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Olivia Kelly @2qhfAQQwPkF2gva
RT @GFuelEnergy: On the 9th day of our "12 Days of #GFUEL Christmas", we give to you a @Logic301 Shaker Giveaway! Just RT to enter (9 will…
Diana Newman @k0ackTKYdbE2TOn
RT @GFuelEnergy: To celebrate Day 6 of our "12 Days of #GFUEL Christmas", we're giving away 1 Gamma Glider! Just RT this tweet to enter! Go…
Ezra Levant 🇨🇦 @ezralevant
Close to 1,000 people at our https://t.co/P9lgTVHtUg against Trudeau's "Islamophobia" ban. On two days notice. https://t.co/3e3UCm1zfF
Karen Turner @J09IDamgChOMnkr
RT @ScufGaming: Look amazing this year as our 25 Days of SCUF HoliPLAY continue w/ a SCUF Swag Bundle and $50 Gift Card Giveaway! https://t…
Saud @WarlockOrder
RT @Boogie2988: "We all deserve love Even on the days when we aren't our best Cause we all suck But love can make us suck less." - Bo Burnh…
Sacha Schmidt @Schmidt_sacha
RT @FOandOmusic: 5 days left! A little sneak peak of our choreography, one dance move from the chorus! 😘 #GottaThingAboutYou https://t.co/C…
nph237 @mph237
RT @ManMadeMoon: A depressing facet of life these days is watching the lessons of WW2, the Geneva convention, "never again," erode away bef…
North End Halifax @HalifaxNorthEnd
RT @hfxgov: Hats off to our #HfxSnow crews, who have been working 24/7 for days to improve conditions across the region. #ThankYou! https:/…
Les. ✝ @Imlesterrivo
RT @itsmrb: can we go back to the days our love was strong? 🎶💘
Danielle Shoffner @DanlelleShoffy
RT @SnapMunk: Yeah but will it track our cheat days? https://t.co/pfLnTNHQty @behumon #humon https://t.co/CD6lXwOBb9
Wanda Lee @HFkzX0ZpLxa6sBe
RT @PrimalGG: Just 2 more days until we pick the winners for our giveaway! Enter here https://t.co/Zov57UheZT https://t.co/4EA3TPAaKF
あ お @TyOsIkAk
RT @a_naru0622: Our days (UltraJUMP ver.) Hey!Say!JUMP │ 헤이세이점프✨ #HeySayJUMP https://t.co/MXkX4IsHuT
Mike Infantino @mike_infantino
RT @NWSGray: Big thanks to our #skywarn #coop and @CoCoRaHS spotters for observing over 3 FEET of snow in last 10 days! #mewx #nhwx https:/…
SShMySoapsAreOn @SshMySoapsAreOn
RT @GarbageFan98: It's like the OJ trial all over again! They keep interrupting our soaps for a criminal that got away w/it... #YR #Boldand…
Viktória Horváth @chibigirl19
RT @nixon_hsj: #HeySayJUMP OVER THE TOP「Our Days」💙 https://t.co/y3dNzL6UmY
hockeymom10 @sportmama
RT @Bonnevillebees: Support our cheer team the next couple days by eating at Pizza Pie Cafe and mentioning you're there for BHS Cheer!🍕
Mad Platter Columbia @MadPlatter
RT @USCDM: We are 9 days away from our Main Event! Message 9 Facebook friends today and ask for a donation #FTK! https://t.co/f9QejSxYqW
Brett Lepley @Lepley25
RT @WEAREBGBaseball: Sophomore RHP @Chase_Antle32 taking over the BGAthletics Snapchat account over the next few days as we start our trave…
Matilda @Matilda711711
RT @Gormogons: GP Don't get me wrong. I agree with Chuck that a tough, fair media is critical to our system. Unfortunately, we don't have o…
nic @ssaladaze
RT @kreeeeestin: My sister found this dog that has been hanging around our block for a couple of days. Please help find her owners!!! https…
Kimberly @karbo12
RT @KimberlyJWyman: What an exciting few days it’s been for @TMobile! Huge 🙏🙏 to our Customer Delivery and Frontline for your dedication! #…
Rihanna @accsavedffs
RT @ShelleyHUpdate: VIDEO:Promo de "Days of our lives" https://t.co/UFpHHf8O26
FocusSolutionsGroup @FSGFocus
RT @SurreyRCMP: Only a few days left to apply to join our team of dedicated volunteers. Apply online until Feb 20 via @CityofSurrey https:/…
Samurai Sushi 2 @bejoy727
RT @CityofHesperia: Heavy rain expected for our area in the next several days, sandbags remain available to #Hesperia residents for free ht…
Missy @MamaFizzles
RT @TinaRiepe: Our doctor is a miracle worker. My kid has been coughing for days. We get to the doctor's office -- doesn't cough once.
lol @Lydiamartisz
RT @ShelleyHUpdate: FOTO:Shelley em "Days of our lives" esse sorriso😍 https://t.co/A9TelgtpSp
James Jimmy Cieloha @jamesjimcie
RT @SpencerKarter: Dear @POTUS you are pissing off fans of Days of Our Lives missing the wedding because of stupid special report. #TrumpFA…
CF Gardens @CF_Gardens
RT @DaveSimiele: We're just 8 days away from our largest #4thsaturdayserve ever! We will be transforming the… https://t.co/VoA3tmSHab
Strategi Solutions @StratSols
RT @Palletforce: #TBT to the days when this site was just a disused lot? No way! Our #SuperHub is growing & so are our plans for the future…
lol @Lydiamartisz
RT @ShelleyHUpdate: 📸|Still de "Days of Our Lives" https://t.co/oQQ7fdyWJv
James Jimmy Cieloha @jamesjimcie
RT @SpencerKarter: Dear @POTUS don't you dare preempt Days of Our Lives on NBC today! #UnPOTUS #TheResistance #Days #DaysOfOurLives
James Jimmy Cieloha @jamesjimcie
RT @SpencerKarter: Dear @POTUS go off the air, we want to watch Days Of Our Lives. I hate special reports interrupting soaps. #Days #DaysOf…
Alex Sanders @Alex46990828
RT @Northside_RTC: Five days til our Azzip Pizza fundraiser. Screen shot the flyer and show it when you place your order... It's that easy!…
Jason @jrusso5153
RT @BudsUltimate: Buds are in Florida playing at @FLWarmUpTD Fri-Sun. Check out our schedule for the first two days and follow along! https…
Gerardine Beckett @gebs55
RT @RCollEM: Want to hear the latest information and news about our events, conferences and study days? Then follow @RCEMevents now! https:…
James Jimmy Cieloha @jamesjimcie
RT @SpencerKarter: @POTUS please end the press conference now and we want to watch Days Of Our Lives wedding. #UnPOTUS #Days #TheResistance
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