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Fabian Schiller @fabianschiller
RT @OlafLewitz: Un-fucking-fassbar … es gibt noch zwei Plätze bei @Play4Agile #p4a17 - kommt und spielt mit uns :-) https://t.co/zUQ9L5AHn4
Jose A. Nieto @janieto_
RT @pavleras: 16 hours later...and we are playing board games... #Awesome #p4a17 https://t.co/eUHyYQbZtU
Juha The Unicorn @evilbubu
RT @Pisketti: At #p4a17 @OlafLewitz brought a game we played and tweaked. Turns out the game is designed by our office neighbour @villemonk…
Ferran Gomis @GomisFerran
RT @OlafLewitz: Results of our #p4a17 #ArGH Agile real Games Hackathon https://t.co/0eYnnGkJYT Enjoy!
Heiko @AgileGoodman
RT @martinheider: #p4a17 agile real games hackathon #ARGH agilists introducing real games to each other they hacked later on https://t.co/L…
Juha The Unicorn @evilbubu
RT @Pisketti: The future of Agile events is being created right here by @anttiki and @eegrove #p4a17 https://t.co/6Ld8FrTC7M
Play4Agile @Play4Agile
RT @bdd_warriors: #p4a17 OMG how did I not know this was a thing @denize_nefer @eduardomperes https://t.co/kyQwy8YxXI
Stefan Görgner @klaaaatuuuu
RT @MarianneRady: I am here. Welcome back at Rückersbach, welcome to my first Play 4 agile #p4a17 https://t.co/de6kEee19B
Hans T-len @hans_0
RT @MarianneRady: "Kids are such good teachers for playing" Kai Simons @LetsGetAgile and Mira, Lighting talks at #p4a17 https://t.co/3nR22G…
Olaf Bublitz @agiludic
Game creation Workshop starts now #p4a17 https://t.co/XLNgpr1Io4
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