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Tony Blair Office @tonyblairoffice
"This is not the time for retreat, indifference or despair; but the time to rise up in defence of what we believe." TB @Open_Britain
Francis Eldergill @eldergill
RT @tonyblairoffice: "Many of the themes of the Brexit campaign barely survived the weekend after the vote. Remember the £350m for the NHS?…
chris mcnally @ChrisMaccanacky
RT @tonyblairoffice: This is not the time for retreat. TB is giving a speech hosted by @Open_Britain this morning. Follow for updates. #Our…
Political Wolf @gme7
RT @EuroGuido: Open Britain Wheels Out Blair to Patronise Voters:
Christine Rapley @ChrisRaple
RT @tonyblairoffice: "We have to build a movement which stretches across Party lines." Full text of TB's @Open_Britain speech:…
Regina T. @tatewho_tate
RT @TIME: Tony Blair returns to the limelight with bid to reverse Brexit
FionaRB @MsMainstay
RT @Open_Britain: .@RolandRudd: "Open Britain has led the argument against a hard, destructive #Brexit." https://t…
Rita Krishna @rita_krshn
RT @Open_Britain: See the full speech from Tony Blair here:
Elena la cerci @Elena07617349
RT @kilokeal: Tony Blair Returns to the Limelight with Bid to Reverse Brexit
Lambretty @Lambretty
RT @LordStras: This is a very good speech. I just wish it wasn't Blair who made it.
Dear Prudence @SiouxieDear
RT @scuttisports: post Tony Blair legacy open borders 24 hr drinking iraq more terrorism Bankrupt Britain NHS on its arse no jobs, no mone…
David Woodley @twitdwood
RT @toryboy69: @tonyblairoffice @Open_Britain Why people ever voted for you is beyond my comprehension. You were a loser then and an even b…
Giancarlo Corona @GianCrown
RT @CityAM: Love/Hate: How Tony Blair's speech went down on Twitter
Janis Cowan @janiscowan
RT @Phoenixarised: @Open_Britain @patmcfadden Stop clutching at straws, accept the result and get on with your lives
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