AM UTC
Josh E
Geez Benny Elias spray tan was #onpoint tonight on #NRL360 very impressive
20 Mar, 10:11 AM UTC
Dr Coma
#nrl360 bahaha benny elias taking the orange and black seriously looks like an oompa lumpa
20 Mar, 09:58 AM UTC
Geez coaching NSW has affected poor Laurie, he's taken the laces out of his sneakers #RUOKLoz #NRL360
20 Mar, 10:53 AM UTC
🇦🇺Verbal Ison🇹🇭
@RLW_Mole Isaac Moses, what relation to Mitchell & Benny? #nrl360 was a joke tonight with Buzz & Backdoor
20 Mar, 10:35 AM UTC
@BuzzRothfield more people saw your melon on #NRL360 than people who watched the Wanderers game on Sunday. #MASSIVE #CRISIS
20 Mar, 11:39 PM UTC
Josiah Alchin
#NRL360 If you need a name for this Taylor article...."We can see Cleary now, Taylor is gone"
20 Mar, 01:07 PM UTC
Dave Thompson
@Allison65435585 😂😂 yeah he does look 👀 a little weird. I am more concerned that #NRL360 seek his opinion as a coach. He has one zilch.
20 Mar, 12:52 PM UTC
scott bennett
@BuzzRothfield great discussion on #nrl360 you were 100% on the mark..... is it time to start fresh and bring the magpie back ?
20 Mar, 10:44 AM UTC
Luke Waskowski
#NRL360 is the best rugby league show on TV. Great discussion tonight @BuzzRothfield, much respect.
20 Mar, 09:01 AM UTC
Was great to see @BuzzRothfield bringing Ben Elias to task on #NRL360
20 Mar, 10:38 AM UTC
Luke Potter
Wow #NRL360 outstanding viewing tonight and Benny Elias was very impressive @FOXNRL
20 Mar, 10:23 AM UTC
Sal -
Good show tonight #nrl360
20 Mar, 10:26 AM UTC
christopher werrell
@rvpredv it's a fiery show, I like it... Though I thought we had issues.... Tigers are in allllllll sorts #nrl360
20 Mar, 10:17 AM UTC
Paris Clifford
The only 'big 4' player demanding big money is tedesco. I must have missed all the games where woods has dominated. Overrated, soft #nrl360
20 Mar, 11:41 PM UTC
Daniel Watson Hayes™
@FOXNRL #AskKenty Coaches are fired due to performance. Why shouldn't NRL Club Boards face the same fate? Wheres the accountability? #NRL360
20 Mar, 10:51 PM UTC
NZ Tiger / NZ Ranger
@BuzzRothfield Appreciate your comments on #nrl360 last night. Elias should've been grilled about the part he played in Balmain going broke.
20 Mar, 10:24 PM UTC
Chris Stead
Did West Tigers act now because of a fear Ivan Cleary might be lost to another rival club with an under pressure coach? #nrl360 #askkenty
20 Mar, 10:01 PM UTC
No wonder Nick Tabakoff is breaking the big league stories and winning Walkley awards @FOXNRL #nrl360https://t.co/MKIZlMSdc1
20 Mar, 08:34 PM UTC
Shane Lamont
4 coaches in 5 years, the West Tigers players are "Coach Killers" and need to take a hard look in the mirror #nrl360 #NRLRaidersTigers
20 Mar, 06:52 PM UTC
@FOXNRL #nrl360 Gus said this bloke had nothing to do with the Penrith Panthers. https://t.co/38sSaQJGIp
20 Mar, 02:50 PM UTC
Karl Mc
@MayorDarcy he was to busy talking up his nephews prospects on #nrl360 tonight. Sirro is only decent one of old group who is loyal to club!
20 Mar, 12:56 PM UTC
#nrl360 so M Moses now thinks he's much better than he actually is n that cud actually b one of reasons he's not realising real potential?
20 Mar, 12:55 PM UTC
#nrl360 question for Kenty. Y do some commentators stoke young egos to point where they think they re better than wat they r? E.g. M Moses
20 Mar, 12:52 PM UTC
If Ivan Cleary gets the Tigers gig, will he honestly advise how to shut down Nathan's game next time against Panthers? #WestsTigers #nrl360
20 Mar, 12:31 PM UTC
Wowzers. Jason Taylor did not come out of the #nrl360 talk looking good. Tigers would be the perfect candidate for perth or north sydney
20 Mar, 12:19 PM UTC
Rhys Taylor
#nrl360 benny elias is orange as fk
20 Mar, 12:13 PM UTC
Robbie Rob
@FOXNRL #nrl360 did Luke Lewis find a flaw in the 7 tackle restart by giving away a penalty to nullify the 0 tackle?
20 Mar, 12:09 PM UTC
Robbie Rob
@FOXNRL #nrl360 are referees reluctant to bin a 2nd player? Rabbitohs walked a fine line with Burgess in the bin.
20 Mar, 12:06 PM UTC
Ben Ikin #nrl360 should be listen to, RUGBY LEAUGE BOARDS PICK THEM SELVES, it is truely time to investigate the voting process.
20 Mar, 12:06 PM UTC
New Thinking ➿🔛
Listening to squabbling on #nrl360 after tigers issue can see why @NRL is in a mess #HopelessMales @SkySportsRL
20 Mar, 12:02 PM UTC
Michael Johnstone
Another major talking point coming out of today is Benny Elias's tan, or was that my TV, or was he just angry #nrl360
20 Mar, 12:01 PM UTC
#nrl360 how does Burgess get 2 weeks for an elbow strike and a high tackle gets 4? That sort of behaviour isnt welcome​ in todays society
20 Mar, 11:59 AM UTC
Catching up on #NRL360 Brilliant viewing.
20 Mar, 11:58 AM UTC
@matthew_mjames talking concussion/injuries/18th man what are your thoughts on the substituted player missing the next game? #NRL #nrl360
20 Mar, 11:48 AM UTC
#nrl360 What if the WT Board decided Taylor's reactivity around Simona, coupled with potential race for Ivan (Des) were catalysts enough.
20 Mar, 11:10 AM UTC
Chris Wallwork
Tigers moved on Benji Marshall earlier than they needed too to make room for Brooks/Moses. They haven't improved at all since #NRL360
20 Mar, 10:50 AM UTC
Jeremy Ralph
Holy solarium, stick a fork in Benny Elias, he is done! #nrl360
20 Mar, 10:43 AM UTC
Chris Wallwork
The Tigers and Titans are the only teams with halves yet to play finals footy. Someone at the Tigers got it wrong about Moses/Brooks #NRL360
20 Mar, 10:35 AM UTC
Chris Wallwork
The Tigers need to secure Woodsy and Tedesco at whatever cost. Brooks and Moses are not worth the risk of big money contract. #NRL360
20 Mar, 10:30 AM UTC
Laurie Daley coaches 3 games a year with the best of the best and usually manages to lose 2 of them.. shouldn't bag Taylor too much #nrl360
20 Mar, 10:29 AM UTC
NRL Fans
NSW coach calls himself an "young, inexperienced, rookie coach". #NRL360 #Origin
20 Mar, 10:22 AM UTC
Jason Tate
Ben Elias : Drugs are ok in football and journalists shouldn't write stories about them being used . #nrl360 #nrl #headknocksbadmmmmmkay
20 Mar, 10:14 AM UTC
Then again is it even benny? #nrl360
20 Mar, 10:12 AM UTC
@FOXNRL does no one remember Benny Elias is Mitchell Moses's uncle? Why is he talking on #NRL360 about them he would know it's player power.
20 Mar, 10:12 AM UTC
mario trivor
#nrl360 Cleary already signed with dragons?
20 Mar, 10:11 AM UTC
#nrl360 Paul Kent smirking as the guest is speaking, is extremely condescending and unprofessional.
20 Mar, 10:11 AM UTC
Punter No1
Is Ben Elias wired up correctly ? #nrl360
20 Mar, 10:11 AM UTC
George Y
@BuzzRothfield was there any bad blood previously between you and Benny Elias. Very tense segment. #NRL360
20 Mar, 10:09 AM UTC
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