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Stephanie Carvin
Man, the traffic around @Carleton_U is getting worse by the day. #otttraffic #yow
24 May, 10:48 AM UTC
Ottawa Police
Traffic Alert: Avoid Parkdale and Scott. Collision where vehicle hit Hydro pole. Power out in area. Affecting traffic lights. #otttraffic
23 May, 07:11 PM UTC
CBC Ottawa
Photos of Parkdale/Scott where a vehicle hit a hydro pole this afternoon. Hydro crews still working to restore powe… https://t.co/kN37BPrN5b
23 May, 09:00 PM UTC
Natasha Gauthier
Wow, #otttraffic is a complete 💩 show from up here. Scott St is even worse. @cbcallinaday
23 May, 08:42 PM UTC
Shawna Tregunna
Move to Hintonburg, they said. It will be fun, they said. #otttraffic 😭😭
23 May, 08:53 PM UTC
City of Ottawa
Scott is closed in both directions from Hinchey to Holland due to fallen pole. Please avoid area & use alternate routes. #OttTraffic
23 May, 08:00 PM UTC
Traffic disruptions near the Canadian Tire Centre - sporting event. From 6pm to 8pm tonight. #otttraffic
23 May, 09:40 PM UTC
Scott closed from Hinchey to Holland - fallen pole. Duration unknown. Avoid area and use other routes. #otttraffic
23 May, 07:44 PM UTC
Eric S. Smith
#OttTraffic Parkdale and Scott: maybe overheard wires got snagged by passing construction vehicle.
23 May, 07:14 PM UTC
Anne Boys-Hope
If city can't give @OC_Transpo buses priority, how about serving wine while we wait? That might actually make it worthwhile. 🍷#otttraffic
23 May, 10:28 PM UTC
Charles LeBlanc
With #otttraffic being what it was today, I decided to walk home. At least the weather was beautiful!
23 May, 09:13 PM UTC
Wendy Wright
This power outage is causing quite the mess.... the off ramp to Parkdale from the 417 W/B is backed up #otttraffic
23 May, 07:21 PM UTC
National Arts Centre
Heads up to anyone headed downtown from the west end. #traffic #OttTraffic https://t.co/CwD4VGhtwD
23 May, 08:01 PM UTC
Greg Zador
Alternative tweet: "...Avoid area and use other routes and remember: it's #biketoworkmonth, #Ottawa." #otttraffic… https://t.co/VFr1IRsxG5
23 May, 08:03 PM UTC
Tim Bouma
Parkdale and Scott #otttraffic
23 May, 08:43 PM UTC
Marc Gagnon
@cbcotttraffic this is what it looks like at Scott and Holland Steet. #otttraffic https://t.co/tEPxycMnjb
23 May, 08:00 PM UTC
Josh Pringle
Three vehicle crash on Hwy 417 EB just after Greenbank Rd. Centre lane blocked. #ottnews #otttraffic
24 May, 12:20 PM UTC
COLLISION: #Hwy417 EB just after Greenbank Rd #OttTraffic - 3 vehicles blocking the centre lane. ^ag
24 May, 12:07 PM UTC
416 periodic lane reduction in each direction between Fallowfield & Rideau River - maintenance. Until 5pm today. #otttraffic
24 May, 11:18 AM UTC
Kimberley N Johnson
Waking with a #Sens win hangover like me #Ottcity? Use @CFRAOttawa #TheMorningRush for #Otttraffic tips. Tweet/Call… https://t.co/mqy3tw1xJl
24 May, 10:12 AM UTC
Wendy Wright
Collision at Bronson and Albert. Thanks to @laursica for the photo #otttraffic
23 May, 10:12 PM UTC
Bronson N/B reduced to 1 lane at Carling - collision. Duration unknown. Expect delays. #otttraffic
24 May, 12:53 PM UTC
Kimberley N Johnson
Yikes of a crash (with an OC Transpo bus) on N/B Bronson just before Carling. Down to one right lane- backed up to… https://t.co/6eaB4EJBV1
24 May, 01:00 PM UTC
Heather Badenoch
Accident in centre lanes, 417 eastbound near Pinecrest. @cbcotttraffic #otttraffic
24 May, 12:19 PM UTC
Expect some delays on Hwy 417 EB just past Bayshore. #ottnews #otttraffic https://t.co/im0NmJjpDD
24 May, 12:09 PM UTC
CBC Ottawa Traffic
I'M HERE: Live #otttraffic updates by @DougHempstead during @OttawaMorning 6-8:30 a.m.
24 May, 09:26 AM UTC
ahhh #otttraffic is trending, good thing the game starts at 8 pm
23 May, 11:35 PM UTC
Wendy Wright
Collision on Maitland near Erindale Dr. Traffic slow around the area #otttraffic
23 May, 10:13 PM UTC
Top 5: 1: #WorldTurtleDay 2: Courtenay-Comox 3: #yxecc +1 4: #otttraffic -1 5: #TravelTuesday +6
23 May, 10:00 PM UTC
1.5 hours after leaving my building I got on my (transfer) bus home. Holy moly. #OTTtraffic
23 May, 10:14 PM UTC
A family of geese are on the Vanier Parkway eastbound 417 on-ramp. Keep an eye out. #otttraffic #ottawa
24 May, 12:28 PM UTC
580 CFRA
Collision on the highway at Pinecrest - slow from Bayshore. #otttraffic https://t.co/ua5sZNLvrN
24 May, 12:08 PM UTC
580 CFRA
View of multi-vehicle collision on the #HWY417 E/B at Pinecrest - centre lane. Back ups building through Bayshore.… https://t.co/MUvV7ZzITv
24 May, 12:11 PM UTC
417 E/B reduced to 1 lane between Anderson and Boundary - construction. Until 2pm today. #otttraffic
24 May, 11:07 AM UTC
Ottawa - westbound Hwy 417 before Moodie debris in the left hand lane - CLEAR #Otttraffic
24 May, 10:48 AM UTC
580 CFRA
Keep an eye out for debris in the left lane of #HWY417 E/B at Moodie! #otttraffic
24 May, 10:37 AM UTC
CBC Ottawa Traffic
#OTTTRAFFIC SPOTTERS: Call @DougHempstead at 613-288-6900 if you see any tie-ups during @OttawaMorning 6-8:30 a.m.
24 May, 09:27 AM UTC
417 W/B lane reductions from Vanier to Nicholas - construction. From 11pm tonight to 6am tomorrow. #otttraffic
24 May, 02:00 AM UTC
Still plenty of work happening. Parkdale still closed at Scott Street. #otttraffic
23 May, 10:39 PM UTC
#fansihabamir 🔜🔥
♫ Now Playing "Hbibi Hjarni Wrah" by Ihab Amir 😍On #Anghami https://t.co/lkcmcVllwD #PrayForTheWorld #بني_جمره #gertlatenight #otttraffic
23 May, 10:18 PM UTC
Ottawa - southbound Hwy-416 before Roger Stevens Dr stalled tractor trailer #Otttraffic
24 May, 12:45 PM UTC
Ottawa - eastbound Queensway at Pinecrest Rd/Greenbank Dr collision CL - CLEAR #Otttraffic
24 May, 12:27 PM UTC
Ottawa - eastbound Queensway at Pinecrest Rd/Greenbank Dr collision CL #Otttraffic
24 May, 12:06 PM UTC
Ottawa - westbound Hwy 417 before Metcalfe stalled vehicle #Otttraffic
24 May, 11:13 AM UTC
Ottawa - westbound Hwy 417 before Moodie debris in the left hand lane #Otttraffic
24 May, 10:15 AM UTC
CBC Ottawa Traffic
EASTBOUND 174: Left lane closed at Blair every day now 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. until the end of September. #otttraffic
24 May, 09:24 AM UTC
audrey moey
#otttraffic What's going on? Westbound Queensway grinds to a standstill at Carling.
24 May, 01:37 AM UTC
@CBCOttawa #otttraffic is trending but 4 minutes to #Game6 no Sens? Tagg can't hear you! https://t.co/dspZ1qABSS… https://t.co/oXYI0XAr1M
23 May, 11:57 PM UTC
This is NOT what the Parkdale/Scott intersection is supposed to look like. Power out, traffic snarled, try another… https://t.co/kx56rhSKH3
23 May, 09:52 PM UTC
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